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First Christmas

        "WHAT?!" Ginji stared in disbelief at his partner Mitoban. "What do you mean we have to work tomorrow? It's Christmas!" Mitoban just shrugged and continued walking, forcing Ginji to follow. "That is exactly why we must work tomorrow. In all this rush and confusion, many things are bound to be lost. This will be very profitable to us." Ginji exhaled in resignation and mild annoyance. He knew there was no way to convince Mitoban not to work so he accepted it instead. Still he felt disappointed that he would not be spending Christmas the way he had hoped. He had planned to tell Mitoban his true feelings towards the dark-haired boy this Christmas. 'Oh well, guess it'll have to wait,' he thought wistfully. After all, he had waited two years, what's another day?

        Mitoban watched Ginji's reactions to his statement and his body language covertly. 'What is he griping about? It was his idea to try and profit from these festivites.' Putting his hands in his pocket, he made his appearance as carefree as possible before turning to speak to Ginji in his regular deadpan voice. "I already have a case for Christmas. We'll have to split up and rendezvous later. This is the address. I'll meet you here at six p.m. sharp to discuss the plan." Ginji just nodded his face now showing the empathic quality which made him seem so boyish and harmless. Mitoban snorted in amusement. Kami-sama only knew how many times he'd been electrocuted by that walking electric eel. They entered the café and ordered enough for six before devouring it at an incredible rate. The shopkeeper just shook his head and gave up trying to collect money. He knew a lost cause when he saw one.

        "Merry Christmas, Ban!" "

        "Merry Christmas to you too Ginji. Are you prepared?"


        "Fine this is the assignment. You have to infiltrate a private party at this house. The suit and invitation have been provided. You collect the invite and the suit from this shop. Once inside mingle and try to find any clues to the whereabouts of the master bedroom and if the valuables are kept in a safe there of anywhere in the house. The main objective is to retrieve this ring." Mitoban produced a picture which showed a beautifully crafted diamond ring set in white gold and ringed with rubies. Ginji's jaw dropped. "Th...that's incredible!" Mitoban grinned, "Yup. Now get to work. The party begins at seven thiry." Ginji nodded and left quickly as it was already six thirty and the party itself was a 45 minute train ride from where he was. It never occurred to him to ask Mitoban what he would be doing.

        Mitoban's shades gleamed for a moment before he took them off and smiled to himself. "Aahh, Gin-chan. You are too innocent for your own good. Tonight you will hopefully, learn something at the party. Consider it my Christmas gift to you." Chuckling softly, Mitoban left the café and made his way to a public phone. "Moshi moshi? Mizuki-san? Aa, this is Mitoban here. Everything is ready? Yes, he will be there. Hai, wakarimasu." Hanging up, Mitoban took a waad of money out of his pocket and began to cunt it carefuly. "Five thousand yen. Good all here." Replacing the money into his jacket, Mitoban left and made his way to the train station. "Destination Kasugawa district!" Mitoban smirked, 'This is a holiday I'm going to enjoy.'

        Ginji was nervous beyond belief. The suit fit perfectly but still the collar felt to tight. So far the party had been pleasant and the wine was doing an excellent job of relaxing him but he still hadn't gotten any information that he needed. Finally he hit the jackpot when introduced to the host. "Oh yes Shimada-san, I keep all my valuables in a safe nowadays. All the current crime thefts have made me cautious." Ginji nodded, "I agree Mizuki-san, I even had mine installed in my very own room so that I could be near it even in sleep." Mizuki nodded his understanding. "Yes, I know what you mean. Mine being on the fourth floor makes it difficult for thieves as well. Still, I'm such a heavy sleeper, I wonder if it's even effective for me." They chatted awhile more before Ginji began to slowly make his way  to the door. Finally he made it out with a sigh of relief only to be confronted by none other than Mizuki-san.

        "There's someone waiting for you upstairs. If you resist I will be forced to tie you up." Since Ginji had intended to go to the master bedroom, he followed without question letting the man think he was afraid. He could then easily shock the two men unconscious. When they finally arrived, Mizuki gestured for Ginji to step inside the dark room and then shut and locked the door behind him. Ginji waited tensely in the dark feeling the presence of another. A faint whiff of something familiar touched his sense and his mind reeled in surprise. "Merry Cristmas Gin-chan!" Light flooded the room to reveal paradise within its walls. In the center of all this stood Mitoban in a wine coloured robe and a ribbon tied to his wrist. The other end of the ribbon was at Ginji's feet. The blonde automatically picked up the ribbon and began to reel it and Mitoban in, in the process. When he was close enough, Mitoban gently brushed a featherlight kiss across Ginji's lips. "Ban... Ai...aishiteru..." whispered a happy Ginji. Mitoban's lips curled into a smile, "Aishiteru Gin-chan." Leading Ginji to the big poster bed, Mitoban shut the drapes as he and Ginji celebrated their first real Christmas.

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