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Yaoi, lemon…

A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

First Time We Met…

  Hevn sipped her morning coffee and surfed through the paper. She smiled when her eyes caught something on one of the headlines. "The big Shinjuku Bad Boy Group's Leader of Volt left…" she read aloud. "Is it?" Wan Pore smiled, leaning over to the table taking a peep at the paper.

  The Shinjuku Bad Boy Group was like a labyrinth of organization with a lot of leaders covering the whole Shinjuku district. Rumors said that each one of the leaders has special powers. That is why the group is well known all over Honshu Island and rumors about them spread around like waves of tsunami.

  Hevn pointed at the picture displayed. "This picture was taken when they were fighting against another minority group. Look at this," Hevn pointed at a boy with light colored hair. Wan Pore rearranged his glasses so he could have a better view. "Ahnn… yeah?" he nodded. "Can you see the electric current around him?" Hevn asked. "So maybe this is the volt leader?" Wan Pore asked. Hevn shrugged as she shut the paper and sighed. "Life's a bore nowadays," she yawned.

  "Where's Mitoban?" Wan Pore asked resuming his work. Hevn yawned again. "He went to his old school to get his school reports. Bright boy… ah! And also to pay up for the car," Hevn smiled. "Again?" Wan pore asked. Hevn nodded. "49900 yen," she chortled.

  "Poor boy," Wan Pore shook his head.

  "Ah! I almost forgot!" Hevn stood up and ran towards the door. "Where to, Hevn?" Wan Pore asked. The girl smiled. "I need to get the new fashion magazine, it's coming today! I'll come back soon, ja!" with that she was gone. Wan Pore shook his head with a smile.

  A few moments after, rain started to make its way down to earth, little by little wetting the ground. Growing heavier every second. In just a few moments, it was already a loaded downpour.

  Suddenly the door opened. There stood a young boy in black leather jacket and jeans, holding a folded umbrella. "Can I come in?" asked a soft alto. Wan Pore turned around. "Sure," Wan Pore smiled. He blinked as the boy made his way in; it was the same boy she saw in the papers but with an expression that says more than just sadness. It says anxiety, anger, disappointment and most of all, a deep longing…

  He eyed the boy as he came in sitting only a few feet away from him, separated by the counter table. His light colored hair in the papers turned out to be a brilliant sunshine blonde perfectly matched with his warm hazel eyes framed with sweet childlike face… poles apart to his feelings.

  Wan Pore looked at the quiet boy and poured some coffee in a cup and placed it in front of the boy. "Here's your drink, it's coffee," Pore lazed a glance at the boy and continued his work. "Why are you frozen up?" he tried to soothe the tension by breaking the ice between them.

  "It's nothing… Don't bother about me," the boy uttered. "But you… what's wrong? Did the cold rain outside hit you dead?" Pore dared himself to challenge the boy to at least speak out his problem. He knew; he could feel that the boy looked at him with mixed expression and confused mind.

  Ginji closed his eyes and sighed. He picked up the cup of coffee. "Itadakimasu," he uttered softly.

  I was half an hour later that Hevn came back to the café. The rain had increased its heaviness. She went straight to the bar and opened her new magazine. "Coffee, Pore-san," she ordered.

  "Have you heard about Ban-kun's latest escape, Hevn?" Wan Pore suddenly asked. Hevn shook her head. "He gave the girl a dream of him being rammed over by a lorry. She was actually crying on the road," Wan Pore laughed. "The boy's a sex god," Hevn sighed.

  The blonde boy looked at his coffee; listening silently as the two of them kept talking about this boy, Mitoban. He was kind of curious about who he was though.

  "I really don't understand Ban-kun. He's so lonely yet he doesn't want company," Hevn sipped her coffee. "He does… Believe me he does… it's just that when the time comes he'll fall in love," Wan Pore smiled. "Weird," Hevn shrugged. "You don't want to try him?" Wan Pore teased. Hevn laughed. "I'll be so lucky if he really wants me for real. But I'm really curious about what type of girls would he fall for," Hevn pondered aloud.

  "I have known Ban for a long time… about him falling for a girl… I'd really doubt it. For a guy… that's left for us to see," Wan Pore grinned. Hevn smiled. "Oh god… what's left for us girls then?" she slumped her face on the table.

  Wan Pore turned to look at the quiet boy who's still blowing slightly on his hot coffee. "You were in the papers," suddenly Wan Pore commented, directing it to the blonde. He turned to look up from his coffee. "What's your name?" Wan Pore asked. "Amano Ginji," Ginji answered, looking back at his coffee.

  Hevn looked at the boy. It was really the boy she saw in the papers earlier. "What's the volt leader doing here?" Hevn asked. Ginji slapped a look at Hevn. The girl gulped. :… Ops… he's mad… Gods I'm in trouble…! …:

  But instead of blowing off at Hevn, Ginji sighed. "Please, don't call me that. I'm no more a volt leader," he said wearily. "So what are you doing now?" Wan pore asked. "I dunno… travelling around, meeting people. Do you know of any places to bunk for the night later?" Ginji asked. Hevn smiled. "I might be able to help you with that. Ban-kun will take you there," she smiled. Ginji nodded. "Thank you," he uttered.

  The door suddenly opened as a tall boy came in. Hevn was about to ask something when Mitoban gritted his teeth and threw the report file on the table. "Not… a… word… I am now officially broke. I am so angry with the discipline teacher. Good thing I gave him a Jagan. *Snort* Now I need to beat up someone!" he threw himself on the booth at the corner of the shop, oblivious to everything else.

  Hevn opened the file and looked inside. "490/500… this is pretty good Ban-kun," Hevn smiled, then she looked at Ginji who was gazing at Mitoban. "Hehehe… he's like that cause he's just lonely," Hevn told Ginji.

  For all she knew, Mitoban was behind her grabbing her breasts. "I am NOT lonely! Anyway, why are you telling stories about me to this stranger?" Mitoban released his grip after avoiding Hevn's deadly punch.

  "He's Amano Ginji," Wan Pore smiled. Mitoban shrugged. "Not interested," he closed his ears and walked back to his booth. "Okane… okane doko ni iru yo?" he kept mumbling like a little kid.

  "You don't know him, Mitoban?" Wan Pore asked. Mitoban closed his ears. "Should I?" he snorted sarcastically.

  "Well anyway… can you take him to the hotel a few blocks from here? Tell them it's Hevn's recommendation. He'll get a cheaper rate," The girl smiled. "No," Mitoban answered.

  "Ban-kun! You'd do nothing for free, don't you?" Hevn snorted. "It's good that you got that in your brain," Mitoban smirked. "It's okay, I'll go there myself," Ginji smiled.

  Mitoban didn't like the boy. "Don't you want to do something for the volt leader of the Shinjuku kids group?" Hevn had something in her mind. Mitoban looked at Hevn. "I don't do nothing for free! And I don't care if he's a volt leader of whatever shit. I don't care if he has special powers!" Mitoban pouted.

  Ginji winced. All his life, he had never been insulted. He had always been worshipped and such.

  "Oh, so you read the papers?" Wan Pore smiled teasingly. Mitoban turned around. "I've heard about it, someone happened to tell me. I don't read papers," Mitoban reached out to take his report file. "Ban-kun… please," Hevn held his wrist. Mitoban smiled. "Sure pay me 10000 yen. That should cover my lunch," He smirked shaking his wrist off Hevn's grip.

  "Please don't be rude to girls," Ginji suddenly voiced. Mitoban looked at Ginji and narrowed his eyes, tempting to use his Jagan. He had used his Jagan for 4 times already this morning for those fucking teachers and if he used it one more time, he'll collapse.

  "None of your business, stranger," Mitoban rolled his eyes. "Apologize to her," Ginji suddenly held Mitoban's wrist. Mitoban eyed his hand, which was gripped not-so-gently by Ginji.

  "No, no Ginji it's alright," Hevn smiled, praying that Mitoban would not use his Jagan or even crush Ginji's face for his punches could reach up till 2000N in power. Mitoban looked into Ginji's eyes with his cold blue ones.

  "Let go," his glare was deadly, matching his voice. "Apologize first," Ginji insisted. "It's okay, really Ginji-kun… he's always like this," Hevn smiled, sweatdrops could be seen on her forehead.

  "Mind your own business," Mitoban tried to release Ginji's grip but the boy held on and released electric current into Mitoban's body. Mitoban released his hand by force after being electrocuted. "Damn you!" he shouted.

  Hevn blinked. Did she just see Ginji electrocuting Mitoban? Mitoban raised his hand and punched Ginji directly in the guts making he boy fly towards the other end of the shop.

  Ginji narrowed his eyes. "You chicken. Come and fight if you are a man," Ginji gritted his teeth.

  Mitoban came up to the challenge and stood inches away from Ginji. "You call me a chicken?" Mitoban asked. Ginji nodded and supplied some electric current through his punch as it landed on Mitoban's stomach, electrocuting the guy in the process.

  Mitoban was getting pissed off. He walked up to Ginji and gave him a solid punch on the face.

  "Shine!" both of them shouted as both hands landed on each other's neck. Mitoban tried to strangle Ginji and Ginji tried to electrocute Mitoban.

  Waves of 100 thousand volt seared through Mitoban's body and the boy held himself in control and strangled Ginji firmly with his 'snake bite'.

  Mitoban was getting really numb with the electricity and finally raised his knees up to Ginji's unguarded abdomen, which sent the boy flying again crashing into the wall.

  "Bastard!" Mitoban gritted his teeth, taking his file planning to go out to get some fresh air. Ginji winced out of pain and hurt. He thought the kick from Mitoban should have made a hole through him. He lost and it was his fault to have created the fight. He shouldn't have interfered with both of the people's business. Served himself right. As Mitoban was heading towards the door, Ginji voiced.

  "I'm sorry," he said aloud. Mitoban's step stopped. All his life, no one had ever said sorry to him in such manner. "Mitoban, I'm sorry," he uttered again. Mitoban turned around and felt guilty. Suddenly his heart beat faster as he looked at the boy.

  The morning sunshine shone right into his beautiful hazel eyes. Time stopped. Everything seemed blur but his face.

  Unconsciously he directed his steps towards the boy. Ginji looked into Mitoban's blue eyes that seemed to be softened a little. Mitoban stood on his knees and wiped some stain off Ginji's cheek as the boy winced in pain. "Gomen ne," Mitoban apologized for doing such damage to him.

  Hevn and Wan Pore blinked in confusion. They had never seen Mitoban acted with such gentleness towards anyone. Especially towards someone who had just fought with him. "Pore-san can you give me an ice-pack please," he asked, turning around. Wan Pore nodded and filled some ice in a towel, handing it to Hevn to give to the spiky hair boy who requested it.

  Mitoban helped the boy up to one of the booths and took the ice pack given by Hevn. Hevn smiled as she made her way back towards her seat. Something was going on with Mitoban. Something was really wrong with him.

  "Don't move," Mitoban said as he put the ice pack on Ginji's cheekbone. The boy winced painfully. It was slightly swollen. "Don't move too much, I'll miss the spot," Mitoban said softly. Ginji blinked.  "I'll bring you to the hotel afterwards," Mitoban smiled at Ginji. The boy smiled back and shook his head. "It's okay, I think I don't want to sleep in a hotel anyway. I might just bunk in the playground or something like that," Ginji smiled. "If you don't mind you can come over to my house and stay for the night…" Mitoban offered; his voice was afloat.

  Ginji smiled. "That's so kind of you. Thank you Mitoban-san," he uttered at the pretty boy. "It's okay. Don't call me by my full name. Ban should be alright," Mitoban was slightly blushing. "Ban-san?" Ginji smiled. Mitoban shook his head. "Ban-chan," he smiled. Ginji giggled. "Kawaii," he started to like this pretty boy.

  Hevn looked at Wan Pore. "Ban-kun had a head accident?" she asked. "I think so," Wan Pore was equally puzzled by Mitoban's attitude. "Ban-chan? Why can't we call him Ban-chan? And why haven't I been to his place?" Hevn pouted. "Because Ginji is special," Wan Pore smiled. Hevn snapped a look at Wan Pore. "No… it can't be," she shook her head.

  Wan Pore smiled. "I think Ban had found someone to fill his loneliness," he chortled. Hevn slump her head on the counter. "Gods," she shook her head.

  "It's okay… I promise not to call you volt leader," Mitoban smiled, putting up a cigarette.

  Hevn came in the door with dinner. "Ne, you guys have been talking the whole day. Don't you want to eat dinner?" Hevn asked. Mitoban smiled. "Oh, night already is it?" he stood up, walking over to Hevn looking at the food.

  "Good, have our portion as well!" Mitoban beamed and took the two portions of food away. "Thanks for the dinner Hevn! We'll be eating at my place! Come Ginji!"

  With that, both boys went out of the shop. "B… ban-kun! Matte yo!" Hevn gritted her teeth. "Those bastards!" she rolled her eyes. Wan Pore laughed and ate his dinner.

  "This is my car," Mitoban pointed at a small gray car. "Kawaii! Just like the owner," Ginji smiled. Mitoban nodded. "It's a very nice car. Though it always gets compounded," Mitoban got into the car as Ginji followed suit.

  "Comfortable," Ginji commented. Mitoban nodded and started the ignition. It took them less than 3 minutes to reach Mitoban's place. They took the elevator up to the highest level. "You live in this penthouse?" Ginji asked, entering the door. "Well, this is the only one that wanted me to be its tenant," Mitoban shrugged as he locked the door.

  Ginji saw the insides. It wasn't lavishly decorated, but just simple and nice. Quite tidy nonetheless. "Where're your parents?" Ginji asked. "Don't talk about them in front of me," Mitoban said emotionlessly as he put down the food on the table.

  It had started to rain downstairs and Mitoban's clothes were wet. He had to stay in the rain to put up a cover on his car earlier.

  "Damn I'm drenched," he laughed at himself. Ginji looked at Mitoban and was put in a trance when the boy took off his shirt. That slick body played with slightly contoured muscles against smooth pale skin. If only he could just wrap his arm around that body and lick it dry. Mitoban bent and took off his slightly wet pants, putting it in the washer.

  Mitoban suddenly felt that he was being watched and turned around. He blushed slightly when he saw that Ginji was practically boring a hole though his body with that stare. He smiled and walked over to Ginji.

  Ginji blinked and turned away when he saw that Mitoban was already in front of him. Now it was his turn to change into a deep shade of red. Maybe it was true that Mitoban was a sex god.

  Only in boxers, Mitoban sat next to Ginji and reached over to open the boxes of Bento set. "Let's eat, Ginji," he smiled. Ginji nodded and took the chopsticks. "Itadakimasu!"

  "What are you working as, Ban-chan?" Ginji asked as he stuffed food into his mouth. Mitoban smiled. "Nothing… just finished school…" he answered, stuffing a piece of meat into his mouth. "Are you planning to work? You can bring me along. I can do lots of work," Ginji smiled. Mitoban thought for a while.

  "Well… I haven't been around looking for jobs. But I was thinking of opening a shop," Mitoban smiled. "A shop? What kind of shop?" Ginji asked. "Datsukanya," Mitoban grinned, showing his white row of teeth. Ginji blinked. "How is that?" he asked. "Well…" Mitoban leaned closer. "I have this special power. That is my 'Jagan'. So I'll try and use my power to get back things that people lost," Mitoban explained. Ginji turned to look at Mitoban. Now they were less than half an inch apart. The dim yellow light made Mitoban's cold blue eyes a warm greenish tone. Mitoban blinked. "What do you think?" Ginji shook himself awake from Mitoban's trance.

  "Me? Umm… well… maybe I can help!" he beamed. Mitoban looked at him sarcastically. "How?" he asked. "I have a power of the 'Denki Unagi' hehehe…" Mitoban blinked. "Electric Eel?" Ginji nodded. "I can electrocute people, things…" Mitoban raised his hand as he remembered the events that occurred earlier that day. "Okay I got it. You nearly shook me to death," He answered flatly.

  Ginji unconsciously reached up to cup Mitoban's cheeks. Mitoban revert his gaze towards Ginji who was staring at him. "I'm sorry," Ginji uttered. Mitoban shook his head. "It's okay," he smiled, releasing Ginji's hold.

  "Let me do something to pay back," Ginji looked at Mitoban. The spiky hair boy thought for a while. "You can pay half the rent for every month," he said casually.

  Suddenly the blonde beamed. "You want me to stay with you?" Ginji looked at Mitoban. The boy rolled his eyes. "No, you just have to pay the rent and sleep in the streets. Of course you'll stay here," Mitoban grinned.

  "Thank you, Ban-chan! Thank you!" Ginji suddenly lunged forth to hug the boy. Mitoban blinked; then he relaxed, returning the boy's hug.

  "WHAT!? You're living with him!?" Hevn blinked, pointing at the tall cute boy who was lighting up his cigarette. Mitoban looked at Hevn. "You have a problem with that?" he sat in between Ginji and Hevn. "Ban-kun! This is not fair! You never let us see your place and now you're even letting Ginji stay there?!" Hevn exclaimed. Everyone in the Honky Tonk café looked at Hevn. Mitoban nodded. "Deal with the facts, Hevn," he laughed, putting his cigarette in the ashtray to drop off the ash.

  "Keep smoking, Ban. Next thing you know you'll be as thin as a bamboo stick," Wan Pore teased the boy. Mitoban suddenly stood up and went up the table. He whistled to get everyone in the café's attention. When he was convinced that everyone had their eyes on him, he raised his shirt, exposed his flat stomach and slim waist. He started a seductive dance, moving gracefully on the table shaking his sexy ass around. Everyone, not regarding male or female started to whistle and shout, clapping for the sexy boy.

  Mitoban jumped off the table and smiled. "I can do what you can't do," he smirked. Hevn rolled her eyes irritatingly. "I can as well," she started to stand up. "Stop Hevn," Wan Pore ordered. "Why is that?" she asked. "Because you will loose the bet," he smiled. "Me loose? I can get as many shouts and claps as he did," Hevn retorted, gritting her teeth.

  "Ban got the whole restaurant whistling for him. You'll get only the guys but not the girls. And I won't guarantee 100% support from the guys either," he gestured towards some boys whispering about Mitoban.

  Hevn pouted. "This is not fair," she whined. Ginji smiled. "It's okay Hevn-chan… Ban-chan is…" before Ginji could finish what he was saying, Mitoban had already pulled his ears. "Itai! Nani yatten da?" Ginji frowned. Mitoban looked at Ginji. "Don't be nice to her. Spoiling my effort," he warned.

  Ginji blinked. Mitoban's eyes suddenly drifted to the clock and exclaimed. "Oh! I need to go take my car! Be back!" with that Mitoban went out.

  "Is he always like that?" Ginji asked. "As in how?" Wan Pore asked. "As in making public exhibitions?" Ginji asked. Both Wan Pore and Hevn shook their head. "But he's always irritating," Hevn grinned evilly. "Oh come on, Hevn," Wan Pore turned to look at Ginji. "I think he likes you," Pore smiled. "Me?" Ginji echoed. Pore nodded. "As you know. No one has ever seen his place. He had never cared for no one and he never show his belly to anyone," Pore smiled. "And you're lucky to have the first two," she grinned.

  "Like as in…" Ginji trailed off. "Yes, he was lonely and now it seems that he has found someone to fill that emptiness," Pore told the boy. Hevn was suspecting the boy to get disgusted but instead…
  "That's so romantic…" Ginji smiled. Pore nodded. "Yes, indeed," he agreed. Hevn sweatdropped.

  "But one question," Ginji raised his finger. "What is it?" Hevn asked. "Why did he do a public exhibition?" Ginji asked. Hevn shrugged. "Maybe to prove to you that he's really sexy and you would feel lucky to have him?" she guessed. Wan Pore laughed. Ginji shrugged. He didn't quite understood what was it.

  That was a year ago… Now we were kicked out of that house because we had to use the house rent to pay up for the compound money of the car. Later Natsumi-chan worked at Wan Pore's Honky Tonk café. Ban-chan and I had been though a lot together. But still... I love him dearly.


A short piece of ficcie inspired by nothing. Just some ramblings and release from brain constipation. I hope you like it.

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