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 Mitoban walked into the café with Ginji close behind. “Natsumi-chan!!” Ginji called after the girl. Mitoban pouted and took a seat on the counter. “Ginji-chan! How are you?” the lively girl popped up to the blonde. “Fine as always!” Ginji held the girl’s hand.

  Then Ginji paused. He was expecting a hit from Mitoban any time now but the guy just sat there on the counter. He let go of Natsumi’s hand and turned to sit next to Mitoban. “Ban-chan?” he called.

  Mitoban didn’t even looked at him. “What?” he stirred his coffee. “You didn’t hit me,” Ginji grinned. “For what?” Mitoban asked. “Well normally if I talk to any girls, you’ll hit me!” Ginji smiled. Mitoban gave no answer.

  “Are you approving my relationship with Natsumi-chan?” Ginji suddenly asked. Mitoban shot a look at Ginji and slammed a squashed metal spoon on the counter. “Do whatever you want!” he walked out of the café.

  “Gods, what’s up with him?” Hevn asked, sipping her coffee. “Hevn… I might personally think you’re dumb if you didn’t catch that,” Pore sighed, picking up the unusable piece of kitchen utensil. “What? What’s wrong?” Natsumi asked. Ginji was still stunt that he didn’t even utter a word.

  It was the first time Mitoban had ever raised his voice in such manner at him. He was scared… really scared.

  Mitoban gritted his teeth as he entered his car. He slammed the door shut. That was it. His efforts all this time to hint Ginji about his love and to prevent him by getting attached to girls by hitting him were wasted away.

  He loved the boy so much, so much that it hurts to see him together with other girls. Talking happily, touching, joking…

  He could give it to him! All of those! What did girls have that he didn’t?

  Then he sighed. :… Girls have things that you don’t have physically …: an inner voice laughed at the poor boy.

  Mitoban was a sex god to all the girls and some boys he knew. But the one that he put effort in courting didn’t even flinch. Boy was he frustrated.

  He really had enough when Ginji told him he really liked Natsumi.


  “Ban-chan… who do you like?” suddenly the boy with the sunshine blonde hair asked. Mitoban was searing through the highway heading towards the seaside so they could park the car for the night.

  “Someone,” Mitoban smiled at his partner. “Ohh… I’ll tell you mine and you tell me yours okay?” Ginji made a deal. Mitoban chuckled as he changed gear. “Sure,” he liked to play with Ginji’s games.

  “I like Natsumi,” the blonde confessed.


  The car stopped to a halt. “Ban-chan, daijoubu ka?” Ginji asked. Mitoban bit his lips. He felt like a thousand knives had just cut through his little heart. He shook his head and stepped on the accelerator.

  “I told you mine, Ban-chan… now it’s your turn,” Mitoban looked straight at the road ahead of him, ignoring Ginji’s question. Ginji narrowed his eyes. “Ne, Ban-chan… you promise…”

  They reached the seaside and Mitoban parked his car near the cliff. He turned off the engine and unbuttoned his shirt. He covered his body with his shirt and turned around with his back towards Ginji. “I’ll tell you when I feel like it,” he said softly, biting his lips.

  He really felt like crying. Really. Mitoban bit his lips harder to suppress his tears. He focused on the pain and the tangy metallic taste of blood.

  Ginji sighed and covered himself with his green jacket, facing Mitoban. “Oyasumi, Ban-chan…” he uttered, waiting for a reply from the boy. But Mitoban was too unstable to answer it. His voice would be tearstained if he answered, so he just ignored it and pretended to be asleep. Ginji sighed and closed his eyes.

End of flashback…

  “Damn it!” Mitoban turned the ignition and stepped on the accelerator.

  Then the sound of Mitoban’s Subaru 360 roared through the road…

…and crashed.

  “Gods!” Hevn stood up as she heard the loud crash. “What was that?” Pore asked. “Ban-san!” Natsumi ran after Ginji who shot off like a bullet. “It couldn’t be!” Hevn shook her head.

  But it was. The poor Subaru was upside down against a trailer. “It’s not my fault! I was just stepping on my accelerator when this guy jumped the red light!” They could hear the driver exclaimed. “Somebody call the ambulance!” Crowds were hurdling in.

  The four of them slipped into the crown and Hevn took a deep breath looking at the gore. Pore closed Natsumi’s eyes and pulled her close to him. “Don’t look Natsumi,” he told her. “Ban-san…” she cried.

  Ginji was wordless. He felt as if his whole world had crushed upon him. Suddenly reality kicked back into his senses and he hurried to the door, trying to open it. “Ban-chan!” He exclaimed, trying hard not to look at the blood covered face.

  He pulled the door hard but it just wouldn’t budge. “Ban-chan, wake up! Don’t sleep!” Ginji shouted to no avail, Mitoban was as stiff as a rock.

  Suddenly the ambulance arrived. The paramedics came with a big chainsaw and sawed the door off. They tried to pull Mitoban out of the car but his legs were trapped. “Shit!” the paramedic cursed and tried to pull from inside while his friend held Mitoban.

  Ginji blinked, horrified. The image of Mitoban dangling limp from the guy’s shoulder was a nightmare to him.

  Finally his legs were out but with so much difficulty that they had to tear off Mitoban’s pants and severely injure his legs. They put the spiky hair boy on the trolley and pushed him into the ambulance. “I want to go!!” Ginji exclaimed. “Fast!” Hevn pushed the boy into the ambulance.

  “We’re his friends,” Hevn told the paramedics.

  Four hours later…

  “Hevn-san…” Ginji had a really anxious expression on his face. “It’s going to be okay Ginji, come here,” she gestured towards him. Ginji sat next to her and she cradled him. “Don’t worry. Ban-kun will be all right. We all know how hard he is, death won’t find him so soon,” She tried to cheer the boy up. Ginji nodded.

  Then Pore and Natsumi came. “Ginji-chan!” she exclaimed. “Natsumi-chan…” he answered. “Oh, don’t think negative everyone. Ban-san will be okay!” She tried to lift the spirits.

  The emergency room’s door opened.

  Everyone rushed towards the doctor that emerged from the cold room. “How’s Mitoban, doctor?” Pore asked. “He’s badly injured. He had a severe head concussion, but is stable. Still in coma though. We’ll know how he does when he wakes up,” he told them. “Can we go an see him now?” Ginji asked. The doctor nodded.

  Mitoban was put into ICU. Wires from all types of contraptions were attached to his body. His heartbeat was steady. Bandages, leaving only his eyes and mouth covered almost all of his face. A nutrition tube was inserted through his nose, a water tube from his right hand.

  “He looks like he’s in pain,” Natsumi gestured Mitoban’s frowning brow.

  “Ban-chan…” Ginji’s lips trembled as he uttered the boy’s name. He sat next to Mitoban’s lying body and held his left hand. He looked at the limp hand and observed. He never realized how beautiful Mitoban’s hands were. Smooth, slender fingers now scarred by small scratches. He lifted the hand to his face and breathed in deeply, inhaling the faint smell of antiseptic, feeling the smooth skin against his own.

  “Please wake up, Ban-chan…” Ginji uttered, tearstained. Hevn bit her lips. It was hard to see her friend in such condition; she turned around and cried on Pore’s shoulder. The man sighed and patted the lady’s back soothingly.

  It was 3 a.m. when Mitoban’s finger suddenly moved. Ginji who was holding it from just now opened his eyes when he felt pressure. He blinked and stared at the hand in his own. He widened his eyes when he saw the forefinger moved.

  His eyes shot up to look at Mitoban’s face. Now Ginji realized how long Mitoban’s eyelashes were. They moved slightly. Ginji stood up and leaned closer. “Ban-chan?” he called. Then as slowly as time itself, Mitoban’s lashes flitted slowly slightly revealing a pair of electric blue eyes.

  Ginji smiled. “Ban-chan!” He exclaimed, hugging the boy. Mitoban just put on a puzzled face. Hevn smiled. “You’re awake Ban-kun,” she told him. Natsumi rubbed her sleepy eyes. “Ohayou ne, Ban-san,” she smiled. “Are you feeling better?” Pore asked.

  Ginji got off Mitoban so he could answer their questions. “Who are you people?” he asked.

  Ginji blinked. “You don’t know who am I?” he asked. Mitoban shook his head. “Do you know who you are?” Hevn asked. “Yeah,” Mitoban answered. “I heard you guys calling me Ban,” he told them.

  Mitoban pulled his hand from inside of Ginji’s. Ginji widened his eyes. Why did it felt bad when Mitoban did that? The boy had never pulled away from his hand, but now…

  And worst of all… he didn’t even recognize any of them!

  1 week later…

  The nurse carefully peeled off the last of the bandages on Mitoban’s face. “You heal fast, don’t you?” she smiled. Mitoban shrugged. “Thank you,” he said softly. “You’re welcome, pretty boy,” she put her utensils into the tray. “Say you have a girlfriend?” she asked. Mitoban shrugged. “I dunno,” he said softly.

  “Oh sorry, I forgot you had amnesia. Well anyway, good luck in getting back your memories!” she smiled and walked away. Ginji opened the door and smiled at the nurse. “Hiya!” he greeted. “Oh hi. I just helped your friend take off his bandages. He’s cute,” she winked and walked out of the room leaving Ginji and Mitoban.

  “Morning Ban-chan! You’re awake!” Ginji grinned and put the breakfast he bought on the table next to Mitoban’s bed. Mitoban just looked at the boy with sunshine hair. He wanted to remember who he was but he was scared.

  This boy came to see him everyday and he pretended to sleep every time he came.

  “Come, let’s eat,” Ginji opened the container escaping some steam from the porridge. Ginji took a deep breath and smelled the porridge. “Hmm… smells yummy!” he smiled at Mitoban who just stared at him from just now.

  “Today’s your first day taking solid food! So I guess porridge would be a good start. I made it myself! With the help of Pore-san of course,” Ginji smiled and took a spoonful of porridge. He put it in front of Mitoban’s mouth. “Come on, open up!” Ginji smiled.

  Mitoban turned away from the food. “Who are you?” he finally asked. He knew he sounded rude but he really needed to know.

  “I’m Amano Ginji. Don’t you remember, Ban-chan?” Ginji smiled. Mitoban shook his head. “It’s okay. Take your time,” Ginji focused on feeding Mitoban again.

  “I mean, who you really are to me…” Mitoban asked. Ginji blinked. What kind of a question was that? What was he supposed to answer? He put the spoonful of porridge back into the bowl. “Your friend,” he smiled.

  Mitoban looked away. “I have no friends,” he said softly. “Yes you do, Ban-chan! Hevn-san, Pore-san and Natsumi-chan and me! We’re all your friends,” Ginji exclaimed in a whisper.

  “I HAVE NO FRIENDS!” Mitoban shouted, clutching his head with both of his hands. His head hurts again. “Ban-chan! Are you okay?” Ginji hugged the boy.

  “Let go of me~!” Mitoban pushed Ginji away. It was the pain. Every time the pain attacked he’ll have images. Images of his past; his painful past; his tormented soul. And all these images had Ginji in it.

  He had grown to believe that Ginji wasn’t a friend after all.

  “I don’t want to see you again,” he said softly. “But, Ban-chan… I…” Mitoban looked up to him. “I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!” he exclaimed. Ginji blinked and sighed. “Okay,” he got up slowly from the bed and walked out the door. He paused as he opened the door and turned to look. The poor boy held his head again and cried. Ginji closed his eyes and went out the door. A single tear slipped off his cheek.


 “So how’s Ban-kun?” Hevn asked as Ginji arrived at the café. Ginji sighed. “He doesn’t want to see me again,” Ginji’s eyes were watery. Hevn hugged the boy. “Now what did you do?” she asked. “I dunno… I just tried to feed him some porridge then…” he bit his lips and tears started flowing.

  “Poor boy,” Hevn sighed. “He insisted that he has no friends and after some headache I think he started shouting that he didn’t want to see me,” Ginji cried.

  Natsumi patted Ginji’s back. “I hope Ban-san will get okay soon,” she sighed.

  Pore looked at Hevn and she nodded. “I’ll go see him afterwards,” he uttered.


  “Hello,” a voice called. Mitoban opened his eyes. A middle aged man smiled at him. It was the guy named Pore.

  Mitoban smiled. “Hi,” he straightened up as Pore helped him to support his back with a pillow. “I see you got your bandages removed,” he smiled. Mitoban nodded. “This morning,” he said.

  Pore’s eyes drifted to a bowl of porridge, untouched. “You didn’t eat?” he asked. Mitoban shook his head. “Ginji got up early and cooked you that porridge you know?” he smiled. Mitoban shook his head. “Can you not talk about him? My head hurts when I try to remember who he was, no matter how I try,” Mitoban said softly.

  “It’s not that you can’t. You just wouldn’t,” he smiled. Mitoban looked at him.

  “You like him, you know that?” he smiled. Mitoban blinked. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Before this. I know you love the boy, but you just wouldn’t tell him. You keep giving him hints but he’s just to dense,” Pore smiled.

  Mitoban frowned. “I dunno what happened between you guys that you shouted at him for asking approval in his relationship with Natsumi. Maybe your subconscious felt rejected that it doesn’t want to even remember,” Pore told him.

  “Maybe I meant to kill myself. Why save me?” he asked. Pore smiled. “You’re too intelligent to kill yourself,” Pore grinned.


  Ginji was sitting on the corner of the coffee shop when someone popped a coin in the jukebox and a song started playing. He closed his eyes and remembered that day…


  “Hey a jukebox!” Mitoban exclaimed. Pore nodded. “Nice isn’t it?” he grinned. “Let me be the first customer!!” he dug for a coin in his pocket. His face suddenly lighted brightly. “Hey Ginji! Listen to this song!” he beamed and pressed a few buttons as the music started playing…

  Ginji listened when the song played.

“Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
If I had to live my life without you near me
The days would all be empty
The nights would seem so long
And with you I see forever oh so clearly
I might have been in love before
But it never felt this strong
Our dreams are young and we both know
They'll take us where we want to go
Hold me now, touch me now
I don't want to live without you

*Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love
Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
You'll only change my whole life through
Nothing's gonna change my love for you*

If the road ahead is not so easy
Our love will lead a way for us
Like a guiding star
I'll be there for you if you should need me
You don't have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are
So come with me and share the view
I'll help you see forever too
Hold me now, touch me now
I don't want to live without you

*Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I'll never ask for more than your love
Nothing's gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
You'll only change my whole life through
Nothing's gonna change my love for you* …”

It sang. Ginji laughed. “Cute!” he smiled. “Natsumi-chan! I dedicate this song to you!!” Ginji laughed. Suddenly Mitoban pulled Ginji’s ears. “I wasted my money to let you listen…” he gritted his teeth. “Not to let you dedicate it to someone else,” Mitoban pouted and drank his coffee…

  End of Flashback…

  Then it hit Ginji. The boy blinked. “Could it be?” he asked himself. “Could it be what, Ginji-kun?” Hevn asked, looking up from her magazine. “Ban-chan loves me?” he asked. Hevn laughed. “I thought you knew? Everyone else knew!” She laughed.

  “Gods…” Ginji looked at the floor. All this time he had treated Mitoban like normal a friend. But Mitoban tried his best to please him. He must’ve been really blind to miss that one!


  “What!?” Mitoban blinked at the lady. “I’m sorry… your credit is up to last month. I gave you extra one week and you still didn’t give me the house rent,” she sighed. “I’m sorry! Give me another week! My car got compounded and I had to pay the ticket! I’ll pay!” Mitoban reasoned with the lady, to no avail. She just shook her head and closed the door at Mitoban’s face.

  He turned around to face Ginji but his eyes couldn’t meet him. “I’m really sorry, Ginji,” he said softly. “We have nowhere to sleep, Ban-chan…” Ginji said softly. Mitoban forced a smiled. “We can sleep in the car,” he patted the boy’s back.

  They walked to their car and slipped in.

  Ginji frowned and tried to sleep. “But it’s dangerous to sleep in the car! And it’s uncomfortable…” he protested. “It’s okay… you go on and sleep. I’ll keep watch,” Mitoban smiled and reached over to pull the lever so that the seat would be more comfortable for Ginji to sleep on.

  Mitoban pulled Ginji’s green jacket to cover his body. “Now sleep,” he said, lowering down the cold air-conditioner volume. “Oyasumi, Ban-chan…” Ginji said. “Oyasumi, Gin-chan…” Mitoban patted his back.

  End of flashback…

  “He really stayed up the whole night,” he said softly. “How could I be so stupid!?” he asked himself and stood up. He was about to go and tell Mitoban that he felt the same way towards him when it occurred to him that Mitoban already hates him.

  He sank to the floor. “I’m hopeless…” he sighed. Hevn looked at him and closed her eyes. Love really hurts.


  “Who’s wedding is this?” Mitoban asked the lady in pink next to him. “Natsumi’s wedding,” Hevn smiled. “With who?” Mitoban asked. “Ginji of course!” she smiled.

  Mitoban’s eyes widened. “NO!!!” he straightened up. Cold sweats  covered his face.

  Now he remembered. His memory finally finished rewinding his history and started playing clips of his consciousness. He remembered well who Hevn, Pore, Ginji and Natsumi was… and the most painful thing was that he remembered all his feelings and Ginji’s confession of love towards Natsumi.

  He jumped off the bed, ignoring the detached wires and walked to the window.

  “Hey fate! You’re having fun playing with my life is it?” tears fell off his eyes. It hurt so much. He stepped on the sill and opened the window. Harsh wind blew his straight hair away from his face. “I don’t like you having so much fun that I’m going to end it!” he shouted.

  Pore slid opened the door and dropped the cup of coffee that was in his hand. He ran towards the boy. “Ban!” he grabbed the boy’s waist and pulled him in.

  The poor boy was crying. “I remember Pore! I remember who you all are!” He cried. “Then why are you trying to kill yourself!” The man scolded.

  “It’s because I also remembered all the most painful moments of my live,” he cried, hugging himself. His limp hair drooped over his face. “I can’t stand to be alone anymore, Pore-san!!” He cried.

  “You are not alone!” a tear started to roll off Pore’s cheeks. “I am,” Mitoban said, looking up at Pore. “Inside here. Empty. Hurt,” he pointed to his heart. “Would it help to see him?” Pore asked. Mitoban shook his head.
  “Please Pore… I want to die. Pity me… you don’t want me to suffer, do you?” he asked. “But this is not the way!” Pore exclaimed, helping him up.

  “Sleep boy… you’ll feel better tomorrow,” he tucked Mitoban to bed.


  Ginji knocked on the door and waited for an answer, but when he heard none, he opened the door and went it. Mitoban wasn’t on his bed but he heard the shower running in the bathroom.

  Absent-mindedly he went over to check the bathroom and opened the door.

  There stood a naked boy washing himself under smooth running water. None of them spoke for a while. The surprised Ginji uttered a silly excuse and closed the door, leaning on it. The sight of Mitoban’s slick body was pasted on his mind. He couldn’t take his mind of it. He had to admit…

  Mitoban was beautiful. Damn beautiful. Those curves…

  Suddenly the door opened and Mitoban came out with a towel covering the space between his navel and knees. The wounds on his lower legs were still visible. His uncombed wet hair looked nice falling to the sides of his face. Ginji watched as Mitoban limped his way to sit on his bed, he turned so that his back was towards Ginji. The boy closed his eyes, trying to ignore.

  But his heart hurts so badly.

  Ginji didn’t know from where to start. He walked over to the bed and took a towel. He sat on the bed behind Mitoban and put the towel on Mitoban’s hair, slowly patting it dry.

   Then Ginji heard a soft sob. “Stop it!” Mitoban turned around and exclaimed, tearstained. He took a step backwards. Ginji blinked. “Just stop it! I don’t need your sympathy!” Mitoban bit his lips. :… I just need your love …: he cried mentally.

  “Do you know that it hurts? It hurts to know that you’ll show your sympathy towards me here and go back to those girls out there afterwards! It damn fucking hurts!” Mitoban cried, limping his way backwards; adding the space between them.

  Ginji bit his lips. It was obvious that Mitoban loved him. He was just too dense to realize it earlier. How can he tell him that?

   “Ban-chan… do you remember who I like?” Ginji asked. Mitoban narrowed his eyes, his mind traveled back to the time when Ginji told him who he liked. The boy bit his lips.

  “You really like to torture me do you?” Mitoban felt his heart- ache. Ginji frowned. Maybe that wasn’t the best way to tell him. “Ban-chan… I really like you!” Ginji exclaimed.

  Mitoban closed his eyes. “Thank you for trying,” Mitoban smiled sarcastically and sat down on the floor. “No, Ban-chan… I love you,” Ginji stepped down from the bed and knelt in front of Mitoban.

  “I’m sorry I was so stupid to realize your love earlier,” Ginji said, looking into those electric blue gems. “All you did for me were the most wonderful and precious things I’ve ever earned and I took it for granted but after realizing that I’m going to loose you after that accident… I hope I’m not too late,” he said softly.

  “I thought you love Natsumi? Your love for her would never change no matter what happens right?” Mitoban gritted his teeth in order to suppress his tears.

  Ginji sighed. “I dunno how to put it, Ban-chan… But I know that I love you… my feelings for her are just passing crushes,” he reasoned. Mitoban smiled. “Your feelings for me will be a passing crush as well then,” Mitoban told him, the sharp edge of sarcasm was heard.

  “Ban-chan… your love was a realization of my subconscious that have always loved you in a way,” Ginji leaned closer and stole a kiss from Mitoban’s mouth, his first kiss of love. The boy responded and devoured his mouth hungrily. “Don’t leave me… don’t ever leave me…” Mitoban said softly in between kisses, desperately clinging to Ginji.


The door opened and Mitoban walked in with his crutches. “Welcome back, Ban-kun!” they all cheered. Everyone was there, including Kazuki, Shido, Himiko and Akapane. “You should’ve carried him instead of letting him walk, Ginji,” Himiko smirked.

 Ginji slapped his forehead. “How stupid of me?” he was about to carry Mitoban when he was rewarded a knock on the head by that sturdy piece of alloy in Mitoban’s hands. Kazuki came forth and whispered something in Ginji’s ears.

 Mitoban looked at him. “I don’t trust you, Kazuki,” he said. The boy just smiled and played with the bells on his hair. “Just stay put and watch,” he grinned and winked at Akapane. Akapane blushed and looked away.

 Ginji suddenly kissed Mitoban in front of everyone. “Gods, Ginji! What’re you doing?!” Mitoban went berserk. “I want to tell everyone that I love Ban-chan,” he smiled. “Yay!” Kazuki hugged Akapane. “Aren’t they cute?” he asked. Akapane took off his hat and covered them while they kiss.

 Pore popped a coin into the jukebox and played the song. Ginji and Mitoban’s love song…

 Hevn sighed. “You guys are crazy,” she shook her head and smiled as Ginji handed her a cake. “Eat it, Hevn. I owe you one!” Ginji winked at her. She smiled. “Crazy people,” she joined them as they made Mitoban dance in his crutches.


Kind of weird… not a good ending though… what do you expect? It’s 5 a.m here!! Bwahaha… CnC welcomed. Song inspired by Gini. Thanx a lot!

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