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Yaoi, lemon…

A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

Boku no Ittou no Otanjoubi…
*My First Birthday...*

Ginji looked at the calendar. 13th December. Why did the date looked so familiar? As if reminding him of something. He blinked. “What’re you staring at, Gin-chan?” Natsumi asked, smiling at him. Ginji grinned back. “Oh nothing… it’s the calendar,” he uttered. Natsumi nodded. “Yes, Ban-kun’s birthday is just four days away,” she nodded.

  Ginji hit the table with his palm. “That’s it!!!” He exclaimed. Everyone in the café looked at him. “Er… gomen,” he sank back to his chair. “I’m baking a cake for him!” Ginji grinned.

  Hevn blinked. “A what?” she asked again. Clearing her ears. “A CAKE!” Ginji repeated, opening his wallet. “Natsumi-chan! Please find me the ingredients for a cake!” Ginji asked. Natsumi nodded and went behind the counter to look for a cake recipe.

  “Guys, not a word to him, okay?” Ginji put his fore finger on his mouth. They all nodded. “Here it is!” Natsumi chirped as she put the big recipe book on the table.

  “Wahh… it’s so complicated!” Ginji looked at it in awe. “Why don’t you just buy the damned cake?” Hevn asked, putting her papers down. “Then it won’t be sincere,” Ginji sighed. “Don’t worry Gin-chan! I’ll help!” Natsumi smiled. “No Natsumi, it won’t be ‘sincere’,” Pore teased. Natsumi blinked, then she beamed. “I understand! Okay! I’ll just help with the ingredients,” she grinned, copying the recipe down.

  “Maybe you can teach me?” Ginji smiled. Natsumi nodded. “Tonight come to my house. I’ll teach you!” she beamed. Ginji nodded.

  “Talk about the devil… where is he, anyway?” Hevn asked.

 “Damn it!” Ban cursed for the umpteenth time as his last coin rolled into the drain. Bad luck followed him the whole day. He was chased by a dog, then gave it a Jagan. Got splashed by a car driving past a deep puddle. Someone touched a girl’s ass, she turned around and saw him; resulting in a 5 fingered mark on his right cheek. He fell backwards onto an old lady and she scolded him for being careless. The traffic light went into a big explosion when he pressed the stop button.

  He went through all that just to get Hevn’s magazine. He pushed open the café door a slammed the magazine on the table. “I swear I’m not doing any more favor for you!” he snapped, walking away to an empty booth in the corner. Hevn blinked at the boy. “Edgy today aren’t we?” she smirked.

  “Not a word to him, okay?” Ginji whispered to them as he walked over to Ban. “Ban-chan?” he called, sitting next to him. “No, don’t come near me. I have a bad luck marathon today. It might just jump to you,” he muttered, shooing Ginji away.

  Ginji eyed the boy’s wet and dirty attire. He sighed and leaned on Ban. “It’s okay,” he put his arms around Ban’s, savoring its wet warmth.

  Taking advantage of their secluded booth, Ban stole a kiss from the boy.

  “Say, Ban-chan… I need to go somewhere afterwards,” Ginji told Ban. “Where to?” the boy asked. Ginji laughed. “Not telling you,” he giggled. “And why is that?” Ban asked. Ginji shrugged.

  “I’m bunking over someplace so you sleep alone today, okay?” Ginji smiled. Ban sighed and winced as Ginji kissed him again playfully.

 “Go, leave me. I’m just destined to be a jinx today,” Ban pouted to his side. “What is it, Ban-chan?” Ginji asked. Ban shook his head.

  Ginji got up as Natsumi got her coat. “Bye!” he and Natsumi waved at Ban.

  Ban frowned. Ginji and Natsumi?

  “Nah… maybe just…” Ban paused. He thought about Ginji and Natsumi and the thousand possibilities.

  Then he replayed all the bad memories in his head. He had lost a number of things. But he wouldn't risk to even loose his love.

  “What the… hey Hevn, you know anything about…” before Ban could finish his question Hevn turned around. “I know nothing,” she flipped a page in her Magazine. Ban pouted.

  Ginji entered Natsumi’s house as her mother welcomed them in. “Kaasan, this is Amano Ginji,” Natsumi introduced. “Hello Amano-kun. Nice to meet you,” she smiled. Ginji nodded. “Nice to meet you too, Mizuki-san!” Ginji shook her extended right hand.

  “I’m teaching Ginji how to bake a cake,” Natsumi grinned. “That’s good!” she smiled. “Gin-chan, you wait here while I go change. I’ll come down later,” she disappeared to her room. “Good thing I cleaned the kitchen,” Natsumi’s mother laughed. Ginji nodded. “Thanks, Mizuki-san,” Ginji uttered. “That’s the least I could do to thank you,” she smiled. “Thank me?” Ginji blinked. “Yes, for taking care of Natsumi-chan,” she nodded. Ginji grinned. “Oh, it’s basic,” Ginji shrugged. “Treat her well, okay?” Mizuki said meaningfully before she walked away.

  Ginji blinked. Was that last phrase supposed to mean something?

  Then he looked at his phone. Ginji shrugged and decided to put the matter aside as he reached for his hand phone. He pressed a few buttons and waited for the other end to be picked up.

  “Moshi-moshi,” said a deadpan voice on the other side of the line. “Ban-chan!” Ginji exclaimed.

  Ban blinked. “Ginji?” he asked.

  “Of course it’s me. What’re you doing?” Ginji asked.

  “Me? Umm… nothing,” Ban said softly, kicking the water in the fountain he was planning to stay the night at.

  “Where are you?” Ginji asked.

  Ban closed his eyes and lay on the stone side of the fountain. “Near the park, you?” he asked.

  “I’m at Natsumi’s house. Actually waiting for her to change into something more comfortable,” Ginji told Ban.

  “Comfortable, ne? heh…heh…” He laughed in feign.

  Ginji felt the distant sarcasm in the laugh and blinked. “Ban-chan? Are you alright?” Ginji asked.

  “Em?” he asked. Ban blinked as he was just about to say something and Ginji exclaimed at the other end of the line.

  “Ne, Ban-chan! I’ll talk to you later, Natsumi’s ready! Ja!” he said excitingly and hung up.

  Ban clutched the phone tightly and closed his eyes. Damn bitter, he thought to himself.

  Natsumi came up with a pair of shorts and a baby-t. “Come Gin-chan!” Natsumi pulled his hands towards the kitchen.

  “Who’s that boy?” Natsumi’s father asked. “He’s Natsumi-chan’s friend. Sweet boy,” Natsumi’s mother smiled. “Oh,” he nodded.

  It was disastrous; their first try to bake the cake. “It doesn’t look much like a cake to me,” Ginji pointed at the cake, which just came out of the oven. There was a dent in the middle as if an asteroid had hit its core.

  Natsumi smiled. “Well, we still have 3 more days,” Natsumi grinned.

  “Are you two finished?” Natsumi’s mother peered in the kitchen. “Um, not quite kaasan. It didn’t turn out quite as we expected,” Natsumi smiled. “Clean up okay? Go to sleep. Try again tomorrow,” she giggled and disappeared from the door. Natsumi shrugged. “I’ll tell Pore-san I’m taking a leave tomorrow, okay? Then we can work on the cake properly,” Natsumi smiled. Ginji nodded.

  Since Natsumi’s family wasn’t that rich, they didn’t have a guestroom. Natsumi’s mother came in with a roll of futon. Ginji blinked. “I’m sleeping here?” he asked. Natsumi nodded. Ginji blinked.

  Natsumi had already changed into a nightgown. She looked nice. Ginji blinked as he got into his own futon and eyed the girl getting into hers. "Oyasumi Gin-chan,” She uttered. “Oyasumi,” Ginji uttered and rolled over to his side.

  Ban stared dead at his coffee. “Anything wrong?” Pore asked. Ban looked at Pore. He recalled the bad things that happened to his the whole morning.

  He accidentally rolled to the side of the fountain and fell in the water. When he got up, everyone was either staring, laughing or running away from him as if he was some kind of a sick person. He heard a girl say that he was too thin. A dog tried to bite him. A bus driver that then cursed him for his carelessness nearly knocked him down with his big vehicle. He went to the public bath to wash himself and his attire but white shirt were taken by someone else who happened to use the same washing machine and he had to bash that guy up in order to get it back.

   It was a bad day, real bad.

  ‘Ring ring’

  The shop’s phone rang. “Moshi-moshi, Honky Tonk café,” Pore answered it. “Oh hi Natsumi-chan,” he smiled. “You’re not coming to work today?… Oh okay… what? Hahaha… Ginji snores? Really?… haha… yeah, you should have put him out the room… oh, okay… bye.”

  Ban frowned. “What the fuck!?” he stood up, banging the table. Pore blinked. “What?” he blinked. “You telling me Ginji’s sleeping in the fucking same room as that girl!?” he demanded. Hevn blinked.

  “You call her back! I want to speak to Ginji!” Ban looked at Pore with a deadly glare. Pore shook his head and picked up the phone, he dialed a series of number and handed the phone to Ban.

  “Moshi-moshi,” the other side answered. Ban knew it was Natsumi. “Where’s Ginji?” he asked. “Gin-chan? He’s sleeping,” Natsumi uttered. “Bloody fuck! Get him up,” Ban cursed. “But he’s…”

  “GET HIM UP!” Ban shouted. Everyone in the café looked at him.

  Natsumi was frightened. She knew danger when she saw one. “Gin-chan… okirun da yo,” she woke the boy softly. Ginji blinked softly as he opened his eyes to Natsumi’s beautiful face. “Ohayou,” he smiled. “Ban-san wants to talk to you,” she said softly. “Ne, doko?” Ginji looked around. “In the phone,” she said softly.

  Ginji smiled and took the handset. “Ban-chan… ohayou ne?” he grinned. “You come out here,” Ban said softly yet his stern tone was clear. “Why?” Ginji asked. “You slept in the same room with her, how could you!?” Ban asked. “Ban-chan…” Ginji uttered. “Either you come out here or you don’t need to see me anymore! You listen to me?” he asked.

  “Ban-chan! Don’t act like a kid!” Ginji frowned. “Well maybe I am a kid!” Ban gritted his teeth. “I’m not coming out if you keep acting like this!” Ginji narrowed his eyes. “You’re not coming? Fine!” Ban slammed the phone.

  Ban sipped his coffee. He needed to calm down. He just needed something good to happen. Just one little good thing.

  The doorbell rang as a pair of middle-aged couple walked in. “Ohayou Pore-san,” they greeted. “Oh welcome, Mizuki-san,” he smiled to Natsumi’s parents. “Coffee?” he asked them. They nodded.

  “Ne, Pore-san… you know a boy name Amano?” Natsumi’s mother asked. “Ginji? Yeah,” he smiled. “What do you think of him?” she asked. “Oh, he’s nice,” Pore smiled. “Oh. That’s good to know. He looked decent. I hope he treats Natsumi well,” she sipped her coffee when it was served.

  Ban looked at them and narrowed his eyes.

  “You come to the café when you’re done with the ingredients. I’m just going to check on Ban-chan. You know how stupid he could be. I’m kind of worried,” Ginji smiled. Natsumi nodded. “Okay!” she walked off.

  Ginji walked over to the café and entered.

  His eyes spied Ban who covered his face with his arms, sleeping on the counter. He walked over to Ban and hugged him from behind. “Ban-chan,” he whispered in his ears. Ban looked up and blinked into those brown eyes.

  “Come,” Ginji pulled the boy to the bathroom at the back. Ban followed without a word.

  “Isn’t that Ginji-kun?” Natsumi’s mother asked Pore. Pore nodded. “Who’s that other boy?” she asked. “Oh. His best friend,” Pore smiled. “Why did he bring his friend to the bathroom?” she asked. Pore shrugged. “Maybe he wanted to tell him something. You know, boy-talk,” Pore suggested.

  “Ginji must be telling him about my daughter,” she giggled. “Kids nowadays,” she sighed.

  Ginji closed the door behind them and kissed Ban fiercely. He smelled sweet, fresh. “I thought you didn’t want to come,” Ban asked, still kissing the boy. “How could I not? I miss you so much,” Ginji kissed the boy and molded their body against each other.

  Then Ban stopped and pushed Ginji away. “You lied,” he uttered. Ginji blinked. “About what?” he asked. “You said that you miss me but what you did yesterday night didn’t suggest that,” Ban frowned. “I did what?” Ginji asked, still running his hands around Ban’s smooth back.

  “What did you do with Natsumi?” he asked. Ginji sighed. He wanted to keep it a secret. “Nothing,” he uttered, looking everywhere but Ban’s eyes. “Liar,” Ban pushed the boy away and opened the door.

  “Ban-chan!” Ginji walked after Ban. “Ban-chan!” Ginji chased after the boy as he walked to the door. Ginji grabbed Ban’s wrist and applied a substantial amount of electric current through the boy as he fell into his arms.

 “What happened?” Natsumi’s mother asked as he saw the boy fell into Ginji’s arms. Pore shrugged and came up with a story. “Oh, that boy has a weak heart. So he often faints,” he suppressed his own giggles.

  Ginji carried Ban in his arms and to their secret arbor some where near the lake. He waited for Ban to come around and looked at him. Gods, he was beautiful. Ginji leaned down and rested his head on Ban’s chest, rubbing his firm flat stomach with his own soft hands.

  Ban stirred and opened his blue eyes. He recognized the place immediately, their love arbor.

  Then he found Ginji sleeping on him.

  He reached up to touch the golden hair. Gods how he missed the boy’s love and touch. “Gin-chan…” he uttered. It was rare that he’d called Ginji that way. He’d only do that if he really wanted Ginji to touch him dearly. Only when he felt a painful absence in his heart, only when he didn't feel secured.

  Ginji opened his eye, but stayed in his position. He moved his hand to touch Ban’s slender ones. Ban couldn’t stand it; he missed the boy so much. His touch, his whispers, his moans, his body… everything.

  “Gin-chan…?” Ban called softly. Ginji looked up to Ban’s face. “Touch me,” said the dark hair boy. “Touch you?” Ginji asked. Ban nodded as he took off Ginji’s green jacket. Ginji smiled and helped the boy with it.

  Soon, they were in their birthday suit. Breathing the same air.

  Ginji took off silently. He rushed over to Honky Tonk café to meet Natsumi. The girl was sitting there waiting. “Natsumi-chan!” Ginji waved at her. She grinned and pointed at the mountain of goods she bought.

  “Pore-san, Hevn-san not a word to Ban okay? I’m going to stay at Natsumi’s place,” he noted. Pore shook his head. “I’m afraid I can’t promise you that,” he uttered. “Why?” Ginji asked. “You know how crazy that boy could be he might just burn down my shop or something like that,” Pore reasoned. Ginji sighed. “Ok,” he paused. “It’ll help if you try to keep it a secret. Try to divert him,” Ginji smiled. Hevn snorted.

  Ginji looked at her. “Only you can divert anything of his,” Hevn told him. Ginji sighed then looked up when the doorbell rang. It was Kazuki. “Hiya, Ginji-san!” he waved. “Kazu-chan!” Ginji went to him and hugged the boy.

  Kazuki blinked. “What is it, Ginji-san?” he asked. Ginji grinned. “You have to help me,” he put his hands together. Kazuki nodded. “I’d try my best,” he uttered softly. “Well, you know Ban-chan’s birthday is in 3 days time, ne?” Ginji started. Kazuki nodded. “Aha…” he blinked. “Well, I want to bake a cake for him,” Ginji smiled. “Aha…” Kazuki nodded. “So, I need to stay at Natsumi’s house to learn,” Ginji continued.

  “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Ginji-san,” Kazuki said softly. Ginji pouted. “But I want to bake a cake for him! Anyway, here is where you come in,” Ginji put his arms around Kazuki’s shoulder and whispered something in his ear.

  Kazuki’s eyes opened wide. “I can’t do that! He’s your lover besides, Ren would be upset!” Kazuki exclaimed. Ginji made his lost puppy eyes trademark.

  Kazuki sighed. “I… dunno if I can do it but… Ok…” Kazuki sighed. Ginji grinned. “Great! Because you’re the only one he’d listen to other than me,” Ginji laughed. “If my calculations were correct, he’d come here around 7 this evening. Then you can do your trick!” Ginji winked at him.

  Kazuki waited in the café while counting the time. Ginji went away with Natsumi hours ago and he just had to wait for Ban to come in the café.

  Then he looked at the watch. 6.45 p.m. It was near.

  He walked up to the bar and smiled at Pore. “What is it, Kazuki?” he asked. “A bottle of XO,” he called. Pore blinked. “What for?” he asked. “That is a very important asset to run the plan,” Kazuki explained. Pore blinked. He didn’t know the gang would do such things for each other.

  Pore gave Kazuki a glass and placed the full bottle of XO in front of him. Kazuki blinked, silently calculating the amount of liquor he could take before he lost it but in time for Ban to come into plan. He poured the dark brown liquid into the shot glass with 3 cubes of ice.

  He looked at the clock for the last time and gulped it in a go. 6.55 p.m.; One, two, three, four, five.

  He paused. After 5 continuous shot of hard liquor, he began to feel hot and nauseous. But he kept a straight mind and tried to concentrate. For the sake of Ginji, he had to do so.

  He looked at the door hoping for Ban to show up.


  As if gods above were watching, he smiled softly as he saw Ban enter the café.

  Another drink. Kazuki thought to himself. This was to let Ban see him.

  Ban turned to look as he saw Kazuki drank his shot of XO and accidentally slip the small glass as it fell to the floor.


  “Kazuki!” Ban rushed over to him. “Shikarishiro! Kazuki!” Ban shook the boy. Pore blinked. Whatever the boy was pulling it looked dangerous and real. Or was it real?

  Kazuki opened his eyes slightly. Fresh tears spilled out of those sad covered orbs. “What’s wrong, Kazuki?” he asked.

  “Hahaue…gomen nasai…hahaue…” Kazuki started to babble. He was in the state of between hallucination and consciousness.

  “Hahaue?” Ban blinked and frowned as Kazuki reached for the bottle of XO and tried to gulp down its contents. “Stop drinking!” Ban scolded him and carried him away to a secluded booth. “Pore-san! Give me a basin of cold water and a towel!” he urged. Pore nodded.

  “Hahaue…” Kazuki cried. Ban cradled the boy. “What did you do to your mother?” Ban asked.

  “I come from a big family. Rich and well known…” Kazuki started, staring dead at the floor. His long hair partially covering his face, adding to the pitiful effect of his somberness. Ban reached out to pull the stray strands of hair aside.

  Pore placed the basin of water and the towel in front of Ban and blinked. Ban looked up to him and gestured for him to go. Pore sighed and walked away. It really looked real and dangerous by the amount of alcohol consumed in that rate of time.

  “I was small… so small then…” Kazuki started again. His long lashes made him look so feminine. Ban took the chance when he paused his words to wet the towel and run it on his face.

  “There was blood everywhere… hands everywhere… dead bodies…” Kazuki’s eyes began to produce tears again. Ban was silent, listening to the story. “My father… he died… my brothers, my sisters… they were all dead… only Hahaue…” Kazuki paused.

  Kazuki suddenly held on Ban’s arm. Ban leer him closer so he was leaning on his chest. The boy run soothing circles around Kazuki’s back.

  “But they were hunting for us… they wanted us all dead… hahaue wanted me to run. She said I was the only one who could survive and continue the Fuchiyouin family…” he cried.

  “I ran to the Mugenjou because there was where she told me to go… I grew up there… I became one with the place… hoping one day I could fulfill hahaue’s wish… to continue the Fuchiyouin family…” he paused for a split second before he burst into fits of sadistic laughter.

  “But you know what?” Kazuki looked up towards Ban. His eyes intense on the blue ones. “I can’t…” Kazuki whispered. “I can’t because I fell in love with a boy…” he continued softly, inching upwards to taste Ban’s breath, to feel the wet lips against his own.

  His story and beauty mesmerized Ban that he couldn’t move. Even if he wanted to, his body didn’t want to respond to other than the sweet lips that were closing the space between them.

  Kazuki’s tongue reached Ban’s red lips as he licked the luscious velvety skin. It was when Ban allowed that small invader in his slightly parted lips he could do nothing but embrace the crying boy.

  It was 3 in the morning when Kazuki was finally sober enough to walk.

  They ended up in the hills, watching the scenery. Japan was never asleep. It would seem alive even though half of its population was in dreamland.

  “Was it true, all that you told me?” Ban finally asked. Kazuki looked at Ban and then away. He nodded once. “Today is the day when I came to the Mugenjou. It was so long ago,” he uttered softly.

  “I bet your mother must be having a fit up there,” Ban teased. Kazuki blinked and looked up at the sky. “Yeah… to have a son who fell in love with a boy,” Kazuki smirked. “Do you think it’s a sin?” Ban asked. Kazuki shrugged. “I don’t know,” he uttered. “I don’t think it is,” Ban smiled. “Ren thinks the same,” Kazuki told the boy. Ban nodded. “Love is blind. It doesn’t KNOW if you’re a guy or a girl. And I would certainly have you if Ginji isn’t around,” Ban paused.

  “Do you know where Ginji is anyway?” Ban asked. Kazuki smiled. “I certainly do,” Kazuki told him. “Where?” Ban asked. “In your heart,” he grinned. Ban chuckled. “Cute answer… but I want the truth,” Ban said softly.

  “Well, If you ask Ginji where’s Ban, he’d say Ban is in his heart as well. So you don’t need to worry,” Kazuki laid on the grass, savoring the feeling of cold wind against his hot skin.

  Suddenly Ban straddled his hips. “Tell me where’s Ginji,” he demanded, a smile on his face.

  “He’s somewhere doing…” Kazuki slapped himself silly. He was going to burst it out to the boy. “…something silly,” Kazuki continued, his hands reached out to grab Ban’s groin. “Damn!” Ban cursed. Kazuki reached up to kiss Ban before he could come up with more questions.

  Ban turned to his side. The hand that cuddled him tightened. “Ren…” Kazuki whispered in his sleep. Ban chuckled to himself. The boy was still thinking of Ren after sleeping under the stars with him. Ban knew Kazuki was covering up for Ginji so he gave the boy a Jagan.

  Ban could see deep into the boy’s heart that Ginji told him to do this. This boy loved no one but Ren and it was bad of Ginji to do such. But he understood something. He was to wait. For what, he himself wasn’t sure. But he’d play along; he’d wait.

  “That’s the last of the ingredients?” Natsumi asked. Ginji nodded. “Ah! Another thing!” Ginji lifted up a lump of cake batter and sniffed it. “Last ingredient, LOVE!” he kissed the batter and put it back inside.

  “I hope it’s okay this time!” Ginji smiled. Natsumi nodded. “Don’t worry, you’ve been doing 15 cakes for the past 3 days,” she laughed. Ginji beamed.

  It was three hours after the cake finally came out of the oven beautifully and was decorated with sweet icing and frost.

  Ginji took the piping bag with purple cream as he wrote

  “Omedetou O’tanjoubi Gozaimasu, Ban-chan…V”

  Then he piped tons of tiny love symbols around the edge of the cake and one cute one after Ban’s name.

  Finally he put nineteen candles on the cake. He smiled at his work. It looked artistic and… sincere.

  Ban was acting like a decent person. It had been two days and he hadn’t seen Ginji or Natsumi in this case. He trusted Ginji, just as long as no one gave him any idea of those two doing something indecent together, he’d wait. It was nearly 10 o’clock.

  Ren came to the café today. And Kazuki was on his heels since morning, hugging the boy, kissing the boy secretly and touching him whenever he could. Ban smiled to himself. It was nice to have someone head over heels on you.

  Hevn came in the café with Natsumi. “Welcome back, Natsumi!” Pore smiled. Ban ignored her. He didn’t fancy her much. He’d prefer Hevn anytime to the young adolescent with tiny breasts; not that he minded it anyway.

  He had Ginji. And he certainly looked perfect as it is without breasts. He laughed mentally.

  Natsumi gestured Pore to come closer as she whispered in his ears. “Ginji did it! He made a perfect cake!” She told him in a whisper. Pore beamed. “Honto ni?” he grinned. Natsumi nodded.

  Ban snorted. Whatever that was going on there, he didn’t know neither heard. So, he might as well stay quiet here and drink his coffee.

  Then Akapane appeared. “Oi Ban,” he called, lowering his hat. Ban looked up at the guy. “What is it?” he asked. “Come out here,” he called. Ban sighed as he went out the café. Akapane looked at the rest of the people in the café and winked slyly. Natsumi waved goodbye to him and hoped that everything was going according to plan.

  “Come, come!” Natsumi gathered Ren, Kazuki, Hevn and Pore. “We’ll decorate this place and Shido will do the trick with the doves. Then she emptied the bag she was carrying. Balloons, party hats, wall decors and glitters fell on the floor.

  “We have approximately 2 hours to decorate this place. The party will be at midnight,” she giggled. They all nodded.

  Then Shido and Himiko came in the café. “I saw Ban and Akapane going that side,” he told them. “Yeah, Akapane is going to leer him outside and delay time. How’s your bird trick!?” Natsumi asked.

  Shido grinned. “It’s perfect!” he stumbled with a weird hat. “When he comes through the door, White doves will come out of the hat!” Shido demonstrated and whistled. But instead black crows and bats came out.

  “Euh! Those aren’t white doves!” Kazuki pouted. Shido bit his lips. “Ops sorry!” he whistled and the black animals all went outside.

  Then Ginji came in. “Hello everybody!” he beamed, in his hand was a box. “The cake’s here!” Kazuki exclaimed. “Put it in the cooler first,” Pore told Ginji. Ginji nodded and stuffed the box of cake into the big cooler.

  “Did Akapane took Ban-chan away?” he asked. Natsumi nodded. “Where was he taking Ban-san to?” she asked. Ginji smiled. “I dunno, but I’m sure Ban-chan will have a fit when he comes back,” Ginji reached for a balloon and inflated it. “I think Ban would have a great surprise. He had never even remembered his own birthday,” Himiko smiled.

  “Okay big guy… where the hell are you taking me to?” Ban asked. Akapane stopped and fixed his hat. “Well, keep walking,” Akapane said in his mysterious voice. “I like your voice,” Ban slung his arms around Akapane’s shoulder. “It’s so… romantic,” Ban grinned. “I take that as a compliment,” Akapane grinned back.

  The guy in the black coat suddenly whistled a tune. “Hey, I know that song!” Ban exclaimed. “It’s from Gackt!” Akapane smiled. “Yeah! Mizerables!” Ban snapped his fingers.

  They started singing like two drunken boys laughing after each phrase. “You’re not so bad after all,” Ban nudged the guy. “You too, maybe because you’re going to be nineteen soon?” Akapane smiled.

  “Oh, am I?” Ban thought for a while. “Well it is my birthday tomorrow… but who cares?” He suddenly forced a laugh, expecting Akapane to laugh with him. But he didn’t.

  “What’s so funny?” Akapane asked. Ban looked at him. “You ask what’s funny? It’s the irony of having your lover busy somewhere else while you celebrate your birthday alone. It’s always had been like this. Since I was small,” Ban started. “Not even my parents remember my birthday so I kind of forgotten about it myself,” His voice was somber.

  Akapane tried to contain his laughter. It was fun torturing this boy.

  They went to the park and talked more while sitting on a swing. Mainly about the mysterious ways Akapane could keep those operative knives in his body.

  Then it was time. Akapane looked at his watch and smiled. 11.50. It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the café.

  “Come Ban,” he stood up. “Where to now?” Ban asked, following the tall guy. Akapane turned and smiled warmly. “To show you something that you would never forget,” he reached out to take Ban’s hand. Ban carefully placed his right hand in Akapane’s as he walked towards someplace.

  Again and again Akapane looked at his watch. When he saw the Honky Tonk café, it was 1 minute to midnight.

  He slowed his steps as he counted the time in his heart.





  Akapane opened the door as he pushed Ban gently in.

  White doves came out of a small hat and flew out the door.

  “Omedetou Otanjoubi Gozaimasu, Ban-kun!” Everyone cheered. Balloons, glitters and ribbons were everywhere. Party horns were played, resulting in a duck-like noise.

  Ban blinked. He was speechless. Ginji jumped forth and hugged the startled boy. “Happy birthday, Ban-chan,” Ginji whispered and he kissed the boy. Ban smiled as he wrapped his arms around Ginji. “Thank you,” he whispered back.

  More party horns were heard.

  “Light the cake! Light the cake!!” Ren shouted. “Cake?” Ban blinked. “Yep! A cake! Just for you!” Ginji nodded and pulled Ban as Himiko lifted the cover. A beautiful cake was displayed. “You sure this is edible? Looks too beautiful to be,” Ban smiled.

  “Ginji-san made it himself!” Kazuki told Ban. The boy looked at Ginji. “So this is why you hide yourself?” Ban asked, his tone was unfamiliar. Everyone was silent.

  Ginji nodded as he bit his lips.

  Ban smiled. “You’re so sweet!” he hugged the boy and hid a tear as it fell on Ginji’s neck resulting in a tangy feeling on his skin, Ginji blinked. “Ban-chan? Why are you crying?” Ginji asked. Ban wiped his eyes. “Cry? What cry?” he asked.

  “This is my first birthday party,” he said softly. “And I get to celebrate it with the one I love,” Ban smiled.

  “Yay!” someone cheered and claps were heard. “Candles! Candles!” Shido exclaimed. “Make a wish!” Hevn told him. Ban smiled and closed his eyes.

  Then he blew his candles. His first set of birthday candles.

  “Nice cake, Ginji!” Pore complimented him. “Yummy, beautiful!” Ban agreed. Everyone praised the nice cake made by Ginji. “Thanks to Natsumi who taught me,” Ginji smiled.

  It was a light party, everyone had fun, ate and drank. It was around 4 am when they all had to clean up.

  Hevn handed Ban a set of keys. “Go spend the weekend at the hotel,” she winked. “Consider it my birthday present for you,” she smiled. “Thanks,” Ban winked.

  “Get the presents, Ginji. We’re off to a baby honeymoon!” Ban laughed. “Yes, Ban-chan!” Ginji nodded as he followed the boy out with presents full in his arms.

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