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A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs



 Ginji looked at the papers and sighed. It had been quiet these days, too quiet in fact. He looked at his ice blended chocolate drink and found it empty. “Who drank my chocolate?” he asked.

  No one answered the poor blonde. He sighed and folded the papers back, putting it in front of him. He rested his chin on his arm and started to poke Wan Pore. “Ne, Pore-san… make me another chocolate, onegai…” he practically whined, childlike sweet and innocent.

  Pore nodded and smiled. “Sure, wait a sec,” he poured out some coffee and sent it to a customer.

  Natsumi nodded and smiled. “2 coffees, table 2 please!” She shouted. Pore nodded and poured more coffees as Natsumi handed it to the customers. Finally Pore got to do Ginji’s chocolate.

  “Where’s Ban?” Pore asked. Ginji pouted and shrugged. The boy had earlier sent him to the café and drove off without him. Ginji took out his wallet and opened it. He sighed and smiled dreamily at the content. "What're you looking at, Ginji-chan?” Natsumi asked, sitting next to him. Ginji showed her his wallet. Has a picture of Mitoban when he was younger.

  “Ban-san desu ka?” Natsumi asked. Ginji nodded his head. She smiled. The face was same, the only difference was the Mitoban in the picture had slightly fuller cheeks, and his hair wasn’t all up in a hedgehog fashion. “I want Ban-chan…” he suddenly whined.

  “Did I hear someone call my name?” a sweet alto asked. Ginji turned and smiled. “Ban-chan! Where have you been?” Ginji asked, reaching out to hold Mitoban’s hand. The spiky hair boy held his lover’s hand and sat next to him. “Bought you breakfast!” he grinned. “Honto ni!?” Ginji beamed. Mitoban nodded and placed the Toro in front of the blonde. Ginji hugged the boy and started on his breakfast.

  Then he remembered his dream…


  It was dark… Ginji turned around a few times to recognize the dark place to no avail. Finally there was light, small but growing. From the light came a figure… step by step inching towards him.

  “Dare da?” He called out. His face was slapped by cold harsh air; a very unwelcome feeling surrounded the atmosphere. Dark, cold, thick…

  The small figure turned out to be a young boy; his boyish features were highlighted by dim light. He had a blank expression on. Dead, ghostly electric blue eyes looked straight at Ginji.

  Ginji narrowed his eyes. This boy looked so familiar to him… who was it…?

  The boy opened his mouth, but no sound came out of it. He was talking to him. A silent conversation.

  Ginji narrowed his eyes and mimicked the movement of the boy’s lips…

  “Ai… shi… te… ru…?” Ginji blinked. Was it real that the boy was saying ‘I love you’ to him? Who was this boy?

  Ginji studied the face. Blue eyes… dark brown hair… “Ban-chan?” He guessed aloud. His voice echoed through out the place as if he was in a tunnel.

  The boy stopped talking silently and presented Ginji with a small smile as if to say ‘bingo!’

  “Ban-chan!” Ginji exclaimed and dropped to his knees to be eye-level with the boy. The boy who was attired in a loose overall opened his arms to reach out to Ginji.
  But suddenly the boy stopped just as he was about to reach Ginji’s waiting hand. “What’s wrong, Ban-chan? Come here!” Ginji uttered.

  The boy retraced his steps involuntarily. He shook his head slowly as tears welled up in his big blue eyes. His mouth uttered a small apology as he fell, facedown to earth.

  Ginji blinked as he realized that the boy was lying in a pool of blood. His own blood.

  “Ban-chan!!!” He shouted, trying to go to the boy. But there was this invisible barrier between them, preventing him from touching the lifeless boy. “K’so… Ban-chan!!! Get up!!! Get up!!!”

    “Ne… ne… okirun da yo, Ginji…” Mitoban slapped the boy a few time, gently as not to hurt the boy too much.

     Then there was another figure… it walked up to the supposedly dead figure of the boy and raised a gigantic axe.

  Ginji stared in horror as the axe fell at an incredulous speed towards the body.

  “YAMERO!!!!!!!” body-parts scattered around splashing blood everywhere as the figure axed the boy’s body into pieces…
  The smell of blood nauseated his nostrils, his eyes couldn’t see anything but blood…




  Ginji opened his brown eyes and was faced by a pair of sapphire gems looking at him with concern. “Daijobu ka?” Mitoban asked, blinking once at his lover.

  There was a moment of silence, just the sound of the heaving blonde waking up from a dreadful nightmare.

  Ginji’s eyes welled up with tears and hugged the surprised boy. “Ban-chan!!!! Thank god you’re alive!” He sobbed, clinging to Mitoban as if he would dear life.

  Mitoban shook his head. “It’s okay… it’s just a bad dream… Next time wash your face before going to sleep,” Mitoban kissed the boy’s neck. Ginji laughed at Mitoban’s morning joke and bit Mitoban’s neck, leaving a mark there. He looked at it and smiled. “Just to make sure you’re real,” he smiled. Mitoban ruffled his sunshine blonde hair and sat on the driver’s seat, starting the ignition.

  He left Ginji at the Honky Tonk café and sped off. “You stay here. I’ll be back,” Mitoban said as he wound back the window. “De… demo, Ban-chan!!! Doko iku n dai!???” but that little gray car of Mitoban had disappeared.

  End of flashback…

  Ginji’s chopsticks suddenly fell to the floor. “Ginji-kun… are you alright?” Mitoban asked. Ginji turned sharply to look at Mitoban and blinked. There, next to Mitoban was a small boy… an exact image of Mitoban but with chubbier cheeks and rounder eyes.

  That image…

  Ginji screamed as his mind replayed the scene of the boy lying lifelessly in his own pool of blood.

  “IYA!!!!!!” He shut his eyes with both his hands and shouted. The boy fell, back first to the floor.

  “Ginji!” Mitoban hugged the shaking figure. The blonde was delirious and hysterical.

  “B… body parts… all over… blood… noooOOOOOO!!!” the scream got horribly high pitched. A few customers had taken steps to leave the café.

  “Bring him to the back!” Pore told Mitoban. The boy nodded and picked up his bigger companion and headed towards the back where the washroom was.

  Mitoban locked the door and placed his chum on the floor and eyed his situation.

  “Ginji!” He called, or rather yelled.

  There was no response from the blonde other than the messy uttering of body parts and blood from the shivering lips of his.

  Mitoban walked over to the sink and filled a pail of water. He knelt down and took off Ginji’s green jacket, putting it on the counter. Then the white T-shirt followed.

  The spiky hair boy reached down to undo the shorts and left Ginji in his birthday suit trembling on the floor.

  He stood up and took the already full pail of water and washed it over Ginji, soaking him wet.

  Seeing no changes, he slapped the boy. Trying desperately to bring him back to his senses.

  Ginji reached up to his hurt cheeks and cupped them.

  He shook his head and clawed his face. Red lined were visible, slowly forming blood after his trail of nails.

  “Iya! No blood!!! Don’t kill him!!!” Was the answer, Mitoban frowned; his unconscious mind suddenly ordered his hand to reach out for Ginji’s tumescent rod, most probably being semi-erected in reaction to the cold water.

  As soon as Ginji felt warmth circling his manhood, he stopped shivering. His eyes looked up into Mitoban’s blue one. “Do you like this?” He asked, pumping the boy slowly. “No blood… please… don’t dissect him…” Ginji’s mouth uttered.

  Mitoban sighed and pumped harder, Ginji’s lips stopped trembling as he bit it. “Blood… scary… Ban-chan…” he cried. “I’m here baby… wake up…” Mitoban said, still pumping the now fully erected penis of Ginji.

  Ginji looked at Mitoban’s hand pumping his rod blankly. As if it had no effect on him, looking as if he was amused by the enlarging meat of his.

  Then the light flickered to a blackout. “IYA!!! Don’t kill him!!” Ginji shouted, releasing his seed unconsciously and lunged forward to embrace Mitoban in the dark. “K…kowai…i…” he said shakily but finally rested limp on Mitoban’s shoulder.

  Mitoban patted Ginji’s hair in the dark and got up. Just as he put Ginji on the counter, the light flickered back on. “Fuck,” he uttered, taking a towel from in the store of the washroom and wrapped it around Ginji. The blonde’s clothes were slung on his shoulder and he carried the boy out.

  “What happened? I heard shouts when I came in,” Hevn asked. The café was fully vacant now after the terrifying voice of Ginji practically bored holes through everyone’s eardrums. Natsumi was sitting quietly blinking.

  Mitoban place the towel-wrapped Ginji on the booth and felt his temperature. It felt high. “Help me put on his clothes. I’m bringing him to the doctor,” he told them. They all nodded and helped. “Do you have money?” Pore asked, knowing that they had just underwent another parking ticket. “Fuck the money! If they don’t treat Ginji, I’ll smash their faces until their mothers won’t recognize them and asked them to shit in their boots and eat it!” Boy, he was angry.

  This stunted Natsumi therefore she stopped slipping Ginji’s T-shirt and froze. Mitoban really scared her out of her wits now. Hevn nudged her lightly to remind her not to do anything that would even create the idea in Mitoban’s head that they’re not helping.
   They dressed Ginji up. Fast and quiet. Mitoban carried the boy in his arms and kissed his forehead. A high fever would result in a delusion, that’s what he learnt in Biology. “Don’t worry, Ginji… You’ll be alright,” he hissed, pushing Ginji inside his car.

  “I’m coming as well!” Hevn squeezed in the car, sitting in the back seat next to Ginji. She didn’t tell them that she was to pay for Ginji afterwards.

  Mitoban drove around the block to another stretch of streets; he jumped a red light and stopped right in front of the Central Medical Center. Hevn jumped out and popped coins into the parking meter, following Mitoban up the stairs.

  Mitoban almost looked crazy. Demented. The way he was walking past everyone was scary. It was as if he had killed Ginji and dragged him to hospital.

  “Get me the doctor!” He hissed at the receptionist. “Um, you need to fill this form and wait for your number to be…” her words hung limp in her tongue as she saw the threatening blue eyes. She silently picked up the intercom and waited a few seconds. When there was a pickup on the other side, “Dr. Kubo, are you free? There’s a patient here… yes… okay,” her eyes never left Mitoban and the guy in his arms. She put down the phone and blinked once. “Go head to room 332 over there. Dr. Kubo is waiting for you,” she uttered.

  But Mitoban was gone before he even heard the doctor’s name.

  Hevn appeared and smiled at the girl. “I’m with them… is there anything for me to fill?” she asked. The girl nodded and handed Hevn a piece of paper to fill in Ginji’s particulars.

  The door clicked open as Dr. Kubo looked at Mitoban, carrying someone in his arms.

  Ginji was laid on the bed and Dr. Kubo sighed after he saw the boy’s situation. “What happened?” he asked Mitoban reaching out to touch those deep red lines which were still emanating blood.

  He opened Ginji’s eyes and shone a tiny torch to it. Ginji’s temperature was taken and his ears were checked.

  “High fever,” the doctor uttered. Mitoban narrowed his eyes. But he felt that there was something more. “He’s delusional,” he uttered. “Delusional?” the doctor echoed.

  “He kept screaming about blood and something like that, I can’t figure it out,” Mitoban told the doctor. “You want him to see a shrink?” the doctor asked. Mitoban shrugged. “If that would help,” he uttered.

  “We need his family member to…” The doctor was cut off by Mitoban’s blatant words. “He’s an orphan,” he uttered. “How old is he?” the doctor asked. “18,” Mitoban answered. The doctor reached out to slap Ginji out of dreamland.

  Mitoban held his wrist; eyes gleaming with anger stopped his hand. “Don’t hurt him,” he uttered deadly. “Can you get him up then?” The doctor asked; hands still in his grip.

   “Not without him saying nonsense,” Mitoban uttered flatly. “Then you sign the form. State your relationship with him,” the doctor told Mitoban. He eyed the boy as Mitoban wrote ‘Friend’ on the paper and proceed to sign the paper.

  “Friend?” the doctor echoed. Then Mitoban looked at him. “You have a problem with that?” he asked. “I thought you’re his brother,” the doctor blinked. “He’s my lover. I don’t think that’ll be appropriate to be written here,” Mitoban glanced back at the paper. “Lover?” the doctor’s voice was getting more puzzled.

  Mitoban stopped and looked up again at the doctor. “Bloody shit! Why is it so hard for you guys to take it? I stuff my fucking dick up his ass and suck his dick! Got that?” Mitoban signed the paper and practically pushed it back towards Dr. Kubo. “So edgy,” the doctor smiled.

  He wrote some things on the back of the paper and handed it back to Mitoban. “Take it to Dr. Wakamaru. Room 455, upstairs. He’ll give your friend a test,” the doctor told him.

  Mitoban sighed and walked over to the bed, carrying Ginji. “You need a wheelchair?” The doctor asked. Mitoban shook his head and walked out the door with his limp lover in his arms.

  Hevn smiled. “Where to now?” she asked. “Up to see Dr. Wakamaru,” Mitoban uttered. Hevn nodded and patted Mitoban’s shoulder. I’ll go get some food. I bet Ginji’ll be hungry when he wakes up,” with that she went to the cafeteria on the other side.

  Mitoban knocked the door with his legs. “Come in,” a soft voice answered from inside.

  “A girl? I thought it was a he” Mitoban frowned, looked back at the paper and checked the room number. But it was right, room 455.

  “Wrong, a man,” the guy smiled. “Psychological trick. People tend to think you’re a girl instantly when you wear make-up and talk sweet, especially with long hair. Interesting psychological event, ne?” he told Mitoban. Mitoban grinned; he should have realized the flatness of his chest just now.

  The doctor was feminine in a way. Sweet, not so tall, slim, long straight hair. And on moree thing… he wore make up.

   Dr. Wakamaru gestured Mitoban to place Ginji on the bed. “Dr. Kubo called me and told me that your friend here has a problem,” he smiled.

  “He’s not crazy, just delusional because he has high fever,” Mitoban told him. “Sou da… then why send him up here?” he asked.

  “I want you to check why is he shouting about blood and nonsense like that."

  Dr, Wakamaru nodded and went over to a special bed where dangly wires were connected from the bed to a machine. “Get him over here,” he instructed.

  Once Ginji was on the bed, Dr. Wakamaru attached a few wires to his head and operated the machine.

  The sudden electric flow jerked Ginji. “Is it painful?” Mitoban asked the doctor. He shook his head. That’s just to get him out of dreamland, but not really conscious.

  “Going to talk to his unconscious mind then?” Mitoban asked. Dr. Wakamaru merely nodded and smiled. “What’s his name?” he asked. “Ginji,” Mitoban answered.

  “Ginji… can you hear me?” he asked. “Why are you killing Ban-chan?” was the weak answer. Mitoban frown. Who wanted to kill him? “Who is killing Ban-chan?” he asked, echoing Mitoban’s thought

  “I dunno… a dark figure… He killed my Ban-chan… I want my Ban-chan…” Ginji was crying. “Who is Ban-chan?” The doctor asked. “I love Ban-chan…” Ginji uttered.

  “How does your Ban-chan looks like?” the doctor asked. “He’s very nice, he’s handsome, he’s charming… but he likes to hit me… it hurts,” Ginji frowned in his subconscious state.

  Mitoban sighed. He felt guilty.

  “So, is Ban-chan bad?” the doctor asked. “No, Ban-chan is very nice… I love him… I don’t mind suffering as long as I’m with him,” Ginji was now smiling.

  Mitoban bit his lips. He had never known Ginji felt like that. He never knew Ginji held such strong feelings for him.

 “Can you remember what happened?” the doctor asked. “Blood… Ban-chan’s body parts… everywhere… I’m scared,” he said softly. “Would you be scared if Ban-chan was here?” the doctor asked again. “No, because then I know he’s not dead and I know he’ll protect me,” Ginji uttered.

  Before the doctor could utter another question, the blonde straightened up suddenly and shouted. “NO!! Shido!!!” His eyes were opened wide.

  “Ginji!” Mitoban hurried up and hugged the poor, shaking boy. Ginji opened his eyes as Mitoban held Ginji close to his heart. The boy listened to the steady rhythm of Mitoban’s heartbeat. “Ban-chan… you’re alive…,” Ginji hugged the boy back. “Of course I am. What makes you think I am not?” Mitoban tried to smile amidst his tears. Ginji looked up as he heard Mitoban’s muffled tear stained voice then a few drops of tears fell on his head. “Why are you crying Ban-chan?” Ginji asked. “I’m sorry Ginji,” Mitoban said as he cradled the boy’s head, crying onto his hair. “I promise I’m not going to hurt you anymore,” he hugged the boy. “Ban-chan…” Ginji smiled and returned the hug.

  The doctor blinked. How could the boy snap out of his hypnotic state without him giving the signal?

  Hevn smiled as both of them came out of the room. “How’s it going?” she asked. Mitoban hugged the boy from behind and rested his chin on the blonde’s shoulder. “Ginji had to take some fever medicines and I must be next to him 24 hours a day,” he grinned. “Yeah, if not I’ll have more seizures!” Ginji said, somewhat happily.

  Suddenly there were screams of pain hovering around the lobby of the hospital. Everyone turned to look. “Gods! Why are there so many injured people?” Hevn asked. Mitoban and Ginji frowned. These were not normal injured people. These are people involved in a gang fight. Hevn winced as she saw someone who was holding his amputated left hand with his still-attached right hand.

  “What happened?” Hevn asked. There were nearly 30 people coming in. Suddenly someone who passed by waved his hand at Ginji. “GINJI-SAMA! Tasukete!” Ginji saw that boy passed him. Then it occurred to him. “Damn! That was one of the boys in the Ura Shinjuku Gang! What happened!?” Ginji couldn’t help but take notice.

  He went up to the next boy who was coming in. This one had his eyes full of blood. “Boy, listen! I’m Amano Ginji! What happened?” he asked. “Ginji-sama!? Tasukete!” the boy cried, tears of blood flowed. “Come on boy! Tell me!” Ginji held the boy’s hand. “Kazuki-san! Kazuki-san!” The boy choked blood. “Where!?” Ginji demanded. But the boy was already in the Emergency Room.

  Ginji ran back to Mitoban. “Ban-chan! We have to find out where is this place!” Mitoban nodded. “Hevn, you go back first!” he ordered. “But!” Hevn insisted. “You don’t want to see gore right?” He widened his eyes. Hevn shook her head and sighed as the two boys headed out to get info from the ambulance.

  “Sir!” Ginji called. The ambulance guy looked at Ginji. “Where did you find these injured people?” he asked.

  “A few blocks from here, it’s behind the ‘Black Lane’ alley. They were still fighting when we left,” the guy told Ginji.

  Mitoban came with his car. “Come in Ginji!” He hollered. The boy jumped in and told Mitoban where it was.

  When they arrived, there were more dead people than surviving ones. Ginji’s eyes widened. “Blood…!” He uttered. His mind going in a wave of images. He turned around. Only the face of Mitoban could make him feel assured that his lover was still alive.

  He could see Kazuki in the distance. “Kaji-chan!” Ginji got out of the car and ran his way towards him. Kazuki turned around. His face was full of blood. His wires were everywhere.

  “Ginji-san!” he managed to croak, with a steady flow of blood coming out of his mouth.

  “Stop this!” he yelled, the sunshine blonde guy had electric current running around him like a scary aura.

  The other group still had a few people.

  Mitoban came by and stood next to Ginji, avoiding himself from stepping on a random hand. A guy from the other side looked at Mitoban and smiled. “I want him!” he pointed at Mitoban. The guy next to him nodded and disappeared.

  “Where did it go?” Ginji asked. Kazuki panted. “He has the power to be transparent! Watch out!” Kazuki turned around, panicked.

  “Fuck!” Suddenly Mitoban uttered and fell limp to the floor. “Ban-chan!” Ginji tried to stop his lover from falling to the ground but was kicked by and invisible force. “Damn!” he cursed as he saw Mitoban flew upwards. “Ban-san!” Kazuki called but could only grab Mitoban’s left shoe.

  The people on the other side laughed. “So much for helpers, ne?” he laughed inanely. “Where’s Ban-chan! Give him back to me!!” Ginji shouted, his face was a shade of red. Electricity could be felt like fire around him, corresponding to his anger.

  “No, Ginji-san!” Kazuki stopped him as Ginji shot a wave of current towards the guy. There was as if a force field protecting him and the current went neutral.

  “Thank you for your toy! We’ll see each other again!” The guy in red smiled as he threw a smoke bomb and disappeared with his 2 other allies.

  Ginji frowned in anger. “What do they want with Ban-chan?” he asked. Kazuki shook his head. “I dunno. It started with *cough* a small group if them attacking our kids then it became bigger and more violent. When I came here they were already killing each other and…” Kazuki choked more blood.

  Ginji hugged him. “It’s okay… We need to get something for you. I’ll get Hevn to help us,” Ginji supported Kazuki and they walked their way back to Honky Tonk café.

  The bell rang and Natsumi looked up. “Sorry but we’re closed… Ginji-chan? Kazuki-san?” She rushed towards them, helping Kazuki. Ginji rested him on the chair and got a basin of water and a towel. “Pore-san, get him some warm tea,” Ginji exclaimed, as he put the towel in  the water-filled basin and wiped off the blood on Kazuki’s face.

  Ginji took off Kazuki’s bloodstain shirt. His body was as beautiful as Mitoban’s. He wiped the blood on his torso and washed the blood in the basin of water. He repeated the process until Kazuki was clean before he applied medicine.

  After such, he leaned down to the steaming tea. Hevn was sitting in front of him and Ginji. “Where’s Ban-kun?” she asked.

  Ginji looked up at her. “Hevn-san. Mitoban was caught by an invisible guy,” he told her. She frowned. “What?” she blinked.

    The guy in the red cape smiled. He had gotten a guinea pig to test his new toy. He touched the contraption around the boy’s waist. Lithely, he pressed a green button and the lights twinkled 3 times as to assure that it was working in perfect condition before vanishing. The guy smiled at the invisible item and touched Mitoban’s smooth face.

“Send him back to the café. After 10 minutes, send 8 girls to the same café. Pay them good to flirt with this boy,” he grinned. “But, won’t that be a waste?” his shorter companion asked. The guy in the red cape shook his head. “No, no… I am in no mood to mess with that Raitei Amano Ginji. I’m just taking my revenge in a sweet way,” he smiled. “How?” his shadowed companion asked.

The guy flapped his red cape and laughed. “Let’s just say that the lover of Raitei Amano Ginji has changed paths… bwahahah!!!”

Mitoban opened his eyes and blinked. He couldn’t remember anything after being knocked by an invisible force. Now he was in front of the Honky Tonk café. He frowned but went in.

The first thing he saw was Hevn’s big breast turning around to greet him. “Ban-chan!” he could hear a voice exclaimed but he ignored it. “Hevn!” he exclaimed and ran towards her, hugging her; plummeting his face into her big breasts, nuzzling it like a kid.

Ginji’s jaw dropped, he was wordless. Mitoban didn’t only ignored his cry, but also hugged a girl nuzzling her breast like somekind of a hentai!

“HENTAI!!!” Hevn shouted and slapped the boy.

 Then the bells of the door rang. 8 beautiful bitchy girls came in, making tons of noise and halted when they saw Mitoban on the floor. “Kyaa!! Kawaii jann!!!” They exclaimed together and rushed over to help Mitoban up.

Mitoban blinked as the girls hugged him. Then suddenly he smiled. “Beautiful girls!” he exclaimed and devoured their kissing and fondling.

    Kazuki frowned. “Is that really Ban?” he asked. Ginji shook his head. “It’s not him! H… how could… Ban-chan!” He rushed over to push the girls away.

 Mitoban pouted at him. “What’s your problem?” he asked Ginji. “Ban-chan! How could you?” Ginji asked. “How could I what?” Mitoban asked. “How could you flirt with all these girls!?” he hugged the boy for himself.

 “Get away from me, you… you gay!” Mitoban shouted and pushed Ginji away. “Ouch, that hurts…” Kazuki turned around. Ginji frowned. “B… but, Ban-chan!” he whined.

Mitoban was already flying in 7th heaven with girls’ breast stuffing his face. Ginji suppressed his tear and ran out of the café.

Pore and Natsumi watched in horror. “What’s wrong with Ban-san?” Natsumi asked. Pore frowned. “Something I’m sure… tie him up!” Pore called as Hevn, Kazuki and Natsumi held the boy shooing the ladies away. Pore tied Mitoban up with a sturdy rope and stuffed his noisy mouth with a tablecloth.

“Go home, the shop’s close for the day,” Kazuki shooed the girls, forgetting the fact that there were still customers in the shop. He closed the door behind those protesting girls and sighed in relieve. “Girls…” he shuddered.

Ginji held his head. The image was back. He began to believe the dream. Mitoban died. ‘HIS’ Mitoban died into a person he didn’t know. “Ban-chan!!” he cried, wiping off the tears.

He felt lost; his heart, broken; his head, in pain.


Pore poured Mitoban’s face with water and he somehow managed to get the tablecloth out of his mouth. Mitoban shook his head violently and cursed animatedly. “What the fuck’re you doing?” He exclaimed. Shaking his head, trying to get the strands of hair out of his eyes and mouth to no avail.

Kazuki crouched in front of him, eye level. “You hurt Ginji-san’s heart you know that?” he asked pushing the annoying strands of hair out of Mitoban’s eyes and mouth. Hevn kept her distance from Mitoban. He was scary.

Mitoban looked at Kazuki. “Who’s this Ginji?” he asked. Kazuki frowned. Then he remembered something. Mitoban must’ve been brainwashed or something like that. That Seki (the guy with the red cape) is famous for his sick liking of weird toys that has to do with the brain.

He opened Mitoban’s shirt. “What’re you doing?” Hevn asked, Natsumi closed her eyes. “Oh, sorry… can you girls turn around for a sec? I wanna check Mitoban’s body. I know that bad guy, he likes to mess with people’s brain and it normally comes in a contraption worn on the body,” Kazuki grinned.

“Do it at your place… there’s still customers here,” Hevn frowned. Kazuki looked around and blinked. “Oh,” he said softly and he carried Mitoban on his shoulder. “Lemme down you fuck!” he shouted and struggled in the grip of Kazuki.

“See you guys later. If you see Ginji-san, tell him to come to my place!” Kazuki smiled, carrying the noisy bundle on his shoulder. “Wait!” Hevn stopped the boy. “What is it?” he asked. “Here, it’ll be less noisier,” she stuffed a tablecloth in Mitoban’s mouth.

Kazuki reached the door to his apartment and was having a hard time to open the door with a struggling burden on his shoulder. He finally put Mitoban aside.

Kazuki shook his head as he finally get the door open and dragged Mitoban in, locking the door behind him.

He carried the boy in his arms and put him on the sofa. “Mitoban, stop shouting. I’m letting go of the gag,” Kazuki smiled and pulled the cloth. Mitoban frowned. “What the fucking hell are you doing to me?” Mitoban asked. Kazuki sat next to Mitoban and sighed. “Listen, I’m going to search your body for that weird contraption of Seki’s,” Kazuki told him.

Mitoban frowned. “Are you really sure about this contraption thing?” he asked. “Yeah… maybe he’s turning you into a sex maniac. He knows you’re Ginji-san’s lover. So he might just take revenge this way cause he knew he’d lost if he was to against Ginji-san again."

“I am Ginji’s lover?” Mitoban asked. His face, disgusted. “Cheh! You didn’t have that on your face that day when you practically licked him like a Popsicle!” Kazuki pouted. Mitoban blushed. “I did?” he asked. Kazuki nodded. “It’s okay… you’ll be as fine as always when I get to disable that stupid contraption. Because you don’t want to loose Ginji-san, you went through a hard time getting his love and now he’s so in love with you,” he started to free Mitoban’s hands from the rope.

“Take off your clothes,” Kazuki told the boy. Mitoban frowned but followed as order. He didn’t fancy much the idea of his mind being messed around with idiots.

Mitoban stood stark naked in front of Kazuki. The boy marveled Mitoban’s body.

“There’s nothing…” Kazuki said softly. Then Mitoban remembered. “You remember the invisible force? Maybe this thing is invisible as well?” Mitoban asked. Kazuki shrugged. “Everything’s a possibility until we find the answer,” Kazuki nodded in agreement.

At first he hesitated to touch Mitoban’s body but he had to do it for Ginji’s sake.

Just as the tip of his fingers touched the smooth skin of Mitoban’s back he paused. Maybe it was true what Ginji told him. Mitoban was a sex god. And he was such a nice guy to Ginji before all this happened.

“What’re you waiting for? Search for that damn thing!” Mitoban frowned.

Kazuki ran his hands up Mitoban’s back, trying to feel anything abnormal than that smooth skin. “I can’t do it,” he finally took his hands off Mitoban’s body.

“Why?” Mitoban asked. “It’s you… you’re too beautiful,” Kazuki sat on the sofa closing his eyes. Mitoban frowned. “Me?” he asked. Kazuki looked at him. “Okay, I admit it… I’m sexually attracted to your body… now,” Kazuki sighed.

Mitoban thought. If he really had Ginji as a lover, he wanted to keep it that way. But this mind meddling thing was making the feeling disappear and he didn’t want that. If having sex with Kazuki would help him get back those feeling, he would risk it.

“Would it help if I let you do what you want to me?” Mitoban asked. Kazuki looked up at Mitoban a blinked. “No! I mean… I can’t!” He shook his head. Mitoban frowned. “Why is that?” he asked. “You’re Ginji-san’s lover… I couldn’t possibly do that even though I want to! I… I just can’t!” he reasoned.

“But if you let me be this way, I’ll continue to hurt your Ginji-san and that’s worse. We’ll keep it between us,” Mitoban promised, still standing. “Can I sit now?” he asked. Kazuki nodded.

“Now you can find the thing while touching me,” Mitoban smiled. Kazuki looked at Mitoban’s pretty face. :… Maybe just once …: he decided in him and reached up to kiss Mitoban’s mouth. Mitoban’s hand went under Kazuki’s shirt and the boy embraced Mitoban’s neck. “Damn I feel guilty,” he let go of Mitoban and panted.

Mitoban smiled. “It’s okay… is that enough for you to take your mind off my body?” Mitoban asked. Kazuki nodded then looked up at Mitoban’s face. “Can you do me a favor?” he asked. “What is it?” Mitoban asked. “After this is over, can I watch you two?” Kazuki asked. “Watch both of us what?” Mitoban blinked.

“I want to see your body in action with Ginji-san’s,” he looked down on the floor. Mitoban frowned. That meant he was going to be and exhibitionist! Sounds exciting but…

“I don’t know if Ginji will go for it, but it’s okay for me,” Mitoban smiled. Kazuki nodded and tried to focus on something else while searching for the thing on Mitoban’s body.

Then he felt it. It was just inside the navel, secured by a skin-like strap. “It’s here! It’s here, Ban-san!” Kazuki exclaimed, trying to take the thing out of his navel.

He could feel it but couldn’t see it. “Scissors!” Kazuki exclaimed and ran to the kitchen to take a pair of multi purpose scissors. He came back and held the invisible strap in his hand. “Let’s see if this is it,” Kazuki put the scissors in place and snapped it.

Instantly a strap and a small contraption materialize in his hand. “Yatta!” he smiled.

Mitoban felt his head in pain and then he was unconscious.

Kazuki smiled. “Sleep tight Ban-san,” he put back on his trousers and shirt, covering the boy with a blanket.

He was just about to go to bed when his doorbell rang. He rushed to the door and opened it. “Ginji-san,” he smiled. “Hevn told me that you might have an answer to Ban-chan’s attitude,” he said with a solemn face. Kazuki nodded. “I found that little bastard. It was a contraption for making Mitoban’s brain register an unfamiliar wave that translates to make him a heterosexual,” Kazuki shut the door behind them.

“Sou da…” Ginji sighed. “It’s okay Ginji-san… that was Ban-san just now. He just slept off after I found that thing. Let him rest his head for a while,” Kazuki smiled.

Ginji looked at Mitoban sleeping on the sofa. “I’ll get a blanket for you so you can stay here,” Kazuki said and disappear into the room to get another blanket.

Ginji knelt next to the sleeping figure and kissed him. “Oyasumi Ban-chan,” he closed his eyes and held Mitoban’s hand while he slept off.

Kazuki smiled. Ginji loved Mitoban so much that he felt good that he didn’t have sex with Mitoban.

Mitoban’s eyes snapped open. He looked around and frowned. He was in an unfamiliar place. The boy was just about to trash everything when he remembered that he was in Kazuki’s place. It was 3 a.m. Or so says the clock. Then he felt that his hand was gripped. He looked down and saw Ginji holding his hand, sleeping on the floor.

“Poor baby,” Mitoban sighed and scooped the heavy boy up. Ginji opened his eyes. “Ban-chan?” he asked. Mitoban smiled. “Ban-chan at your service, my baby,” Mitoban nuzzled the boy’s neck.

“Ban-chan!!” Ginji hugged the boy. “You’re back!” he cried tears of joy. Mitoban nodded. “I’m sorry for what I did, boy I was mean,” Mitoban sighed. Ginji shook his head. “It’s okay… Hevn told me… it was that Seki guy… I’m going to k…” Mitoban quickly put a finger on Ginji’s lips. “Shh… it’s over Ginji… that’s what important… you’re the one who says that everyone should be given and second chance…” Mitoban smiled. “But… what he did was… was…” Ginji whined.

Mitoban smiled. “Okay. If it makes you any better, we’ll find this Seki guy and give him a Jagan. Is it okay?” Mitoban coaxed the boy. Ginji nodded. “I miss you so much, Ban-chan… I thought you’d be gone forever…” Ginji cuddled close to his lover, missing his scent, missing his warmth.

“Thanks to Kazuki,” Mitoban smiled. Ginji nodded. “We can buy him something to thank him,” Ginji hugged Mitoban and smiled. “Emm… we’ll I promised him something already,” Mitoban scratched his head.

Ginji widened his eyes. “What was it, Ban-chan?” he asked. “Emm… he wanted to see both of us…” Mitoban trailed off. “Both of us?” Ginji pondered aloud. Mitoban nodded. “Both of us…” he repeated.

“Ban-chan… both of us what?” Ginji asked. Mitoban leaned closer to Ginji’s ears.

“Ban-chan!! But… but that’s… that’s… NO!” Ginji shook his head. “Ginji… it’ll be fun… just imagine… someone watching us…” Ginji frowned. “You sure?” Ginji asked. Mitoban nodded.

“But I want to do it now… I miss you so much,” Ginji licked Mitoban’s neck, inhaling it’s scent of fading cologne. “Go wake Kazuki up,” Mitoban urged Ginji. “I think he’s sleeping,” Ginji stood up. “Just knock and tell him,” Mitoban winked at the boy. Ginji smiled.

He walked over to the room and knocked on Kazuki’s door. “Ne, Kaji-chan! Okirun da yo!” Ginji knocked on the door. Mitoban came and hugged his middle licking the nape of his neck, scraping the skin lightly with his teeth.

Kazuki opened his eyes and pushed away the stray strands of his hair out of his face. “Nani o?” he answered sleepily, reaching out to switch on the bed lamp. “Open the door,” Ginji said. “Chotto,” Kazuki scrambled out of the bed and reached for the door.

His eyes instantly widened up when he saw Mitoban sucking and biting hungrily on Ginji’s neck. He was stunt. “I thoughtk Ban-chan promised you something…” Ginji smiled. Kazuki blushed. “I… I…” he was cut by Mitoban. “Is that bed occupied?” he asked as he pushed Ginji inside, pinning the blonde on the bed. Kazuki blinked as he stood firmly in front of the door the door.

“You’re going to stay there and watch or join in?” Mitoban asked. “Ban-chan!” Ginji widened his eyes. “Shh…” Mitoban put a finger on Ginji’s mouth. Kazuki blinked but his legs carried him towards the foot of the bed.

“Kazuki wants to see Ginji have sex with Ban. It’s impossible to watch and do nothing, rite?” Mitoban reasoned. “But Kaji-chan… he’s straight!” Ginji protested. “He is?” Mitoban asked, sarcasm thick in his voice looking at Kazuki.

The boy with long black hair bit his lips. Mitoban let him be alone and got started on taking off Ginji’s jacket, then his T-shirt. “What about it, Kazuki?” Mitoban asked as he unzipped Ginji’s pants.

Cold sweat appeared on Kazuki’s forehead. “You still a heterosexual guy?” Mitoban asked as he flung off Ginji’s pants, revealing his lover stark naked under him.

Kazuki shook his head. “No! I never… never liked girls. They’re…” he tried to reason but Mitoban pulled him close and kissed him. “You want this do you?” he whispered in Kazuki’s ears. Kazuki nodded. “I want both of you… please…” His face was red.

Ginji smiled. He might just enjoy doing his old friend. It made him more comfortable to know that he knew Kazuki for a long time. Since Kazuki was sleeping with only a t-shirt and underwear, Ginji pulled off the small piece of undergarment and licked the semi-erected rod of Kazuki’s.

“Gods!” Kazuki groaned in between Mitoban’s kisses. The warmth that just encircled his rod was wonderful with Mitoban’s kissing. He had never felt so light before.

Kazuki clumsily tried to unbutton Mitoban’s shirt. The boy giggled and helped him. Kazuki run his hands all over Mitoban’s torso as Ginji sucked his penis in a steady rhythm.

Kazuki left Mitoban’s mouth as he licked his jaw and down to his neck, biting his skin but careful not to leave marks because he was still conscious that Mitoban was Ginji’s and only his.

Mitoban smiled as the boy licked his body like a kid licking a popsicle on a hot day. He reached down to hold Ginji’s erected rod. Ginji paused his sucking when Mitoban jerked his rod then he resumed. Finally Mitoban paid attention to his rod.

As Kazuki leaned lower, he opened Mitoban’s zipper and lipped off his trousers. The erected manhood of his gleamed against the dim light. :… Even his penis is beautiful …: Kazuki thought as he experimented on licking the tip, which already emitted a pearl of semen.

Mitoban being provided freedom, reached down to engulf Ginji’s rod with his own mouth, encircling the hard member of Ginji that he missed so very much professionally. Ginji couldn’t help but groan and moan as Mitoban gave him deep throats. “Gods, Ban-chan…” he cried.

Kazuki licked the rod and finally sucked it whole after hearing the moans of Ginji when Mitoban sucked him.

Then he felt it, the electric impulses urging his gurgling balls to shoot as he exclaimed. “I’m coming!!” Kazuki shouted as he spurted a steady stream of semen into Ginji’s mouth.

“Don’t eat it!” Mitoban exclaimed as Ginji left the still spurting rod of Kazuki. “Lie down and spread your legs Ginji, Kazuki, shoot it in front of his entrance,” Mitoban ordered.

Kazuki patiently waited for Ginji to spread his legs. The sight of those shy blonde hair on the base of Ginji’s erected rod was making his mind crazy as he continued to spurt his load in front of Ginji’s puckered hole. Mitoban took the slippery semen and lubed the entrance of Ginji’s hole.

“Now you get what you asked for, Kazuki,” Mitoban smiled as he placed his own member in front of Ginji’s waiting hole. Mitoban pushed the tip in and Ginji emitted a sweet cry. “Baby… I miss you so very much…” Mitoban said as he plunged full into the tunnel, exclaiming a cry of pain himself as the tight hole pulled his own skin back. But the beautiful sight of his lover, bare and naked under his command soon covered it, and the excitement of knowing that someone was watching made him crazy.

“Baby, I love you,” he started pumping into the boy as he fell on Ginji, supported by his arms but still pounding steadily. Kazuki bit his lips. The sight of Mitoban’s slick body moving in the beat of the most ancient dance of all time, made him groan as he pumped his own rod to life. The sweat gleamed against Mitoban’s skin and made him glitter as the sex god licked and kissed his lover like a fox in heat.

“Ban-chan!!” Ginji cried as the feel of Mitoban’s hard abdomen rubbed against his manhood, it felt divine and mind exploding.

Mitoban shut his lover up by kissing him, sedating the hunger he had for his blonde lover. “Baby I love you!” He confessed before shooting his steady load into Ginji. The blonde opened his eyes as the feeling of warm semen flooding his inner self, driving him crazy as he shoot his load right on Mitoban’s stomach.

Ginji panted and leaned on Mitoban as the boy fell next to him. “Kazuki,” Mitoban called. The boy had just shot his own load by masturbating. “Lick,” Mitoban pointed at his stomach and Ginji’s.

Kazuki blinked and before he knew it, he was already kneeling in between Mitoban’s legs, licking Ginji’s seed off Mitoban’s stomach. After making sure Mitoban’s stomach was cleaned, he moved to Ginji’s stomach, unconsciously rubbing his limp member on Mitoban’s stomach. That was enough to make Mitoban grab Kazuki’s rod and pump it. Kazuki bit his lips, Mitoban’s hand was like a warm tight tunnel.

“Keep licking Ginji and make him happy. I’ll do a favor for you,” Mitoban smiled. Kazuki nodded and licked all parts of Ginji while Mitoban moved below him and sucked on his dick. “Ginji-san!” Kazuki cried as Mitoban used his skills to repay the boy’s favor.

Kazuki came for the third time that night, thanks to Mitoban. “Satisfied?” Mitoban asked as the three of them laid limp on the bed. Kazuki bit his lips again. He was blushing profusely.

“You don’t have to answer. Your body says it all,” Mitoban smiled as he kissed Kazuki’s cheek. “Oyasumi,” he turned around and spooned Ginji. Kazuki blinked. He had never expected to be done so by Mitoban. He turned around and smiled, covering them with blanket.

“Oyasumi,” he uttered.

Okay… I dunno why it ended so… lemony… hehehe… Gomen ne… my brain must’ve deceived me again. It promised to stop writing lemons!!! Bwahaha… sorry if you didn’t like it… but if you didn’t like it, you can’t be reading this already right? Hehe… Ja!


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