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small dose of yaoi...

A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

Loving You Means More than Just That

Emishi hit Shido on his back and stood up, alerting everyone in the café. “You mean you’re staying with a girl now?” he asked. Shido looked around and smiled nervously, pulling Emishi back to his seat. “Shut up will ya? Everyone will know!” Shido gritted his teeth.

  “With Emishi, you can guarantee the news spreads evenly around,” Ginji laughed lightly. “Tell a soul a word and I’ll have you as my pets’ breakfast,” Shido smirked. Emishi jumped off his seat and hugged Ban from the back. “Yo snaky! Do you know that Shido is living with a girl?” Emishi asked.

Ban sighed and pushed the boy away. “Mind your own business Joker. I’m trying to work here,” Ban uttered as he put another bell on the Christmas tree. Ginji handed him a gingerbread man and he paused. “Why does this thing look like me? Who did the cookies?” Ban looked around.

“Haha… I thought it would be a nice decoration!” Natsumi giggled. “Yeah, we can just take Ban off the tree and eat his head off,” Emishi did as what he said and was rewarded by Ban’s elbow on his nose.

“Gyaah! Itai!” Emishi covered his wounded nose.

Ren laughed at them as she helped put the crystal balls. “Where is Kazuki-san?” Pore asked. “Kazu-chan? Oh, he went with Kakei to get some Christmas presents. Why?” Ginji asked as he handed Ban the angel. “Oh, nothing… he owes me yesterday’s lunch money,” Pore turned and returned to his cash register.

“I thought Kakei paid for it?” Emishi pondered aloud. He remembered Kakei paying double yesterday. “He did? Oh yeah… no wonder there’s some unidentified extra cash here,” Pore smirked.

“Hn! Christmas shopping,” Ban snorted. “From the way Kazuki was asking Jyubé, I’d say the undertone was “Would you marry me?” Ban laughed alone. “Eh… that’s not funny,” Emishi came and hugged Ban from the back again. “I’d say that Kazuki is indeed a romantic person. I don’t mind if he likes Kakei. Kakei-chan is so gullible when it comes to lovers,” Emishi laughed. Ban pushed him away. “Stop hugging me!” he complained and pulled Ginji towards him. “You stand here Ginji. I’m putting the star on top,” he told the boy. Ginji nodded and held Ban’s leg as he climbed on his shoulders.

Ren was quiet. She sighed to herself and blinked. The people of Volts are always grouped among themselves. Only Ban was cool enough to sneak his way through and stand next to the Raitei. But she…

But she agreed with Ban. Maybe Kazuki didn’t like her like what she wanted. Maybe he just thought her as a sister. But the way he asked Kakei was so…


Hevn brought in Kazuki into the café. Most of them were in there. “Hevn, did you by any chance wanted to turn Kazuki into a girl?” Emishi asked. Hevn giggled. “Well, I was on my way to the hairdresser when I saw him. So I thought I’d bring him along and fix his long hair,” Hevn smiled.

Kazuki’s hair was so straight and shiny that not a strand ran out of place. His face was soft and smooth; eyelashes curled, lips pinkish and most of all, he smelled like a flower shop.

“I think your hairdresser did more than just fix his hair,” Shido smirked. “Well, I think he looks nice,” Hevn shrugged. “What do you think?” she asked everyone. Ban nodded. “I’d take him out for a date,” he smiled. “What about me?” Ginji asked. “You? Well, you can help Pore wash some dishes so we could settle some of the debts,” Ban pulled his golden hair lover close.

Emishi drooled, rather funnily. “I’d say he looks decent and sensuous. What about you, Kakei?” the boy hid his expression behind his jacket as he sat next to Emishi. Even though his mouth was hidden, his cheeks were seriously burned by embarrassment. He knew it, the tone in Emishi’s voice. Emishi nudged Kakei. “Come ‘on Kakei, tell Kazuki how cute he is… go on,” Emishi coaxed.

Kakei bit his lips and turned around, sipping his hot chocolate.

“I think you look beautiful, Kazuki-san,” Ren smiled. She spoke from her heart. She really thought Kazuki was beautiful. Really beautiful.

Hevn handed Ginji a bag. “The Christmas tree ornaments are inside. You do the decorating,” Hevn shoved the bag to him and Ban. “Ah, I need to do some shopping,” Kazuki smiled. “Can I come with you?” Emishi asked. “No, everyone will ran in terror,” Kazuki uttered as he walked towards Kakei.

“You going anywhere afterwards?” Kazuki asked. Kakei shook his head. Kazuki smiled, his shiny pink lips were innocently seducing the poor boy. “Help me do some Christmas shopping?” he asked. Kakei nodded. “Sure,” he uttered as he took Kazuki’s offered hand.

He paused. Kazuki’s fingers were soft, like a girl’s, like he used to feel like. Well, he was after all born in a silver spoon. His skin was pampered and taken care of when he was small. This was the first time he had ever held his hand since they were kids. They still felt as soft as ever. Kakei blushed again.

“Can we go now? I don’t want to reach there late and let everyone else grab the nice things,” Kazuki smiled, his eyes sparkled like gems.

“I want a pair of new sunglasses!” Emishi hollered after them. “Buy it yourself,” Kakei pouted at him as he went out.

End of flashback…

Ren sighed. Kazuki didn’t even acknowledge her. “Yo, gal! What’re you dreaming about? Get me that crystal,” Ban waved in front of Ren’s eyes. “Eh? Oh… sorry,” she clumsily took a few crystal balls and handed it to Ban.

All the sexy guys around were already taken. Ren sighed. Ginji had already taken Ban; that reminded her of her catching Ban and Ginji making out in the washroom yesterday. They were too occupied with each other to realize that she was there and she was too dazed to move away. She could still remember Ginji’s hands running wildly around Ban’s smooth back.

“Ren-kun! Nani yatten da? Get me the last balls,” Ban snapped her out of her dreamland. “Oh,” Ren handed Ban the last of the crystal balls.

Kakei had taken Kazuki. Or was it Kazuki was trying to court Kakei? Ren sighed again. She stood up and walked silently to the washroom. She opened the tap and splashed some water to her face. She then looked into the mirror. Was Kakei better looking than her? Was Kakei nicer than her?

“Yo gurl! You left your body outside there and came here,” a voice spoke. Ren turned around and blinked. It was Ban. “I did?” her eyes were big. “Don’t be dumb. I was just joking. So what’s bothering you?” Ban asked, walking over to the other side of the room and undid his pants.

“Nothing,” Ren uttered, her face furiously blushing. She accidentally gazed over the mirror and saw Ban’s manhood. It was large. God’s Ginji was lucky.

“Mind all of them. If you still want Kazuki, you can try,” Ban smiled as he redid his pants. Ren blinked. How did he…

“But… Kakei…” Ren uttered slowly. Ban walked to the sink near to Ren and smiled. “You can try talk to him, have a decent competition or you can just cross the path,” Ban shrugged, wetting his face.

“But I think Kazuki-san is the one who likes Kakei,” Ren sighed. Ban turned to her and lowered himself a little as to be the same level as Ren. “You’ll never know until you try,” Ban smiled and kissed the girl on the forehead.

“He treats me exactly like you do! Like a kid!” Ren suddenly exclaimed. Ban blinked. He then tipped Ren’s chin upwards and looked deep into her eyes. “Then prove to him that you’re not!” Ban uttered and walked away. He paused when he reached the door. “I didn’t fall in love with Ginji instantly. I fought till the line of death with him till I realized that he was something special, that he was someone I longed for, someone I love…” Ban opened the door and left the girl alone.

Ren sighed. “Prove to him that I’m not a kid?” Ren asked herself. She smiled. “Kakei, you and me are going to have a decent match!” She walked out of the washroom.

Surprisingly, Kazuki and Kakei had returned. “Ah, Ren-kun! I bought some chocolates for you!” Kazuki called the boy. “No thanks. Chocolates are for kids,” Ren said proudly, even though she loves chocolates. “Oh… is it? Well, I like them. Maybe I am still a kid,” he smiled and opened the wrapper. He took one and offered the rest to everyone else.

Emishi of course took most of it.

“Em, everyone? Madoka’s having a Christmas party this eve. So everyone’s invited. And she said to come in partner’s; whatever it means,” Shido told them all. “Cool!” They all cheered. “Natsumi-chan! Come with me!” Ginji cooed. “Sure, go with Natsumi! I’m going with Kazuki… or even Emishi!” Ben exclaimed sarcastically. “You would!?” Emishi’s eyes were round.

“Hn! Not even if you’re the last person alive in this whole universe,” Ban mocked. Emishi pouted. “It means you come with someone special,” Hevn smiled. “And I’m going with Pore. I prefer matured men,” Hevn smirked.
Ginji hugged Ban’s middle. “Promise me you’d go with me,” Ginji pouted. Ban smiled. “Sure baby. Who else would go with me?” Ban laughed. “I’m sure I won’t. I’d rather go alone,” Himiko smirked. Ban pouted at her. “I was trying to be romantic with Ginji, mind your own business,” Ban uttered. Himiko shrugged. “Didn’t hurt to try and irritate you, haha!” she smirked.

“Can’t we go alone?” Akapane asked. Shido shrugged. “It won’t be fun then. “I’d go with you,” Natsumi smiled. Akapane nodded. “Thanks,” he smiled.

Emishi nudged Himiko. “So it leaves the two of us,” he raised his brows. Himiko turned around. “Oh puh-leese…” she walked away. “I’d find someone by the road to go, thank you,” she walked out of the café.

“Oh Ban… go with me… go with me,” Emishi hugged the boy. “No!” Ginji pouted. “Ban!” Emishi exclaimed, holding to the boy. “Ban-chan!” Ginji hugged Ban’s middle tighter.

“Hey! Stop it will ya? Fight again and you two can go with each other,” Ban frowned. “I don’t mind Ginji-san!” Emishi smiled. “But I mind! Ban-chan!!” Ginji buried his face into Ban’s chest. “Oh, we can go together, come on, come on Ginji-san!” he tickled the poor boy.

“Emishi…! Stop teasing Ginji!” Ban exploded. He left both behind and walked away. “Wow… Ban-kun’s angry…” Hevn blinked.

“I bought a new white tuxedo!” Kazuki exclaimed. “Tuxedo? Whatever for?” Ban asked. Shido smiled. “It’s formal,” he smirked. “You mean, we can’t come in these?” he showed his own attires.

Everyone shook their head. “I don’t have one,” he said smugly. “Me neither,” Ginji sighed as sat on the chair. “I have one,” Pore smiled. “Akapane can loose his hat,” Hevn said.

“Madoka gave me one already,” Shido smiled. “I think I have one,” Emishi sat next to Akapane and leaned on him.

“You don’t mind do you?” Emishi asked Akapane. Akapane smiled. “As long as I’m not bored and thinking that killing you is the best idea,” he smirked. “Oh, okay,” Emishi nodded and resumed leaning on the tall guy.

“What about you, Kakei?” Kazuki asked. He shook his head. “I don’t know who this Madoka is, I don’t think I’m going. Besides I don’t have a tuxedo,” he smiled. “Oh come on. Madoka’s Shido’s future wife! She’s one of us!” Emishi said. “Yeah, she’s a nice girl. We can get another tuxedo for you!” Kazuki held Kakei’s arm. Then he let go; a blush was on his face. “Gomen ne,” he uttered softly.

“It’s okay… he reached out to squeeze Kazuki’s hand secretly.

Ban pouted. “Looks like it’s only Ginji and myself who doesn’t seem to have a decent thing to wear,” Ban muttered. “Well, if I didn’t have one, I’d play in the circus to get the money. But I forgot, you can’t control animals,” Shido smirked. “Oh, shut up Monkey-trainer!” Ban snapped.

“Come Ginji,” Ban gestured. “Where to?” Ginji asked. “Do you want to go to the party?” Ban asked. Ginji nodded. “Then come,” he walked out of the café. “I’m sure they’re up to no good,” Shido smirked. “Shido… Don’t say such…” Kazuki said. “You know what? By the looks of it, I don’t think the snake is actually as poor as you people think,” Emishi pondered aloud.

“Why do you say that?” Shido asked. “Because… even though I don’t know much about him, he looks brainy and he spends like anything. He must have a rich childhood. Look at Kazuki for example,” Emishi reasoned. “You trying to say that Kazuki’s spending like a brat?” Kakei finally spoke.

“Eh, not like that… I just want to make an example,” Emishi giggled.

“I just knew he ran from home,” Hevn shrugged.

Ban sped through the highway. It was already dark by the time Ban slowed down and turned into a junction. “Where are you going, Ban-chan?” Ginji asked. Ban didn’t answer him, but to just turn into a few more junctions. Ginji had never been to this part of Tokyo before. There were all sort of big bungalows in this area. Ban finally stopped in front of a big bungalow. “Are you going to break in into these houses and steal tuxedos?” Ginji asked. “No,” Ban finally answered as he peered into the gate.

There were two cars in the compound. He looked at his watch and smiled. He ran into the car and gestured Ginji to come out. “Follow me, and be quiet,” he whispered. Ginji frowned, but followed suit anyway. He really thought that Ban was going to break in into the bungalow.

He followed the boy around to the back yard where he opened the gate silently. “Ban-chan… you’re not going to break-in this house, are you?” Ginji asked in an anxious whisper.

“Of course not,” he answered calmly as he peered into the kitchen. There was a middle-age lady around her forties dining alone in the dining-hall with three servants watching over her.

Ban crawled over to the other side and looked at the 3rd floor window. “You see the window up there? Climb up this pipe and go in through that window,” Ban told Ginji. “But Ban-chan… I don’t want to break into people’s home!” Ginji exclaimed in a whisper.

“Just follow me! You trust me, don’t you?” Ban asked. Ginji nodded and let Ban kissed his forehead before he climbed up the pipe. Ginji took a deep sigh and climbed up after him.

Ban pushed open the window and slid in. It was dark. He made his way to the door and made sure it was locked before turning around and reached out to pull Ginji in.

Ginji fell on to Ban and Ban held him close, not moving a muscle. Ginji hugged Ban tighter. “Ban-chan… why did you break in into this house?” he asked. “We didn’t break in,” Ban insisted as he let go of Ginji slowly. He walked over to the other end of the room and switched on the lights.

“This is my room.”

Ginji blinked. As light filled the room with its luscious brilliance, he could see everything in the room. There was Ban’s picture when he was younger; posters everywhere, books neatly on the shelves, computer, TV, hi-fi, a big king-sized bed and a neat table made out of glass by the side.

“Ban-chan…” Ginji uttered. Ban sat on his bed and smiled. The maid still came and clean the place even though he hadn’t came back for quite some time.

Ginji still stood at the same place as he did from just now and admired everything in the room from his place. “Three doors in a room,” Ginji said softly. “Oh the one near the window is the bathroom. The one next to it is the closet. That one is the door to go out. But I locked it,” Ban smiled.

“Why did you run away?” Ginji asked. “My father hates me. He said that I was a son of a demon, that’s why I have my Jagan. I couldn’t stand it so after high school I ran away,” Ban smiled. But his features showed sorrow.

“Aww… Ban-chan…” he said softly, soothing the boy with a light kiss and a warm embrace from the heart.

Ginji frowned. “So the lady down there just now was…” Ban smiled. “Yup, she’s my mother,” he smiled. “I think my father went for another business trip. So he’s not around,” Ban laid on his bed, sprawled like an animal.

“Yo, Gin-chan… don’t just stand there… come here,” Ban gestured the boy and made space for him to seat. Ginji nodded and sat next to Ban. But just as he sat, he felt like floating in water.

“Wha… a water bed?” Ginji asked. Ban nodded. “My 15th birthday present,” he smiled. “Don’t worry, it’s really sturdy,” Ban turned around and pushed Ginji, pinning him on the bed.

“How did you know that?” Ginji asked. “Oh, I fucked my cousin on my 16th birthday,” Ban laughed. “Oh,” Ginji nodded. “Don’t worry. He’s married now,” Ban smirked. “A he?” Ginji asked. Ban nodded. “Yeah, he was 24 then,” Ban smiled. “Aha…” Ginji smiled and shivered as Ban licked his neck.

Ginji opened his eyes when he heard the sound of running water. He wanted to check what was it, but the bed was too comfortable. It was his first time to sleep in such a luxurious bed. “Ban-chan?” he called softly. But there was no answer. He turned around and found no one next to him.

Ban must be in the bathroom, he decided. Ginji slid on his white t-shirt and walked up towards the bathroom. He opened the door and found a rough shadow behind the shower glass. He could make out Ban’s figure through the glass. It was beautiful, and such a beautiful body just for him. He then observed the surroundings. The walls were made of dark blue tiles with flower carvings in the middle; it was really luxurious. “Ban-chan?” he called. “What is it?” Ban asked as he shut the water. He slid open the glass and smiled.

Ban reached out his hand. “Take off your shirt and come in,” Ban told the boy. Ginji did what he was told and stepped into the shower. Ban slid the glass door shut and opened the shower. Warm water spilled on Ginji’s body relaxing his every muscle. This was his first time washing up with warm water. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth.

Ban pumped some shower gel on a sponge and worked it around Ginji’s body. He bathed the boy carefully as he let the warm water wash away the suds. He hugged the boy from behind and kissed the nape of Ginji’s neck. It was so nice that Ban was being sweet and romantic to him.

Later, Ban walked over to the closet door and opened it. He switched on the light and looked around. “Gin-chan… do you think you’d fit in this?” Ban asked as he took out a baby blue tuxedo. Ginji walked over to the closet and blinked. Ban had more clothes than anyone he’d ever seen in his life. “Or would you prefer the yellow one?” Ban pointed at a yellow tuxedo. “It’s okay with me,” Ginji smiled. “I think I like you better in blue,” Ban shoved the attire to Ginji. “Go try it,” Ban smiled. Ginji nodded and took the tuxedo with him and put it on the bed. Ban took a black tuxedo and shut the closet door after him.

He watched Ginji dress in into the tux. “You never wore a tuxedo?” Ban guessed by the way and time Ginji was taking to wear the attire. Ginji shook his head. Ban walked up to him and helped the boy.

Finally when everything was fine, Ban pushed Ginji into the closet and let him look at himself in the big full-length mirror. “You like it?” Ban asked. Ginji nodded. “Cool! You are wearing that one then,” Ban smiled and kissed Ginji’s cheek.

Ginji then took off the tuxedo and wore back his usual attire. Ban put the tuxedos in a tuxedo carrier and smiled. “Come, let’s go,” he told Ginji. “You don’t want to see your mother?” Ginji asked. “I saw her,” he uttered and walked over to the window. “You go first,” he told Ginji. Ginji nodded and climbed down the pipe. Once he was on the ground, Ban threw him the tuxedos.

He then turned around and unlocked the door. “Bye mother,” he uttered softly. Then he walked to the window and climbed down, shutting the window after him.

They made their way to the car. “So we got ourselves a tuxedo,” Ban smiled. “Thanks,” Ginji hugged the boy. “No sweat baby,” he started the engine.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you’re rich?” Ginji asked. “I am not rich. My dad’s rich and I hate him,” Ban uttered. “Besides, I don’t like to be reminded of my childhood,” Ban said. Ginji nodded. “Me too,” he touched Ban’s hand. Ban looked at him and smiled.

“Kakei?” a voice called. Kakei turned around. “Ren-kun?” he asked. He knew that this was the girl whose grandfather saved him. “Can I talk to you?” Ren asked. Kakei nodded and followed the girl to the park. They sat on the bench and were silent for quite some time.

“I want a duel,” Ren finally said. “A duel? Dou iu imi?” *What do you mean?*  Kakei asked. “I love Kazuki-san as well,” Ren finally told the boy.

Kakei blinked then he smiled. “Meaningful…” he smiled. “May the best man win,” Kakei stood up.

“But if you win, would you share?” Ren asked. Kakei blinked and frowned. “Would you do the same if you were in my shoes?” Kakei asked. Ren bit his lips. “I know you love him. I love him as well and he’s so nice and beautiful… if only I could…”

“Ren-chan,” Kakei turned to look at him. “Love is blind. I’ll leave it to Kazuki,” he uttered and walked away. Ren sighed.

“For god’s sake Ban! It’s 12 o’clock in the afternoon and you’re doing it here?!?” Hevn exclaimed as soon as she went in the washroom. Everyone stared at the washroom door as it opened again as soon as it closed.

The lady came stomping out of the door.

Ban came out from the washroom after Hevn, doing his shirt buttons. “Oh Hevn’s just jealous coz she doesn’t have anyone to fuck,” he smirked; Ginji followed suit, his face was seriously blushing. “Oh shut up you snake! I can fuck anyone I like,” Hevn pouted.

“But you can’t fuck me,” Ban smiled. Everyone in the café was concentrating at every word they said. “I… I…” Hevn bit her lips. “That’s coz you’re abnormal! Ha! Ha! Ha!” she laughed back at him, desperately trying to comfort herself out of that painful fact.

“Kazuki… Hevn’s saying that you’re abnormal!” Ban smiled. “I didn’t!” Hevn snapped. “He didn’t fuck you too! So you’re saying that he’s abnormal as well,” Ban retorted.

“Ban! You really can get on to people’s nerves!” Hevn exclaimed. “You’re the one who had such a big mouth. Learn from Ren, she kept quiet,” Ban sat on the chair.

Hevn turned to Ren. “You mean you saw them doing it there too?” she asked the girl. Ren blinked and nodded. “Ban, you’re spoiling little kids,” she frowned. “I’m not a little kid! I’m a big girl!” Ren uttered. “Oh, sorry,” Hevn pouted. “But I am! I really am!” Ren insisted. “Okay, okay,” Hevn nodded.

“Don’t worry Ren-kun… Hevn knows that you’re a big girl,” Kazuki patted Ren’s shoulder. Ren looked up at Kazuki and smiled. “Thank you!” she smiled. “Say Kazuki-san! Can you go to the pharmacy with me? Jiichan wants me to get a few stuffs from there,” Ren smiled. Kazuki nodded. “Sure!” he gestured towards Kakei. The boy nodded and Kazuki walked out of the shop with Ren. Kakei looked away from them and sighed.

“Ginji,” Ban called. “Yes?” the blonde looked at the blue eyes boy and smiled. “Go round the corner and get me a pack of cigarettes, will ya?” Ban asked the boy a favor. “Oh, sure! Be right back!” Ginji popped off his seat and walked out the café.

Kakei finally thought that Ban was the best person to refer to and this was the best time. He would prefer Ginji, but the Raitei seemed a bit lost in these kinds of stuff. So Ban was his best shot.

“Ban-san, can I talk to you for a sec?” Kakei walked up to the boy who was having a kicking war with Hevn’s leg under the table. Ban looked up and blinked at Kakei’s lost face. “Uh? Oh… okay. Hold on,” He gave Hevn a last kick and stood up. “Shit! Ban! You broke my shoe’s heel!” Hevn gritted her teeth. “All’s fair in love and war,” Ban laughed as he pulled Kakei by his wrist out of the café. “If Ginji comes back, tell him I went to buy something to eat,” He told Pore. “Okay,” the man nodded.

Both walked silently passed shops and finally reached the playground. They got under a shade and sat there, back to back.

After an awkward silence, Ban turned to Kakei and smiled as warm as he could. “So what was it?” he asked. As far as he remembered, he didn’t do anything wrong to Kakei. Maybe a little provocation here and there but he was sure that wasn’t the issue.

“I have a problem… I think…” he started, eyes glued to the ground. He chewed on his lips. “Anything that I could possibly be of help?” Ban asked. Kakei finally gazed into Ban’s depthless blue eyes. He knew it now why did Ginji fell in love with this boy; his eyes could melt even the oldest glazier around.

“I didn’t know who else I could refer this to. I don’t understand this myself,” Kakei said softly. “Aha… and the problem is?” Ban blinked.

“I like Kazuki,” Kakei managed to croak. Ban smiled. “Well, it’s no news. Everyone knows about it,” Ban smiled lightly. Kakei smiled. “Maybe he likes me too, I don’t know…” Kakei uttered. “Oh, sure he does… it’s crystal clear. He didn’t even try to hide it,” Ban leaned back against Kakei’s back.

Kakei smiled. “And there’s Ren-kun…” he told the boy. “Ah yes, Ren-kun… I know…” Ban nodded. “You mean you know she likes Kazuki as well?” Kakei turned to look at Ban.

Ban shrugged. “You can say so. Hevn told me about it and I saw it for myself even,” Ban said. “Actually, Ban-san… I don’t even know what’s the problem here. It’s just that I don’t feel too good about this, it bothers me,” Kakei confessed.

“So you feel insecure?” Ban suggested. Kakei shrugged. “You can say so,” Kakei sighed. “Kakei Jyubé-san. If I were in your shoes, I’d turn to a few solutions. You wanna hear it?” Ban asked. “Sure,” Kakei smiled.

Ban cleared his throat. “Solution number 1. You could talk to both of them, at the same time. The three of you get together and talk this out. And from this, the results would be either Kazuki will have to pick one of you – which I think would be painful for either you or Ren-kun or…” Ban paused.

“Or?” Kakei asked. “Or…” Ban smiled. “You three can reach an agreement to share. I mean you’ll get to keep Ren-kun as a plus point and still have Kazuki. Ren-kun would be happy as to have Kazuki and you as a bonus!” Ban smiled.

Kakei frowned. “I don’t want Ren-kun. She’s a kid… besides, I don’t like girls that much,” Kakei smirked. Ban shrugged. “Solution number 2. Have a decent talk to Ren-kun only. Tell her to butt off… tactfully. You don’t want the girl to have a serious grudge against you. We all might need to work together in the future, and it’s bad if you have an ally that hates you,” Ban smiled.

Kakei nodded. “Solution number 3. You can tell Kazuki. He could tell the girl off properly. Saves you a lot of work,” Ban grinned. Kakei looked at Ban’s face. “Your personal choice?” He asked the boy. Ban smiled. “The second ending of the first solution,” Ban smiled.

“I figured,” Kakei chortled. “I can help,” Ban shrugged. “Help?” Kakei asked. Ban nodded. “Leave it to me. I’ll get the three of you together before the party tomorrow,” Ban winked at Kakei. “But how?” Kakei asked as he looked at Ban standing up.

“Let’s just say that I have my ways,” he walked away.

Ban and Ginji were sent to the supermarket to by some stuff for the party tomorrow. It was Pore’s big idea to make some food to bring along to Madoka’s place. They were going through the list slowly, taking their own time spending some time together. “Say Ginji, I talked to Kakei earlier,” he told the boy. “About?” Ginji asked as he dumped a packet of M&M’s into the cart.

“He seemed to have a problem with Ren. He was scared that Ren would take Kazuki away from him,” Ban pointed at the turkey and Ginji reached to pick one that looks good. “Kazu-chan? Wow…” Ginji put the turkey into the cart and looked at Ban. “So?” he asked. Ban shrugged. “I suggested to Kakei that it was best to get them three together. Besides, Kakei and Ren looked pretty well together as well. I’m sure with a little brainwashing by me, Kazuki would be fine with it as well,” Ban giggled. Ginji blinked. “Wow… Ban-chan…” Ginji was surprised.

“Maybe tonight I’ll get them three together and we could get some results,” Ban smiled. “So you’re going to stay with Pore and help him cook,” Ban bit Ginji’s nose playfully. Ginji pouted. “But I don’t know how to cook. Besides I don’t want to sleep alone,” Ginji frowned. Ban laughed. “Baka! I’ll come pick you up later in the night. Shimpai ga ranai yo!” Ban held Ginji’s hand. Ginji nodded. “Maybe I can help watch out for Pore-san,” Ginji giggled.

Ban ate his dinner and gave Ginji a kiss. “You stay and help. I’ll go do some stuffs,” he smiled. As usual, Kazuki and Kakei would be sitting by a booth, eating or talking.

“Yo futari-domo,” Ban smiled. Both looked up at him. “Come follow me. I need to show you two something,” Ban gestured. Kazuki looked at his finished meal and smiled. “Sure, where?” he asked. “Beach,” Ban smiled and walked out of the café. Two of them followed suit.

“Ginji-san not coming along?” Kazuki asked as he went into the car followed by Kakei. “Nope, no place for him,” Ban smiled, as he started the ignition. Kazuki frowned and shrugged as Ban stepped on the gas pedal.

Ban then stopped in front of the medicine shop and honked. “Why are you going to the medicine shop?” Kazuki asked. “To fetch Ren-kun,” Ban smiled. Ren came down and smiled happily. “Wai~! Why are you all here?” she asked. “Get in the car,” Ban called. “Now?” Ren asked. “No, next year,” Ban rolled his eyes. Ren laughed. “Okay, okay… wait a sec. I go tell grandpa,” Ren ran into the shop.

A few moments later, she appeared with a jacket and got into the front seat. “Where are we going?” she asked. “The beach,” Ban smiled.

It was quite windy by the beach that evening. Ban stopped the car next to a cliff where a few people were having their time of the day by the sea.

“Okay out,” Ban told them as he took out the car key. The other three looked at each other and finally stepped out of the car. Ban stuffed his hands in the pocket and smiled. It would be marvelous if Ginji were here with him today. The clouds were all watching and the wind was soft.

“Why do you bring us out here, Ban-san?” Ren asked as she sat on the fence.

Ban smiled and looked at Kazuki and Kakei. He gestured them to sit with Ren. Kakei followed Kazuki as the long hair beauty walked over to the fence and sat next to Ren.

“We are actually here to talk,” Ban started. “Talk?” Kazuki looked up at him.

Ban nodded. “Kazuki,” he called softly. “Ne?” Kazuki blinked. “Do you know you are beautiful?” Ban asked. Kazuki blushed. “Well… I dunno…” the boy was modest. “I do think you are beautiful. And so do both of them,” Ban smiled.

“Both of them?” Kazuki frowned. “Meet your lovers, Jyubé and Ren,” Ban smiled. Kazuki frowned. “Ren?” he blinked. He wasn’t surprised about Kakei but Ren?

Kazuki looked at the girl next to him, she was slightly blushing and looking out to the sea.

“But I love Kakei,” Kazuki said softly. “Yes you do… and do you admit that you don’t love Ren a little bit?” Ban asked. Kazuki looked at Kakei this time. He wanted so much to say no, but looking deep into Kakei’s eyes couldn’t make him lie. “I… I don’t know…” Kazuki said softly, his eyes to the sandy ground.

Ban sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “Jyubé, Kazuki here admits that he loves Ren as well, what do you have to say in this?” Ban asked. Kakei sighed.

Kakei blinked and looked out to the sea as well. “I can’t force him not to,” Kakei uttered though he was a little disappointed.

“Nan da iu imi?” Kazuki frowned and looked at Kakei. Kakei looked at Kazuki and sighed. “I’ve been thinking about it. I also know how Ren-kun feels. So I think that it would be fine if you want her as well as you want me. But I’m in no position to promise that I’ll accept her. It’s up to you and her though. I don’t want to loose you,” Kakei looked out to the sea, hoping that it would somehow swallow him then and there.
“So what about you, Ren-kun?” Ban asked. The girl was silent. Of course she loves Kazuki a lot, but Kakei?

She looked at the Kakei. Kakei looked serious with half of his face covered most of the time with his high collared attire. His eyes showed tranquility and at the same time, responsibility. “Will you take care of me?” Ren suddenly asked; it was directed to Kakei.

“As long as you treat Kazuki as treasure, I will try and make peace with you, Ren-chan,” Kakei answered, his eyes still out to the sea.

“Kazuki?” Ban asked. Kazuki smiled. “I couldn’t believe my luck that I’m loved by the two most wonderful people in my life,” Kazuki uttered as he extended his hands. Both Kakei and Ren moved closer to hug the beauty.

Ban nodded. “So you three can go to the party together. And I’ll add you guys to the room list,” Ban smirked. “Room list?” Kakei frowned. “Ah yes, the room list. You guys would be allowed to stay in one of Madoka’s 5 star guest rooms. And that would be ¥2000 hehe…” Ban laughed. “What’s this? Christmas sales?” Kakei asked. Kazuki laughed. “I’ll pay up later,” he laughed.

“You can go with one of my animals. I’ll ask the lion if she’s free,” Shido tease Emishi. “Ey, stop it will ya? Okay, I’ll just ask the next person who comes into the café,” Emishi sighed. “Ho boy, you’re brave,” Shido smirked as he pointed towards the door.

 “Go introduce us to your partner! Kehehe…,” Shido giggled. The person who came in the door was a teenage boy. “But… but… it’s a boy!” Emishi gritted his teeth. Shido shrugs. “Mrs. Lion would go with you,” he giggled.

“And he’s really young…” Emishi pouted. “Well, young hot asses are good…” Shido smirked. Emishi took a deep sigh as Makubex took his seat next to them. “I heard about the party,” he smiled. “Are you coming?” Shido asked. “Well… was about to, but then Sakura had a fever. So now I don’t have a partner,” then he looked at his watch. “2 more hours till the party starts…” he smirked, slightly disappointed.

“Makubex-kun!!!!” Emishi hugged the boy. “Please… go with me!!! I’d die if I can’t go and eat free food!!!” He begged funnily. Somehow Makubex wasn’t irritated and laughed lightly. “Sure! Why not, we can get free food!” He laughed.

Sakura walked up to her brother and looked at him. He just came back from wherever he was and slumped dead on the sofa. “Daijobu ka?” she asked as she peeped to look at him. Her already flushed feverish face was redder with concern. “Nan de mo ne~yo- aneejya…” he sighed and closed his eyes.

Sakura smiled and held her brother’s hand. “Something’s bothering you… come, tell me,” she coaxed. “From the way things are going, I think I’m going to loose him… this time for good…” Jyubé uttered softly. He has always been the soft-spoken one in the family.

On hearing that, Sakura knew immediately whom her brother was referring to, the boy who lived with them when they were young, the pretty boy Kazuki from the Fuchiyouin family. Both her brother and the boy always had something together when they were young; it was pretty cute of both of them trying to hide it in the house.

“I’m sure he won’t leave you again… remember how you two used to be so close that when mother sent you to study alone in the room, he’ll try anything even to just send tea and food for you just to see you,” she smiled. Jyubé smiled at the particular memory. Their younger days were really nice.

“But then there’s Ren-chan…” Jyubé uttered softly. “Ah, the nice little girl… Well, as long as you have faith in Kazuki it’ll be all right. I’m sure he’s in love with you too,” she patted her brother’s lap. Kakei sighed.

“I don’t really have any reason to live if he doesn’t want me…” Jyubé uttered softly. “Now, don’t you go and start thinking like that okay?” She gave him a peck on the forehead. “Now go and take a bath or something before you change,” she ushered him to the bathroom.

Jyubé looked over his shoulders and smiled. “Arigatou, aneejya...”

“Ginji? Doko ka?” Ban hollered as he entered the café. “Ban-chan!” Ginji emerged from behind the counter, hugging the other boy. “I thought you don’t want me no more…” Ginji pouted. Ban laughed and patted Ginji on the head. “Don’t be silly,” he laughed

Hevn came in with her evening gown. It was really stunning and all. “Whuaa… I bet tons of people would envy you, Pore-san!” Ginji gaped in awe. “Baka!” Ban slapped the boy on the head and snorted. “Come and change,” he uttered sourly.

“Ah, Ban-kun… Pore and I are following your car ya?” she smirked. “What? You think I’m your chauffeur or something?” Ban snapped. Pore put on the ‘close’ sign and laughed light heartedly. He loved to see those two bark at each other meaninglessly.

After a few minutes, Ban was already in his tuxedo. So was Pore, only Ginji still struggling with the garter belts and bowtie. Ban helped the poor guy and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “Come, let’s not be late!” he walked out of the café with his three other companions.

Sakura looked up as the doorbell rang. She opened the door and saw a guy in a white tuxedo. “Ah, Kazuki-san…” she smiled, standing aside to let him in. “Hairu yo,” *come in* she smiled. “Ah, Ren-chan mou aru ka?” *ah, Ren-chan’s also here?* she smiled and nodded. “Come in,” she told her.

The girl was in a dress, looks okay though. “Where’s Jyubé?” Kazuki asked. “Ah? He’s in his room still changing I think,” Sakura sat on the sofa with her blanket.

Ren sat near Sakura and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry you can’t come because of your fever,” she uttered. “Haha… it’s okay, there’s always another one. Makubex is going with Emishi I heard,” she told Ren. “He is? Haha!” Ren laughed.

Kazuki knocked on the door, inside was some rock music blasting. Kazuki pouted and knocked again. “Nanda?” finally someone from inside answered and the door opened. “Eh? Kazuki?” Jyubé blinked. Kazuki smiled and let himself inside, shutting the door behind him. Jyubé was in nothing but a towel and it looks pretty easy to be off.

“I missed you,” Kazuki uttered almost shyly. “Ah… very cute Kazuki, It’s just an hour,” Kakei laughed. Kazuki reached out to pull Jyubé’s hand. Jyubé looked up at him and paused. Kazuki inched himself closer and kissed the guy experimentally.

Then the kiss deepened. Jyubé was once again drowned in the kiss as he did the first time they kissed. It was always like that. Kazuki’s kiss was always melting. Slowly, Kazuki pushed Jyubé on the bed and started licking his freshly scented jaw.

Jyubé let the boy lick and playfully bite him, as he grew hard on it. He was just getting to the fun part when a rampage of knocks was on his door. “Kazuki? Jyubé? What are you guys doing in there? We’re going to be late!!” Ren’s voice could be heard on the other side of the locked door.

Kazuki broke their kiss abruptly and blinked anxiously. Jyubé frowned in disappointment. Now he really knew that he hated the girl. “I’m sorry I got too carried away,” Kazuki said shyly. His hair was a little messed up. “It’s okay… good thing we didn’t mess your white tux,” Jyubé stood up to get his tuxedo.

Kazuki sat in front of Jyubé’s dresser and took Jyubé’s comb and combed his slightly out of place hair. Then he smiled when Jyubé came to stand behind him after he wore the tuxedo. They look like a pair of newly weds.

“Kazuki ga totemo utsukushii da…” *Kazuki’s very beautiful…* Kakei uttered, his hand on Kazuki’s chin. Kazuki looked up and pulled Jyubé for another kiss before standing up. “We better get going before Ren throws a fit,” Kazuki uttered as he opened the door.

“Aa…” Jyubé uttered as he followed Kazuki.

“Ja, have fun ya you guys?” Sakura smiled as she watched them go out. “Ja!” they all uttered before disappearing down the stairs.

Ban looked at the people in the hall. Some of them he knew but most of them he didn’t. Ginji was drinking some punch and frowned, as he couldn’t take liquor that well. Ban laughed at him. “You call yourself a junkies leader? You can’t even drink!” Ban laughed as he gulped down the whole glass. “I just don’t like the taste is all!” Ginji pouted.

“Ah, Ban-chan! Mite! Himiko-chan ga!” Ginji pointed at Himiko who was arm-in-arm with a stranger. “Shitteruka? Ano hito?” *Do you know that person?* he asked. Ban shrugged. “Well, I hope he’s smart enough not to cause trouble here with all the dangerous people around. Haha!” he laughed as he gulped down another glass of punch.

“Ah, look who came?” Ban gestured towards the door as Ren and Kazuki came in hand in hand like a couple. “Let’s go there, Kazuki-san!” Ren pointed at the table with Madoka, Shido, Emishi and Makubex.

“Excuse me sir, you have to have a couple in order to enter,” the butler said as Jyubé entered. “I am with him,” he said rather coldly, gesturing towards Kazuki who already disappeared into the crowd. “But he was with the…”

“The girl’s waiting for her couple to come,” Ban told the man. “Ah… all right,” he let Jyubé in. The guy cursed inwardly. “Let’s go have something to drink?” he asked as he led Jyubé to the punch table. Jyubé followed without a word but he was obviously mad and sad at the same time.

“Ban-chan, do you want to try some of these?” Ginji asked as he spoon-fed Ban some cheese and caviar. “Umm… nice,” Ban smiled. “You want some, Jyubé?”

Jyubé smiled and shook his head. He wasn’t in the mood to eat. He looked over the other side to find Kazuki dancing with Ren. He sighed and frowned.

“I’m sorry,” Ban finally spoke. Jyubé looked up to the boy holding a punch glass and blinked. “What ever for?” he asked. “Well, because of my silly idea, you’re unhappy,” Ban apologized. “Well, it’s been done. Can’t do nothing bout it,” he shrug it away and reached for a glass of punch as well.

He took one, two then three glasses in a row. “All I ever wish for is for his happiness… Maybe it’ll be better if I back off,” Jyubé uttered. Ban frowned. “But Jyubé…” he started. Jyubé looked up at him. “I’d do anything for his sake, but I can’t go on like this… It’s better for him… to concentrate on one anyway… It’s been decided,” Jyubé uttered as he gulped down another glass of punch.

Ban sighed as he looked at Ginji. Ginji had a concerned expression on his face. Ban could read that Ginji too wanted Kazuki to be with Jyubé since they knew each other since they were small.

Jyubé coughed and frowned. Ban reached out to soothingly pat Jyubé’s back. “You okay?” he asked. “Of~ kozz I amm…,” Jyubé uttered, but he didn’t sound convincing. He was even slurring in his words. “Do you have a cig?” he asked Ban. The boy nodded and handed a cigarette to Jyubé. “Thanks,” he pushed his way through to the toilet and shut the door.

“I just hope he knows what he’s doing,” Ban frowned and smiled as he looked at Ginji. There’s a streak of chocolate near his lips. “You got some chocolate near your mouth,” Ban told the boy. “I do?” Ginji blinked, but as he was about to reach up to wipe it away, Ban pulled him for a lick on his lips before kissing him. Ginji blushed.

Makubex did a complex dance step and Ren-chan clapped. “Whoaa… Makubex-kun! You’re cool!” She exclaimed. Kazuki smiled and looked around. He couldn’t find Jyubé anywhere.

“Em... Ren, I wanna go to the toilet ya,” he smiled. “Um, sure!” she nodded as she continued to watch Makubex dance.

Kazuki ran into the toilet and smiled as he saw Jyubé. “Jyubé,” he smiled and reached up to give him a kiss. “Hold on, I need to go,” Kazuki smiled and went to the toilet seat and pissed.

“Kazuki?” Jyubé called. “Em?” Kazuki looked up and smiled at Jyubé. “What is it?” he washed up and zipped his pants. “I… I can’t do this,” he uttered softly. Kazuki blinked. “Do you love Ren-chan?” Jyubé asked. Kazuki blinked. He had started to. “Well… yeah…” he answered truthfully.

Jyubé threw the cigarette bud and pushed himself off the wall. “Then I hope you’re happy with her. I just can’t do this… to know that I’m fully in love with none other than you and have you shared with… with that girl!” Jyubé almost snapped. Kazuki held his hand just as he wanted to go out of the toilet.

“Dou iu imi?” Kazuki asked. He felt a deep hurt in the pit of his stomach. “I’m backing off, you understand?” Jyubé uttered as he pulled off his hand from Kazuki and walked out of the bathroom. “Jyu… Jyubé!” Kazuki exclaimed as tears started to fell from his eyes.

Kazuki fell on the floor, crying.

“3,2,1… Merry Christmas!!!” Everyone shouted. “Merry… merry…” Emishi danced around Makubex. Surprisingly, the younger boy wasn’t irritated by him and he seemed amused and entertained. Emishi had tried to kiss him a few times that night, partly because he was drunk and partly because he saw everyone else kissing. “Aww… come on Makubex… just once!!” Emishi had said.

Finally Makubex decided to give him one for Christmas. “Merry Christmas, Emishi-san,” he smiled and gave the guy a sloppy kiss on the lips. Emishi stopped laughing and singing and blinked a few times to register what just happened.

“AAHH!!!! Makubex kissed me!!!” he exclaimed and danced around again. Makubex laughed and shook his head.

Ren sat next to Kazuki and blinked in confusion. “Are you okay, Kazuki-san?” Kazuki looked up to her and nodded. “Yah… just a little tired,” he lied.

Shido walked out to the porch and found his friend there on the porch, sitting alone.

“Jyubé-kun?” Shido called as he sat next to him. Jyubé looked up at him and frowned. “Why aren’t you inside with everyone else?” Shido asked. “Same question to you too,” Jyubé answered. Shido laughed lightly. “Well, it’s getting to cramped up in there. The late night air seems cold and inviting,” Shido uttered.

“Did you and Kazuki have a fight or something?” Shido asked. Jyubé looked out to the wilds and sighed. “Is it that obvious?” he asked back. “Well, if you go inside and observe, he seemed to be the only sad being in there,” Shido told the boy. Jyubé felt guilty. He felt like killing himself for making Kazuki sad.

“I just can’t take it…” Jyubé uttered. “Well, for that you want to throw away a childhood’s worth of love just because you’re too scared to fight with a chick?” Shido asked. Jyubé looked up. “If I do so, Kazuki would be sad…” he uttered. “And to do this, you think he’s happy?” Shido asked.

“No…” Jyubé sighed. “Then what should I do? Should I just kill myself off?” Jyubé asked. Shido sighed and patted the guy’s shoulder.

“Now, we should sit and rest,” Hevn uttered as they were all sitting around in Madoka’s private living room. They decided that the ballroom was too crowded.

“Natsumi’s already asleep,” Akapane told them as he sat down. “Shido’s gone. Anyone knows where he is?” Madoka asked. Her blank eyes scanned around the room. “Outside taking some air maybe,” Ban uttered. Ginji was already sleeping on his lap.

Makubex looked at Emishi and smiled. Emishi was behaving himself, at least to Ban’s standard. He was just forcing the boy to lie on his lap and played with his nose. Gods, he really is drunk.

Ren hugged Kazuki’s arm. She was so happy that she could do nothing but to just cling to Kazuki and the boy was getting restless. He didn’t like to be clung to like this. Jyubé always gave him his space and will only touch him when Kazuki wanted it.

Then, he thought of it. The first time they kissed, the first time they had their bath together, the first time they met…

Kazuki bit his lips, all those memories. Can he leave it behind now after knowing that he had found them back? “Jyubé…” he suddenly uttered. Ren looked at Kazuki and blinked. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

He sighed and kissed her forehead. “I like you a lot… Really Ren-chan… but I finally figured out that I loved you as a dear sister… I knew Jyubé after my family died and he meant a lot to me. I just can’t make my heart to split into two as well…” He brushed off a tear from his eye. “I’m just sorry…” he stood up and left the room.

Everyone looked at the guy walking out of the room. Ren blinked with her watery eyes. Emishi patted her back and hiccuped. “It’s blind…”

Kazuki walked out to take some fresh air when he saw Jyubé sitting in the middle of the garden, near the lake then; he walked up to him. Jyubé turned around when he sense another presence. “Kazuki?” he stood up when he saw Kazuki with watery eyes standing behind him. “Kazuki? Are you okay? Why were you crying?” Jyubé asked, putting both of his hands on Kazuki’s shoulder.

Kazuki looked up at him and lunged forward to hug him. He held the guy tight and sobbed on his chest, Jyubé rubbed soothing circles on Kazuki’s back. “I love you Jyubé… I love you so much!!” Kazuki cried. Jyubé stopped his hands and blinked. A smile was on his face, but it was a sad one. “Yeah, me too Kazuki. I’m sorry I had to make that decision… I guess I’m just an idiot,” he uttered softly, burying his face in Kazuki’s sweet scented hair.

Kazuki looked up at him and shook his head. “No! I am the idioit! I was the one who was greedy, thinking that having two lovers was cool! I was selfish! I didn’t knew how it would reflect you…” Kazuki was shushed by Jyubé’s finger on his lips. Kazuki blinked and looked up into Jyubé’s eyes. They were dark and powerful yet his was blue and clear against the moonlight.

“I swear to god that he must’ve spared so much time with you till he neglected the world… how could anyone be as sweet and as beautiful like you?”

Kazuki shook his head and fell back. “Kazuki? Are you okay?” Jyubé caught the falling guy with his strong arms. Kazuki shook his head. “I think I just feel a little lightheaded. Must be the drinks,” he uttered softly. Jyubé brushed back the hair plastered on Kazuki’s face, unintentionally ringing the bells on his hair. It chimed lightly in the night. “You never fail to amaze me, since the first time I met you,” he uttered, pulling Kazuki gently as he sat on the stone bench that he was sitting on before.

Kazuki was pulled to sit on Jyubé’s lap with his legs on each side, straddling the boy’s legs. “I feel weird,” Kazuki laughed lightly.

“You do?” Jyubé touched his forehead with Kazuki’s, a smile was on his face. “Yeah… it’s been so long since you hold me like this,” Kazuki uttered softly, barely rubbing his nose on Jyubé, teasing the poor guy. “Kazuki… it’s just been what? A few hours?” Jyubé asked. “Haha… I dunno… I just…” his lips lingered on Jyubé’s tempting his further.

Jyubé experimentally opened his mouth letting his tongue out just to have Kazuki willingly let it into his mouth. The kiss turned passionate and warm.

“Ahem…” a voice was heard that made Kazuki broke the kiss with a start, but Jyubé’s hold on his prevented him from falling on his backside.

“Ban-san…!” Kazuki blinked. The guy with the glasses raised his brow and smirked. “Sorry to disturb but we’re opening the presents…” a willful glint was on his face.

Kazuki jumped off Jyubé and brushed off imaginary lint from his tuxedo. “I think I got stuff for everyone!” Kazuki beamed as he pulled Jyubé’s hand.

Ban gestured them into the house as he let them in before he shut the door.

The boy looked out into the darkness and smiled. “Thank you…” he uttered to the spirits outside there who’ve helped his two allies.

He smiled and closed his eyes, closing the large heavily decorated door.


Author’s note : Took me hell lotta time to finish this. With classes and all, and thanks to summer holidays I manage to finish this! Bwahaha!!

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