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small dose of shonen ai...

A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs


“I’m home!” Ban hollered as he shut the door behind him. He snorted; no one was at home. He put down his backpack and pouted as he made his way to the kitchen. He put the outer coat of his school uniform in the washing machine and resumed his steps to the fridge. He opened it and smiled. At least the food was there to greet him.

  The boy stretched out on the sofa after a hearty meal of junkfood and yesterday night’s leftovers. He turned the TV off and lay on the couch. It was boring.

  It was true he was rich, but he had no friends. It was sick. Maybe one or two, but never a true friend. A friend who he could spend days and nights together talking, playing and even go on adventures with.

  He sighed and grabbed his car keys. “I’m not going to sit here all day waiting for nothing,” he locked the door.

  He had gotten his parents to buy him a car last month. It was nice and easier to move around with, even though it’s just a small Subaru 360.

  The gray car stopped in front of a café. It has the sign ‘Honky Tonk’ on it. Ban looked up and parked his car carelessly. He pushed the door opened and saw the owner of the shop, grinning. He found this place last year when he was the first customer to come in.

  Since then he had always spend his time here after school until late at night then he’ll go home, finish up his homework and sleep off waiting for a new day.

  That’s when he realized that his life was boring, dead boring.

  He slumped on the counter and sighed. Wan Pore came up to him and smiled. “So what’ll it be, Ban?” he asked. “Coffee,” he sighed, closing his eyes.

  “What’s wrong?” Wan Pore asked. “I’m bored,” Ban answered, most flatly. “Oh…” he smiled. “Why don’t you go around and hang around with your friends then?” Pore asked. Ban shook his head. “No friends,” he said solemnly. “Girlfriends maybe? With such good looks, I bet there’s tons of girls after you,” Pore smiled.

  “I hate girls, they’re troublemakers,” Ban mumbled and reached to sip his coffee when pore put it in front of him.

  “I see…” Pore nodded.

  Ban sighed and kept looking around for interesting things to happen. But it was a peaceful day. No havoc, no gang fights.

  Later when he went home, he was accompanied by a parking ticket. Ban looked at it and giggled. “At least something happened, I got a ticket hehe…” he laughed as he drove home.

  He opened the door and his father turned around. “Ban, where have you been the whole day?” he asked. “Hanging out at the café…” Ban answered and put the ticket in front of his father. He blinked. “Ban! This is your 3rd parking ticket this week! You can’t expect me to pay it for you all the time! Why can’t you just pop a few coins in the parking meter and be off with it? Look at this? I’m cutting your pocket money!” His father said sternly.

  “But, tousan!” He protested. “What’s going on?” Ban’s mother came down from their room, hearing noises downstairs. “Kaasan! Tousan wants to cut off my pocket money!” Ban whined. She looked at the father. “Why?” she asked. “Ban here needs to be taught a lesson. To be more independent and responsible. Look. This is his third parking tickets this week!” His father snapped.

  “Ban-chan…” his mother looked at him. Ban frowned. He had enough of it. His parents were never home and when he got dependent on money to get himself out of boredom, they were going to cut it off. “Fine!” he shouted. “I’ll get out of the house!” Ban went up to his room and packed a few stuffs of his, took out all his money from his shoebox and took his car keys.

  “Ban-chan…” His mother called from the door. Ban frowned and kissed her on the cheeks. “Bye mother… I’m being independent!” He passed her.

  When he reached the door, his father halted him. “Ban!” he called. Ban paused. “You go out that door with all those bags, I won’t let you come back in,” his father uttered. Ban smiled sadistically. “Good riddance,” he opened the door and shut it behind him. “Ban-chan!” his mother called after him.

  He drove off to the café to find it nearly closed. Wan Pore was checking the accounts when he heard the bell on his door rang. He turned and saw Ban walking in. “Ban, what’s wrong?” Wan Pore asked. The boy looked up to him with trembled lips. “Pore-san…!” He cried and lunged forward to hug the man.

  Wan Pore looked out the window as the midnight rain continued to pour. “So, what’re you going to do now?” Pore asked. Ban sighed. “I dunno… School’s ending next week. Do you know any place that I could rent?” he asked. Pore nodded. “Sure,”

  Ban sighed and looked out the window.

 “Pore-san!!!” Ban came in the café. It was three weeks since Ban moved out to live by himself. Pore looked up to the voice and blinked. “Ban!” he gaped for air.

  “Ban-kun!” Hevn blinked. Ban grinned at the lady. “So how is it?” he pointed to his new hairstyle. Pore smiled. “You changing looks?” Pore asked. Ban nodded. “Maybe this will fish a lover for me… it’s quite boring living by myself you know,” Ban grinned. “I can bunk over with you,” Hevn winked.

  Ban laughed. “You?” he started his inane act “I wouldn’t want you near me unless you have a dick. Who knows?” he joked. Hevn pouted. “Meanie,” she sipped her coffee.

  Pore looked at the boy. He’d grown. Forced to, if not naturally. The happy face was a mask. Pore understood that deep inside the boy, he was lost, lonely and would be an easy catch for mischief. He sighed and hope that someone would safe that lonely soul.

   “So, what type of lover you looking for?” Hevn asked. “A blonde with hazelnut eyes, cute and loves me in return,” Ban smiled. “Dream on, pretty boy,” Hevn mocked him.

  “You’d be sorry you say that, you know?” Ban pouted in return this time. Wan Pore smiled. “Who knows, dreams might come true,” Pore reasoned. “In any circumstances, Pore is the best!” Ban put an arm around the man.

  Pore laughed with them.

  He wished the best for the boy, because dreams do come true…

  …don’t they?



Just a short rambling… Ban seemed to be lack of paternal guidance… I dunno…

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