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A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

Oretachi no Osanai Koro – Our Childhood

(a Jyubé and Kazuki story)

Kakei Jyubé was walking past the hallway to his bedroom when something caught his sight. A figure was naked behind the door, bending down to put some attire one. Then a pair of slender hands reached up to free those long beautiful strands of slick black hair that was trapped in the attire.

 Jyubé blinked his eyes, trying to look away from that painfully beautiful sight. He sure as hell knew who was behind the door. It was Fuchiyouin Kazuki. The boy who moved in to their home a few years back. That boy was growing more beautiful by the day that sometimes Jyubé wasn’t even certain if he was really a boy.

 A weird stir could be felt in between his thighs. “Shit…” he cursed as he tried to turn away from the hauntingly arousing sight. Then suddenly the door slid open.

 “Ah! Jyubé!” Kazuki’s cherry voice was heard. It was the most beautiful sound any boy could produce, a mellow alto. His face was a peach and cream complexion. Perfect. Milky smooth skin and …

 Gods… if only he could find an excuse to touch that fine skin…

 Kazuki blinked in front of the boy who seemed lost in thoughts. “Jyubé? Daijobu desu ka?” Kazuki crooked his neck looking at Jyubé. As if a spell being broken, Jyubé was kicked back to reality with Kazuki’s face so close he could feel his sweet breath breathing against his own flushing skin.

  “Ah! Daijobu!” He took a step back. From his current position he could see that Kazuki just changed into a sleeping yukata. His frontal portion not being covered fully, exposing a fair amount of skin. “I was just going to practice playing some music… Do you wanna come?” he asked his liquid blue sapphire gems searing into his soul, seeking companion. “Um… sure!” Jyubé was drowning in his own words.

 Kazuki nodded and walked to the special room that the Kakei household had given him, his own music room. He opened the door and let Jyubé in before sliding it shut.

 With the help of the moonlight, Kazuki walked to the small oil lamp and lit it up. Jyubé took his seat at the corner of the room. Kazuki then sat down in front of the musical instrument and experimentally plucked one note.

 That single note seared through the night, inviting stray wind chiming the fuurin that was hung on the window.

 Kazuki smiled and started playing a series of notes creating a melancholically beautiful melody.

 Kakei Jyubé watched the beautiful boy play the music as he himself was drowned in Kazuki’s world. After a while, he cursed himself as he lost control. The young boy lunged forward and embraced Kazuki from behind, burying his face in Kazuki’s peach scented hair.

 The melody stopped abruptly. Kazuki’s eyes were as large as dinner plates. “Jyubé… doushitano?” his voice was frail. Jyubé didn’t answer but just to stay there in his place embracing the thin boy. Kazuki reached out a slender hand to touch Jyubé’s hands that were wrapped around his middle and chest.

 Somehow Kazuki felt safe in the arms of the one person he came to adore and love. He relaxed to the touch and took one of Jyubé’s hands, guiding it to his lips kissing it gently. Jyubé looked up and blinked in surprise.

 He was met by two depthless blue orbs that Kazuki have for eyes, so drowning and addicting. “Kazuki…” he uttered softly. Kazuki turned around facing the young boy of his age. His smile melted Jyubé almost instantly.

 But then a pang of guilt seared through Jyubé’s system. Kazuki was bought to his house to be protected by him. And he would do nothing to endanger or destroy Kazuki. Kazuki was pure by his standards and if this goes on further, he was scared that he might destroy the last of the sacred Fuchiyouin.

 He looked away and let go of Kazuki. “I’m sorry…” he uttered and ran out of the room. “Jyubé! Jyubé!” Kazuki tried to run after the boy but he tripped on one of the tatami mat and fell flat on the floor. Kakei’s mother was walking past the room when she saw her son flying out of the music room and Kazuki falling on the floor a short moment after.

 “My god… are you okay Kazuki-kun?” she bent down to help the boy. Even at 14, he was still easily tearstained. Kakei-san helped the boy up with the aid of a few servants as they tucked Kazuki into bed.

 It was hot…

 Kazuki sighed as he slid off one side of his yukata. He was still sad, partly because Jyubé had left him in a confused state and partly because he had twisted his ankle. Maybe Jyubé didn’t want him because he was a boy but looked like a girl. In other words he was abnormal…

 A searing pain soared through his heart. He didn’t ask to be born this way. He couldn’t help it if he looked like a girl… Uncontrollable tears fell from his eyes rolling down his cheeks.

 Suddenly there was light when someone opened the door to his room. Kazuki quickly wiped off the tears from his eyes fiercely. It was Jyubé. The boy silently slid shut the door and stood there for a moment, in mute silence.

 “I heard that you fell…” he said softly. “Um… it’s nothing… really…” Kazuki’s voice was tearstained. “I’m sorry I was such a jerk,” Jyubé said softly, sitting next to Kazuki. “No… it wasn’t your fault. I was the clumsy one who fell…” Kazuki said softly. Suddenly Jyubé realized that one side of Kazuki’s yukata was off exposing his bare shoulders and chest.

 “I was scared that I would spoil you…” Jyubé said softly. “Spoil?” Kazuki echoed questioningly. “Well… because you are the last of the Fuchiyouin family. If I let anything happen to you, you won’t be able to continue this family name…” Jyubé’s answer was general but Kazuki wasn’t stupid to not grasp the real meaning that Jyubé was trying to deliver.

 Kazuki smiled warmly in the dark room, lit dimly by the moonlight. “Arigatou…” he thanked the boy and leaned forward to kiss him gently on the lips. Jyubé was stoned; he blinked unbelievably at Kazuki who was smiling at him.

 “You would do anything for me?” Kazuki asked. Jyubé nodded. “It’s my responsibility to know that your needs are fulfilled,” he nodded gaining back his ground of mental stability after the shock from the kiss that Kazuki gave him.

 “Why?” Kazuki asked.

 Jyubé blinked. “Well… because I was given the responsibility by my parents…” he trailed off. “Ahnn…” Kazuki nodded, slightly disappointed by the answer. “… and because…” another pause as Kazuki looked up at Jyubé. “… I like you… a lot…” he uttered, almost shyly.

 Kazuki smiled. “You like me?” he asked. Jyubé nodded. “You don’t care that I’m not a girl?” he asked. Jyubé’s eyes were staring at Kazuki’s exposed chest and shoulder. The nape of his smooth pale neck was really intriguing. “Who needs girls when boys are equally beautiful like you? Hell, I’ve never even seen any girls prettier than you!”

 Jyubé’s words were a little too direct and embarrassing for Kazuki. The long hair youth looked away diffidently. “Umm… I’m sorry… I guess I was too blunt…” Jyubé apologized, his words sounded like a wild animal in heat. “It’s okay…” Kazuki looked up at Jyubé.
 Then his slender hands reached up to touch Jyubé’s cheek. “Would you do something that I ask you to do now?” Kazuki asked. His eyes were showing need and lust. Jyubé gulped and frowned. “What is it?” he was equally anxious. His blood was boiling, his face was flushed and the weird tingling sensation in between his legs can’t be hidden anymore.

 “Please… make love to me… make me yours…” Kazuki whispered softly. His voice was like music, soothing to the ears. And the logic that came out from the words were better.

 In no time, Jyubé was kissing the boy. This time he experimentally dipped his tongue into Kazuki’s puckered lips. Gods, he tasted like sweet honey.

 Kazuki leaned back as he lay down on the futon. Jyubé pushed the remaining yukata off to expose Kazuki’s torso off. Then his eyes caught the sight of the sash that was tying the yukata together. In one quick motion he pulled it off leaving Kazuki in his birthday suit. The hot atmosphere made Kazuki’s body glistened with sweat. He was so painfully beautiful that he experimentally licked Kazuki’s well toned chest.

 “Kazuki…” he said softly as he continued his journey through his first sexual encounter.

 Jyubé was awakened when the sun rose. He closed his eyes and frowned when something was restricting him from moving too much. He opened his eyes, and frowned for a while. First, he wasn’t in his room. Second, Kazuki’s head was on his chest, still deeply asleep.

 Then the memories of what happened last night slammed him on the head. He smiled and kissed Kazuki’s hand that he brought up to kiss. He could still remember the boy’s lithe body writhing under his touch and actions.

 He felt whole…

 He looked at the shiny long hair that spread evenly on the futon. His hand reached out to comb it gently with his own hands. The feeling of those silky strands passing through his fingers was divine.

 “Ai shiteru… zutto…” he smiled. “I will protect you with all I have as long as I live…” he smiled and closed his eyes again.

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