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A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

Midou Ban’s High School Prom Party

Ginji looked at Akapane. The guy in black just smiled at him. “I’m sorry. I just don’t feel too good being partnered with you,” Ginji looked away. Akapane sighed. “Am I that scary?” he asked.

  Ginji blinked. “Err… sort of,” he smiled. “You would really prefer Ban than me as a partner?” Akapane asked. Ginji blinked and looked up. “Unfortunately yes,” he uttered. “I understand,” Akapane nodded.

  “He’s actually really sweet you know?” Ginji smiled. Akapane looked at the blonde boy. “He may be a little bit childish at times, but he’s really nice,” Ginji continued.

  Akapane nodded. Then the doorbell rang. Both looked at the door as a boy came in the café. He was tall, blue eyes and had slightly red and yellow hair streaked in some places. “Pore-san!” he hollered. Ginji blinked. Since he came, here he had never seen this boy around before.

  “Motohikki! Ohisashiburi yo!” Pore beamed. Ginji blinked, Pore knew this guy?

*if you want to know what he looks like, click here!*

  “Onai yo!!” He took a seat next to Ginji and shook hands with Pore. “Did you just came back?” Pore asked. The guy named Motohikki nodded. “Yeah… I stopped by to see you,” he winked. Pore nodded. “What do you want to drink? My treat,” Pore laughed. “Hot Chocolate…” Pore laughed. “With lots of whip cream and chocolate sprinkles?” Pore finished the sentence for him. “You still remembered!” Motohikki beamed.

  “Of course! It’s been one year but I still have good memories of you,” Pore pointed at him. Motohikki nodded and looked at the package in his hand. “Oh, Pore-san… does Ban come here anymore?” he asked.

  Ginji stopped short. He heard Ban’s name coming out from that boy’s mouth. Was the Ban mentioned same as his Ban-chan?

  “Yeah, the café can’t close without him coming in for free drinks,” Pore winked as he put the hot chocolate in front of Motohikki. “Doumo,” he uttered and licked the chocolate sprinkles off the whip cream.

  “Well, I can’t stay long. But can you give him this?” he handed Pore a yellow colored bag. “What’s inside?” Pore asked. “Oh, it’s the tapes of our prom party last year. I promised him,” he smiled. “He was so gorgeous,” Motohikki moaned as if saying Ban’s name gave him a certain pleasure.

  “Well, stay for a while more. He might come in soon,” Pore smiled. Motohikki drank his last drop of chocolate and let out a sigh. “I wish I could. But I need to go. Maybe I’ll catch him later?” he smiled, a hint of disappointment could be seen. Pore frowned. What was that suppose to be?

  “Well, catcha later, Pore-san! Ja!” he waved and walked to the door. “How long will you stay in Shinjuku?” Pore asked. “A week!” he opened the door and went away.

  “Who’s that?” Ginji asked. “Oh, He’s Hikki! He used to come with Ban together after school last time,” Pore smiled. “Can we watch the tape?” Ginji asked. Pore blinked. “You curious?” he asked. Ginji nodded. “Well, wait for Ban then,” Pore laughed. “Aw… just a peek Pore-san… please…” Ginji made his trademark puppy dog eyes.

  “What is it?” suddenly Ginji was smacked on the back and his face was buried in the table. “Ittaiiii…” Ginji whined. Pore giggled. “Ban, you missed him!” Pore smiled. “Miss what? Ginji? Nah… I see him too much in order to do so,” Ban laughed sadistically at his own joke.

  “I mean Hikki,” Pore uttered. “Who?” Ban’s eyes blinked. “Motohikki!” Pore repeated. “What the… he’s here? In Shinjuku? I thought he’s still in Hokkaido? That’s where he went, right?” Ban blinked.

  “Yup… but he’s here… on leave I guess,” Pore smiled. “That bastard, didn’t even come an see me!” Ban pouted. “Well he was in a hurry, but he told me to give you this,” Pore gave Ban the yellow bag. Ban opened it and saw 2 tapes. “He said he promised you,” Pore continued. Ban stared at the tapes. “The prom tape!” he laughed.

  “Can we watch it?” Ginji asked. Ban looked at him and smiled. “Sure. But I warn you. I really suck. I look bad in a Tuxedo, I eat like a pig and I think I did a lot of bad things,” he laughed.

  “Kazu-chan! Shido! Hevn! Minna-san! Come!” Ginji called. “What?” Shido asked. “Ban-chan’s prom party tape,” Ginji laughed.

  “I think it was Kyosuke who was with the camera,” Ban shrugged.

  Pore put in the tape and pressed the play button. There was static and then it started.

  There was a picture of a table then the view turned and a boy with slick black hair smiled into the camera. “Hi, it’s your favorite boy Suke-chan! Haha… shh… well… actually today’s the last day of our finals. Chemistry paper. And I finished it in record time! And tonight’s the prom! Yay! Shh… some people are still with the exam,” the camera view turned and a boy with long hair who was writing something on his exam paper. “That is Fujiwara. He’s still with the paper. He looks so studious doesn’t he?” then the camera turned to another angle and a boy with brown hair was chewing on his pencil.

  “Oh look! That’s Ban-chan!” Ginji beamed. “Gods I look terrible,” Ban sank in his seat.

  “Pstt… oi… Ban!” Kyosuke whispered. Ban looked at him, still chewing the pencil. “What?” he asked. “Talk to the camera!” Kyosuke told him. Ban smiled sarcastically. “Do you by any chance know the answer to the 23rd question?” Ban winked at the camera. There was a light laugh in the background when the camera changed view to Motohikki.

  “Woi! I’m not finished yet!” Ban’s voice complained in the background. The camera view changed to return to him.

  Ban waved at the camera. “Hi, I’m Ban! I’m in the Science class. But I can’t answer most of the questions in this paper!” He pointed at the exam papers on his table. “I love boys that have blonde hair. Brown eyes…” Ban smiled dreamily. “But Hikki’s not blonde!” Kyosuke’s voice was heard protested. Ban looked at him. “None of your business,” he snapped. “Hikki’s in love with me hehehe… and me vice versa… no need for him to be blonde,” Ban reasoned.

  “Ban!” another voice whispered in a warning tone. The camera changed view. It focused on Motohikki.

  He looked so cute with stray strands of hair covering his left eye. He made a peace sign and talked. “Hi, I’m Hikki! And I just finished my chemistry exam,” he grinned. “Forgive Ban. He’s quite crazy!” Hikki winked at the camera.

  The camera turned again and there was Himiko.

  “Look! It’s Himiko-chan!” Natsumi pointed.

  Kyosuke tried to call her. “Himiko! Oi, Himiko! Talk to the cam…”

  “Kyosuke Sagara, there are still people doing the exam, keep your video camera,” said a matured voice. “Haaaai…!” said Kyosuke and the camera view returned to him. “See you afterwards,” then there was static.

  The next scene started with a view of the class in a very topsy-turvy condition. Kyosuke’s face returned to the camera view when the piece of contraption was turned 180o degrees.

  “Hi! I’m back! Yes, we finally pass out our chemistry paper. Oh, you wanna see Himiko? Hold on,” then the view turned to Himiko who was looking at a shoujo manga, legs high up on the table.

  “Oi, Himiko! Say hi to the camera!” Kyosuke’s voice was heard. Himiko looked up and blinked. “Hi, I’m Kuto Himiko and go away. Take monkey pics of Ban over there!” she pointed. The camera followed her fingertips and focused on a boy sitting on the table.

  Kyosuke walked over to get a nicer view of Ban. The boy was talking to Motohikki. “What do you want now? I already posed for your camera just now,” Ban uttered; his top was all unbuttoned. “The teacher’s going to eat you for that,” Kyosuke noted pointing at Ban’s visible bare chest. Ban grinned and opened more of his shirt. “Make sure the camera gets this!” he moved the muscles on his abdomen. “Showoff,” Hikki pouted.

  Ban laughed. “Someone’s jealous,” he said to the camera, pointing at Motohikki. “I’m not! Don’t be gross!” he pouted. “Oh, okay… you can touch,” Ban said sarcastically, taking Hikki’s hand on the table and put it on his flat stomach. “Camera, this is evidence that Hikki’s trying to molest me. And he says he doesn’t like me! Look! He’s touching me… ooohh!!” Ban told the camera but his hands moved Hikki’s hand on his stomach, both laughing like idiots.

  “This is a really good monkey picture,” Kyosuke uttered. Ban blinked. “Monkey picture!?”

  “What do you mean monkey picture??” Hikki stood up, looking into the camera. Then there was static.

  The next scene was outside of class where everyone’s walking out of school. Kyosuke walked over to them and asked. “You’re coming tonight?” they all nodded. “Himiko-chan! You coming tonight?” Kyosuke asked as Himiko came into view. She winked at the camera. “Of course! I’m bringing my brother!” she giggled and walked off.

  “Who are you coming with?” Suddenly Ban came into the camera focus. It was really near that the camera was focusing Ban’s nostrils. “Don’t take pictures of my nose!” Ban went berserk.

  Again static.

  “Oh, you wanna know who am I going with tonight?” the camera came back to life as a nice picture of a decent Ban with his white shirt smiling. His black outer uniform was folded on his head, supported by his hand. “It’s a secret,” Ban laughed.

  The camera turned and saw Motohikki. “Don’t ask him, he won’t tell as well,” Ban’s voice at the back laughed. Hikki winked at the camera and waved. “See you tonight!” he chuckled as he pulled Ban’s hand away.

  Kyosuke focused the camera to himself again. “Who are the two best looking kids from our school coming with to the prom tonight? Stay tuned!” Then there was static.

  “He’s your best friend?” Ginji asked. Ban nodded. “Kind of,” he drank a sip of tea.

  The next scene was a view of the hotel they did their prom night. It focused to a band of girls and guys talking. “What are you guys talking about?” Kyosuke’s voice could be heard asking them. They looked at the camera and smiled. Then a girl came up to the camera.

  “We heard that Ban and Hikki are coming together as a date,” she said. Another girl came and continued. “I asked Hikki to be my date but he said no,” she pretended to cry. Then a guy came up beside her. “We already sent a spy to confirm the news,” he grinned.

  The camera focused on the ballroom entrance as couples come in. There was a girl who was in charge by the door. “This is Hina. She is responsible for getting the couples in,” Kyosuke introduced. Hina waved at the camera and smiled. “I’m Hina!” she grinned. “Why not, from the next couple onwards every couple must kiss before entering the ballroom,” Kyosuke suggested. “Sure!” she nodded.

  Then a pair of students came. “You have to kiss each other before entering,” she smiled. The students blinked but nodded. Then they gave each other a light kiss before entering the ballroom.

  Tons of couples had to go through that and the camera took most of it.

  “Guys!” a voice hollered. The camera view swung around to reveal a sweaty boy in a white tuxedo. “It’s true! They’re here!! Ban and Hikki!”

  “Is it true that Ban is coming with Hikki?” Kyosuke’s voice could be heard in the background as the camera focused to the entrance. Then Kyosuke walked out of the ballroom to the hotel entrance.

  Two boys came down from a bus, one in white and another in black tuxedo. “Oh my god, they’re so cute!” A voice cooed.

  Ban came hand in hand straight towards Kyosuke’s camera. “Hi, I’m here! Finally! Hikki took more time than my grandma to get into his outfit,” Ban started to complaint.

  “Ban!” Hikki nudged the boy. “Who’s idea was it to come here together?” Kyosuke asked. Both Ban and Motohikki blinked at each other. “Together… Hahaha… we’re just eating lunch that day and was asking about dates for prom then we just happened to suggest the same thing simultaneously,” Ban grinned. Hikki blushed, clutching Ban’s arm tighter.

  Hina came forwards and pulled the camera view towards her. “Do we need to do the same with this couple?” she asked the camera but generally as well. “Yeah!” every agreed.

“Oh, my god…” Hevn blinked.

  “Do what?” Ban and Motohikki asked together. “Every couple must kiss each other before entering the ballroom,” Hina grinned. “No way…” Ban pouted. “Aw, come on!” someone said. “It’s just a small kiss on the lips!” another voice said. “The lips?” Hikki echoed.

  Motohikki sighed and closed his eyes. Ban did as well and leaned forward as his lips smacked with Motohikki’s. Cheers were heard.
  Then there was static again.

 The camera view suddenly focused on the band inside. “They’re singing anime songs in a prom party for gods sake!” Someone laughed.

  “Where’re the teachers?” asked another voice. Random noises were heard as the camera planted its view to the door. It opened and a beautifully dressed lady walked in. “Holy shit! Ms. Kanaki is gorgeous!” said some guy.

  “She’s my English teacher. Cant get a word she says in class,” Ban smiled. “I think she’s better off being a salesgirl,” Himiko agreed to Ban’s comment.

  “She looks nice,” Ginji smiled. Ban reached a hand around Ginji and pinched his ass. “Itai!” Ginji rubbed his sore butt. “What was that for?” he pouted.

  “Bitch,” said someone as the camera turned. “Ohh… it looks like Ban-kun doesn’t like Ms. Kanaki,” Kyosuke’s voice was heard as the camera focused on Ban.

  “Yo boy!” Ban looked up. It was Fujiki, one of the school’s bad boys. “We have some liquor over there! Come take a sip!” he waved and walked away. Then there was static and the player stopped.

 “Ban’s going to drink in a school party?” Hevn blinked. “You’d be scared when you see what’s next,” Ban smiled. And reached for the next tape.

 The tape started again with a slow song in the background. Everyone was dancing with their partner. Except Kyosuke who was with the camera and Hikki who was sitting on the chair. The camera walked towards him and paused when Hikki looked up with sad eyes.

  “What’s wrong Hikki?” Kyosuke asked. “Ban’s going to be so drunk that he can’t even stand straight!” Hikki snapped. “That boy!” Hikki looked away from the camera, suppressing a sob.

 Ban was silent. He didn’t know he made Hikki cry that night.

  The next scene was taken in a bathroom where a bunch of guys were puffing smoke and Ban was seen sitting on the sink counter topless. “Where’s your clothes, Ban?” Kyosuke asked.

  “Er? Playin’ ssrip-pokerr…” the boy in dark brown hair slurred. He was so drunk he can’t even speak properly.

 “I toldja I look terrible,” Ban sighed. “This is interesting. I never knew you could be so drunk!” Shido commented sarcastically. Ban pouted. “None of your business,” he snapped.

 Ban was taken out of the bathroom and sat near the punch table. Hikki supported the boy and fed some liquid into Ban. “Hikk…ki… hikki…hikki…hik…*hic*…hikki…” the boy slurred. “Oh shut up Ban,” Hikki shook his head and patted Ban’s back as the boy leaned dazedly on his chest.

  The camera turned to leave both of the boys and concentrated at the party. The MC in chare went up to the stage and got everyone’s attention.

  “Okay… hello… listen here… yeah… turn here…” he grinned. When he was sure everyone was looking at him, he opened his paper. “Well, I’m sure all of you had seen everyone here. Now we’re going to give out the most cutest, matching and unique looking couple in this room. Yes, you guess it, our prom King and prom Queen! Place your vote at the three laptop stations there,” he pointed at the side.

  Everyone rushed towards it. “Now, now… don’t push,” the MC said. Kyosuke joined the crowed as he got into a line. His camera peeping at people’s vote. “Looks like a lot of people are voting for Ban and Hikki… interesting,” he said.

  Then it was his turn. “What should it be?” he asked the camera as he typed in his vote.

 “Who didja vote for, Ban?” Kazuki asked. Ban smirked. “How should I know? I was dead drunk. I didn’t even remember a thing after this,” he grinned.

  “I voted for them both as well,” Himiko smiled. Everyone turned to look at her. “And my brother too,” she said softly. Ban blinked and looked away.

  “Are you sure they worth it?” Shido giggled. “They do… just watch,” she smiled. Ginji looked at Ban and blinked. “Gin-chan… do not look at me like that! I honestly do not remember what happened,” he shrugged.

  “Oh, sorry guys… ran out of battery… but here we are with a fresh one and gods, the result is coming out!” Kyosuke’s voice was heard excitedly. It focused at the MC as he opened another piece of the paper.

  “Lookie here… I think this must be a tradition breaker,” the MC smiled. “But I seriously know this two and I can bet with you that there is never a couple like them to win the prom kings and queens…*ahem ahem…*” he faked a laugh.

  “Okay, they are…” he paused as the spot light goes round and round in order to find the winners.

  After a few breathless moments, the spotlight finally stopped.

  It stopped right under a boy who was vomiting and another, desperately patting his back to soothe the boy.

  Giggles were heard. “Ban and Motohikki…” the MC smiled. Ban straightened up. “I think I heard my name,” he looked around, his eyes were half lidded.

  “Baka!” Hikki hit the boy’s head. “Nani yatten da, omae wa?” Ban rubbed his slightly sore head.

  Motohikki blinked as the last year’s prom king and queen came up to them. “I’ll give you the king’s crown,” the boy said to Motohikki. Hikki forced a smile as Ban clung desperately to his arms to keep balance. “I’ll give this to you then, sweetie,” the girl gave Ban a traditional heir kiss.

  (Well you see, normally the former prom queen would kiss the new prom queen to wish her luck. But in this case…)

  “She kissed me… Hikki-chan… she kissed me… aren’t you going to do something about it?” Ban frowned. Hikki forced a smile and let go of Ban as he fell on the floor with a thud. “Hikki is a bad boyfriend,” Ban uttered before he passed out.

 “I’m in the sixth degree of humiliation!” Ban gritted his teeth. He wanted to off the tape but was stopped by everyone. And they were laughing so hard that Ban think his ears hurt.

 “Look! There’s some more!”

 There were more dancing and singing. Then when it reached the end, Motohikki went to take the camera. He was supposed to copy the tapes and give it to everyone who wanted it. “So, people… if you don’t get your copy…” it focused at Motohikki’s smiling face. “See him, remember him and chase him for you rightful copy of… ‘The PORN’! I mean ‘The PROM’!” Kyosuke uttered.

  “Gimme that,” said a voice as the camera view staggered harshly. “Sure, I’d copy it as fast as I could,” Hikki’s voice in the background could be heard. But the screen was pitch black. Then there was a voice. “Ban! What’re you doing?” Hikki’s voice came.

  “Trying to get a good pic of my black tux…sedo,” Ban said, less slurry than before but still drunk.

  “Come boy, I’ll take you home,” Hikki put Ban over his shoulder as he called a taxi. “I thought we’re flying home?” Ban’s voice asked angelically. “Just sleep. Ban. And give the camera to me,” Hikki said and there was static again.
  Next it was the scene of a warm lighted bedroom. “Hello there,” a boy appeared suddenly. It was Hikki. “I’m Hikki. I just realized that there was still some more tape to go so I thought why put it to waste,” he smiled and showed around.

  “This is my bedroom. Normally it doesn’t have that sleepy cow over there,” he pointed at Ban who was sleeping on his stomach soundly. “But he said he was too sleepy to recognize the way home. So I think it’s okay if he stays here,” Hikki smiled.

  Then he reached out to lift the camera. “Why not take a picture of Ban sleeping?” Hikki suggested as the camera focused on Ban’s nostrils and backed away slowly “There…” then there was a pause.

  “Ban… I didn’t know you looked this gorgeous before,” Hikki’s voice was soft and dreamy.

  Then the boy opened his eyes. “What are you looking at?” he asked. Ban was quite sober but still dazed looking. “You,” Hikki’s voice replied. “You trying to count the hair in my nose?” Ban asked, pointing at the camera. “No, silly! I just…” then Hikki laughed. “…Never mind…” Hikki chortled softly.

  The camera was put aside as it showed static and a blue screen 3 seconds after.

  “I didn’t knew he…” Ban stopped. “Is he coming over anytime soon?” Ban asked. Pore shrugged. He might.

  “He’s cute,” Ginji smiled. Ban looked at him. “He is? Oh… I’ll show him to you next him he comes around,” Ban put a hand around Ginji. “Gin-chan… do me a favor and massage my back,” Ban put Ginji’s hands on his shoulders.

  “Okay…” Ginji nodded and started massaging Ban as the boy looked through the day’s paper.

  It was stating to rain heavily outside.

  “You guys want a job?” Hevn suddenly asked. Ban smiled. “Of course, bitch… Money is always an essential item for us,” Ban grinned. Hevn pouted as she nodded. “I’ll give it to you tomorrow,” she uttered, manicuring her nails.

  Suddenly the bell rang as all of them turned around. Motohikki was standing in between the door, slightly wet. “Hikki…” Ban uttered softly. “Hi Pore-san!” Hikki walked over to the counter and got a seat next to Ban. “You came back,” Pore smiled. “Sure, I won’t miss lunch here,” he smiled ever so brightly.

  “Did Ban came here already?” Hikki asked. Pore blinked. “He is here…” Pore replied. “He is? Where?” Hikki looked around, but not at the boy next to him.

  “I’m here,” Ban uttered. Hikki blinked. He pointed at Ban’s hair. “I couldn’t recognize your hair!” He exclaimed, hugging Ban accidentally pushing Ginji’s hands away.

  Ban patted Hikki’s back softly. “You came back and didn’t come and see me,” Ban pouted. “I am here now… I was in a hurry just now. My teacher told me to be quick coz they’re in a hurry. Did you get the tape?” Hikki asked, settling himself on Ban’s lap. Ban nodded. “Thanx,” he smiled.

  “Why did you make your hair like this?” Hikki was sitting on Ban’s lap, playing with Ban’s spiky hair. “Just a change of image… hehehe…” Ban smiled. “I like your old hair better,” Hikki giggled. “But I like it this way!” Ginji snapped and ran out of the café.

  “What’s with him?” Hikki asked. “Oh, that’s Ginji… he wanted to see you but I don’t know why is he acting such,” Ban shrugged. “The boy likes you, stupid,” Hevn said, looking at her paper. “He does?” Hikki beamed. Ban shrugged. “Maybe…” he giggled.

  Hikki hugged Ban and giggled. “You treat him nice, okay?” Hikki told Ban. Ban smirked. “I always treat him the best,” he told Hikki. “Yeah right,” Hevn snorted. “Shut up, bitch,” Ban raised his fist.

  Hikki held Ban’s fist and kissed it. “You’re still mean to everyone, aren’t you?” Hikki pinched Ban’s nose. “Say, you’re on holiday?” Ban asked. Hikki nodded. “We followed the teacher down to Tokyo cause he has some business to do,” Hikki explained.

  “Where’s your lover then?” Ban asked. Hikki smiled and leaned down to whisper. “Baka! You know as well as I do that I love no one but you. It doesn’t matter if you love Ginji,” Hikki licked Ban’s ears before straightening back.

  Ban laughed. “I’m lucky ain’t I?” Ban asked. Hikki nodded.

  Ginji bumped into Kazuki outside and paused. Head, still looking on the ground. “Ginji-san?” Kazuki blinked, holding Ginji by his shoulders. “Kazu-chan!” Ginji cried on his chest. Kazuki panicked. What did he do to get Ginji crying like a girl? He glanced over at Ren who was close behind and blinked.

  “I’m sorry if I hurt you or anything, Ginji-san,” Kazuki ran soothing circles around Ginji’s back. “It’s nothing to do with you, it’s just that…” Ginji sighed. “I don’t wanna talk about it,” he sighed.

  “I’ll buy you some drink,” Kazuki put an arm around Ginji and the three of them headed back to Honky Tonk Café.

  Ginji sighed when he saw Hikki sitting on Ban’s lap. “Ne, Gin-chan… come here!” Ban hollered when he came in. Kazuki ordered drink from Pore and sat near them, next to Ren.

  Ginji walked over to Ban and tried to smile. “What is it Ban-chan?” he asked. Hikki reached out to take Ginji’s hand and pulled him closer. Ginji followed and stood close to both of them. Hikki took Ban’s hand and put it around Ginji’s slightly larger ones. “Why are you so angry just now?” Hikki asked. “Er… nothing really,” Ginji staggered.

  “Mind Ban, he’s really mean to everyone. I know,” Hikki smiled. Ginji smiled back. Hikki looked at his watch and sighed. “Gotta go now, punk,” Hikki leaned and kissed Ban on the lips. “So fast?” Ban asked, his other free hand held on to Hikki. “I’ll come for breakfast tomorrow?” he smiled. “Ok,” Ban nodded and pulled Ginji to sit on his lap as Hikki went off.

  “You mad at me, Gin-chan?” Ban asked, caressing Ginji’s arms. “Well I thought you two were… were…” Ginji was lost for words. “Hey baby, Hikki’s just like that. He treated everyone like that, ask Pore if you don’t believe me. We’ve always been like that,” Ban smiled and nuzzled Ginji’s chest.

  Ginji looked at Kazuki as the boy smiled. Ginji giggled. “Ore o baka na,” he giggled. Ban laughed. “Precisely,” he rested his hand on Ginji’s stomach under the white T-shirt.

 “Hahaha!” Hevn laughed. “What is it, bitch?” Ban asked, trying to shut his ears. “None of your business,” Hevn pouted. “Why not ask Ban-san and Gin-chan to come along?” Natsumi asked. “I can go on with Ginji, but not Ban,” Hevn shook his head.

  “He’s not going where I’m not going,” Ban sipped his ice water. “Where, where?” Ginji asked. “Oh, we’re going to the ice rink the day after tomorrow. Wanna come?” Natsumi asked. “Sure!” Ginji beamed. “You’re not going,” Ban said carelessly.

  “Why not?” Ginji frowned. “Coz I’m not going!” Ban answered. “Why not?” Ginji asked again. “Coz they don’t want me there,” Ban said literally to irritate Hevn. But Hevn rolled her eyes.

  “But Ban-chan… I want to go,” Ginji pouted. Ban sighed. “Sure, you can go. But don’t get hasty if I get too bored and find something amusing to do, or see some old friends…” Ban said smugly, looking away. Ginji frowned. He didn’t like it when Ban went and sees his old friend. They turned out to be ex-lovers and could be doing inappropriate things if he wasn’t around.

  This got pretty bad. Ginji wanted to go but Ban doesn’t want to. This is bad… real bad…

  Pore spotted something on the table and took it. It seemed to be a wallet, Hikki’s wallet. “Ban, your buddy left his wallet,” Pore told the boy. Ban turned. “He did?” Ban reached for the wallet and opened it. Inside it were his pictures when he was young, looking good; not quite innocent but good. Some was Ban alone and some with Hikki.

  “I want a picture of high school Ban-chan as well,” Ginji asked. Ban smiled. “Well, I don’t keep any but you can try asking Hikki for one,” Ban smiled. Ginji nodded as Ban kept the wallet inside his pants.

  Suddenly the door burst open and Hikki appeared, panting. “Did anyone see my wallet?” he asked. Ban smirked and decided to play. “No,” he answered casually. Everyone looked at him.

  Hikki let out a big sigh. “Ban…” he whined. Ban blinked. “Why? What’s inside the wallet?” he asked. “Valuable stuff,” Hikki answered. “Cash?” Ginji asked. Hikki shook his head. “My precious pictures,” he bit his lips. Ban frowned. The only picture inside was his. “You can take again,” Ban tried to cheer the boy up. Hikki shook his head. “Those were the pictures I took in high school. Those precious moments, the only moments of…” his voice died away into a whisper. “…you and me in love…” Hikki wiped a tear off his eyes. “It’s okay… call me if you saw it, okay?” Hikki walked out of the café, downhearted.

  Ban frowned. Then he turned to Ginji. “Looks like you won’t get to have my high school piccies after all. Ban stood up. “It’s okay. I’m rather satisfied with you in person,” Ginji smiled. Ban leaned down and kissed Ginji’s forehead. “I’m going to return his wallet,” he told Ginji and turned away. “Hate to see him cry,” Ban mumbled and walked out of the café.

 “Koi!” Ban called. Hikki who was not really far turned. “Ban?” he blinked. Ban dug into his pants and came out with Hikki’s wallet. The boy stared at it for a moment before he broke into a big smiled and practically jumped on Ban in delight. “Ban! You found it!” He hugged the boy and kissed Ban hard. “I thought they would be gone forever!” Hikki cried.

  Ban patted his back and kissed him. “It’s okay Hikki. I still love you,” Ban uttered for old time’s sake. He didn’t really mean it, just to satisfy Hikki who was really down. Because his heart now belonged to Ginji.

  Hikki broke down and cried. He knew Ban didn’t mean his words. That was what made him sad but it was better than nothing. That was why his high school pictures with Ban were precious because those were the times when Ban was really his lover.

  “Join us for skating day after tomorrow?” Ban smiled. “Ice skating?” Hikki asked. Ban nodded. “Come to the café for breakfast, we’ll go after that,” Ban told the boy. Hikki nodded and kissed Ban goodbye.

 Hevn frowned. Something was wrong. Everything around her was wrong. She looked at her dinner. It looks okay. “Yo Ban,” she called after the boy who was reading some magazine. “Em?” he asked. “Hikki’s not coming to see you today?” she asked. Ban shrugged. “I dunno,” he returned to his reading. “Where does he stay anyway?” she asked. “Some hotel maybe,” Ban answered carelessly.

  Suddenly the door opened. “Oh, Hi Hikki-san!” Natsumi greeted. Ban turned around and smiled. Hikki produced a box from behind his back and put it on the table. “Guess what is it?” Hikki sat next to the boy with spiky hair. Ban took the box and tried to shake it, but Hikki held his hands. “I think shaking it would be a bad idea,” he grinned.

 “Can I just open it?” Ban smiled, his eyes were big and sparkly. “Umm… sure!” Hikki smiled back, he liked to see Ban smile. It was pure and happy. The boy opened the box without any hesitation, Ginji peered nearer to know what’s inside.

  “AAHHH!!! ICHIGO!!!” Ban exclaimed as he saw big juicy red strawberries inside the box. “Arigatou!” Ban hugged Hikki and took one big juicy strawberry, plopping it into his mouth. “So sweet,” he devoured the feeling of the strawberry’s sweetness. “You try one, Ginji,” Ban pushed another juicy strawberry into Ginji. “Oishii ne?” Ban grinned. Ginji nodded. Hikki smiled.

  Ban took a few and pushed the box to Pore. “Have some,” he gestured to the box. Pore, Natsumi and Hevn took one and tasted. It was unusually sweet and juicy. It was rare to have strawberries this sweet. Hell, It was rare to even HAVE strawberries at this time of the year.

  Hevn frowned by herself. Something was definitely wrong with Hikki.

  “Yo, Hikki,” she called. Hikki looked up from his gaze at Ban and Ginji fighting over the last strawberry. “Yes, Hevn-san?” he smiled. “Where is your hotel?” she asked. Hikki blinked.

  The boy scratched the back of his head. “Ah, at Fu… fu… Fujikou Hotel,” he told the lady. “I see,” Hevn nodded. “Why don’t you bring Ban over to your room?” Hevn smiled, a questioning glint could be seen in her eyes. “Yeah! Bring us there!” Ban smiled, licking his fingers.

  Hikki blinked and thought for a while. “Um… okay. But not today. The room’s pretty messed up,” he smiled. Ban frowned. “Hikki? Messy? Gods forbid! Are you just trying to hide away your ‘hentai’ stuff?” Ban leered nearer and teased the boy. “Ban! You know as well as I do, I don’t read those!” Hikki swatted Ban’s head.

  “Hehe… but people change,” Ban pouted. “I didn’t have the chance to,” Hikki said softly. “What?” Ban asked. Hikki grinned. “Why should I want to?” he lied. Ban shrugged. “I dunno…” he giggled.

  They stayed and talked more until much later that Hikki saw the clock on the wall and gasped. :… The time’s almost up! …: “Ah, minna… I have to go!” Hikki stood up. “So fast?” Ginji asked. Hikki smiled.

  “We can see each other tomorrow right? At 9?” he smiled. Ban nodded. “Okay bye!” Ban hugged the boy and slapped his back playfully.

 As the boy walked out the café, Hevn’s face turned serious. “Ban? What’s Hikki’s real name?” she inquired. “Motohikki Shimomura. Why?” he frowned. Hevn shook her head. “Eh, nothing,” she smiled and stood up. She stretched herself and yawned. “I think I’m going to go home now,” she announced.

  “It’s only. 10pm Hevn,” Ginji commented. “So I can’t go home at 10?” she asked. Ginji shook his head. Ban put an arm around Ginji. “Why do you care about the bitch? Come I’ll take you to the sea shore,” Ban pulled Ginji with him. Hevn pouted.

  “Moshi moshi, Fujikou Hotel, may I help you?” the other line was picked up and answered by a lady. “Yes, Fujikou hotel? I would like to inquire what room does Mr. Shimomura Motohikki stays in?” Hevn called up the hotel to query. Just to satisfy her inquisitive instinct.

  “Hold on please. I will check for you,” said the lady in charge. After a few moments, she came back. “I’m sorry miss. The name you requested is not in our guest list. You can try another hotel,” she answered. “Oh, it’s okay then,” Hevn uttered and hung up the phone.

  “Okay Hikki… let’s see what you are up to,” she smiled.

 Hevn stopped in front of Otawa’s Residence and pressed the intercom button. “Yo, is Otawa Madoka there?” Hevn asked. “May I ask who is there, please?” it was a male’s voice. Most probably one of Otawa’s butler, Hevn concluded.

  “Tell her it’s Hevn here,” Hevn smiled. “Okay, hold on please,” the butler replied. After a few moments, the gate was opened. “You may come in,” the voice from the intercom announced.

  Hevn walked into the garden where she saw Madoka and Shido. “Ohayou, O-futari-san,” she greeted.

  Madoka blinked and smiled. “Hevn-san! What brings you here?” Madoka was playing with one of Shido’s ‘pet’. It was a full-grown lion. Her eyes were blank but she guessed where Hevn was by her voice. Hevn gulped at the lion.

  “Don’t worry. It won’t pounce on you unless I say so,” Shido smirked. “Oh… Okay,” Hevn smiled nervously. “Um, Madoka-chan. I was wondering if you would want to join us for skating?” Hevn asked. “Skating?” Madoka blinked. “Ice skating. In the ice-rink,” Hevn cleared for her. “Ahh… I would love to, but I don’t know how,” Madoka smiled. Her eyes were glassy and happy.

  “Well, Natsumi could teach you. She’s good at it,” Hevn smiled. “Ahh… then it’s okay!” Madoka stood up. Shido frowned at looked at Hevn, pointing at himself. Hevn shook her head and mouthed ‘you-stay-home’ to him. Shido pouted and played with his rabbit.

  “I’ll go and change,” the girl walked away towards her house. “I’ll be waiting her for you,” Hevn called after her. “Hai!” was the distant answer.

  “What this big deal?” Shido asked. “I have something to do. But it’ll require Madoka’s help,” Hevn winked. Shido shook his head. “Just don’t get her into trouble,” he uttered. Hevn smiled. “You’re worried for her?” she challenged. “Hell yes… I mean no! I mean…” Shido was lost for words. “Ahh, I understand… I understand,” Hevn waved at Shido. Shido bit his lips. Girls sure know how to talk!

  After a few minutes, Madoka came back down. “I’m ready!” she carried with her a pair of skating boots and fully covered with woolen attire. “Okay, let’s go!” Hevn took Madoka’s hand.

  They were all having breakfast in the café when Madoka and Hevn came. “Madoka-chan!!” Ginji exclaimed as he saw them entering. “Ohayou, Ginji-san,” she bowed to the blonde. “Come! Let’s join us for breakfast!” he pulled her hand to seat next to him. “Call for anything you want. My treat,” Ginji smiled.

  Ban rolled his eyes. “Who is she?” Hikki asked. “She? Madoka Otawa. Ginji’s head over heals on her. She’s living with Shido though,” Ban pouted, sipping his drink. Hikki frown. “But I thought Ginji likes…” Ban put a finger on Hikki’s mouth and shook his head. “Not in front of her,” he whispered.

  Hikki frown. Did Ban like Ginji secretly and Ginji just treated him like a best friend. This was bad. He backed off because he thought Ban had another lover already so he could go to heaven or hell peacefully. But now…

  Poor Ban… he looked so…

  Suddenly Hikki’s eyes were glassy…

  “Hikki? Hikki? Why are you crying?” Ban asked. Hikki shook his head and stood up. “I’ll be right back,” he uttered tearstained and walked out of the café in a rush.

  Ban sighed. “What is wrong Ban-san? Who is that?” Madoka asked. Ban bit his lips. “A friend,” he uttered and turned to his drink.

  Hevn smiled. She will find out something about Hikki today; or at least why was he still here…’alive’.

  Hikki stopped behind an alley and took a deep breath. He needed Ginji to feel what he felt towards Ban. Needed Ginji to fall in love with Ban not just for best friend’s sake. He needed to show Ginji how much Ban meant to him like he did to himself so he could go peacefully.

  Maybe threatening would be good, but not sincere. Or maybe jealousy? Well… it might work.

  Hikki walked back to the café and smiled as he opened the door.

  “Gomen minna, can we go now?” he faked a smiled, but it was taken by everyone. “Yeah. Where did you go?” Ginji asked. “Took some fresh air,” he uttered, taking Ban’s hand in his own. Hevn looked at him and frowned. She got a report this morning that told her Shimomura Motohikki, first year student of Nihon University died in a chemical explosion during his assignment in Hokkaido Island 3 days ago.

  Just before he first appeared in Honky Tonk café that day.

  What she wanted to know was why he was here and how.

  “Not much people today,” Ginji noted the few skaters in the rink. “The better to do stunts with!” Ban grinned. Pore sighed. This was going to be a long day.

  They paid a sum of fee and went to change into their skating shoes. “Madoka-chan! Do you know how to skate?” Ginji asked. “Um… no!” Madoka smiled. “Well, let me teach you!” Ginji held her hand. “No, Natsumi’ll teach her,” Hevn bonked Ginji’s head. “Me?” Natsumi pointed to herself. “Yeah,” Hevn smiled. “Oh. Okay,” Natsumi smiled and went over to Madoka.

  “I can support her,” Ginji smiled. “Support yourself,” Ban uttered sarcastically and walked away, jumping into the rink before the others. Ginji blinked at Ban. He was moody so suddenly.

  Hikki finally got his shoes done and joined Ban. He could feel Ban’s heart breaking. Well, here goes nothing. “Ban!” he called after stepping into the rink but stationed himself properly. Ban turned around. “What is it?” he asked, stopping quite far. “Help me?” Hikki smiled. His eyes were sparkly, really sincere. “You don’t know how to skate?” Ban asked, his mood was definitely sour. Hikki shook his head.

  “Then don’t skate! Go and die or something!” Ban said and turned around, going forth, leaving Hikki behind. Hikki bit his lips. He wanted to help Ban. But Ban seemed so angry that he didn’t care about him anymore. The boy smiled. “Okay,” he said softly and got out of the rink.

  “Where are you going Hikki-san? You’re not going to skate?” Natsumi asked as she tied Madoka’s shoelaces properly. Hikki smiled and walked away. “Ban told me not to,” his eyes were glassy as he walked to the changing room.

  Hevn frowned. Now she felt guilty. The boy was so sweet yet why did she want to break his secret? Maybe he had something to do with Ban? Maybe he had a reason. But what Ban just did was not to be forgiven. How could he humiliate his best friend like that even if he was in a bad mood? And poor Hikki just followed his finger and went out of the rink.

  Hikki went into the bathroom and hid himself in a cubicle. He sat on the floor and hugged his knees tight. He remembered the times he used to be such good friends and lovers with Ban that the boy would do anything for him. Would teach him anything he didn’t knew and would share anything with him. But now…

  Those memories were beautiful. But it made his un-beating heart hurt. “I would die for you, Ban… but I can’t… I am already dead…”

  Ginji skated slowly next to Madoka even though Natsumi was there to teach her.

 Hevn sulked and stopped Ban when he skated past her. “What is it, bitch?” he asked. Hevn made a mental note not to remember that. “You didn’t have to do that to Hikki,” she said softly. Ban rolled his eyes and continued skating. Hevn followed suit. “Ban! He said ‘okay’ and left,” Hevn told him. “So what? You think he’s really going to kill himself like I said so? Don’t worry he’s not that stupid,” Ban laughed. “Yes. That’s because he’s already dead!” Hevn uttered.

  Ban stopped. He turned around slowly and frowned. “What did you say?” he asked. “I said, he’s already dead. Why he’s here and how I don’t know. But I know he’s definitely dead!” Hevn told him. The fact slapped Ban so hard that he was speechless. “W…when?” he asked, his eyes narrowing.

  “3 day’s ago. Just before he appeared in the café that day,” Hevn said. “Where is he now?” Ban asked. “In the changing room,” Hevn answered as she followed Ban towards the room.

   When they entered the changing room it was quiet except for a faint sobbing sound. “Hikki? Are you in here?” Ban called.

  Hikki looked up and suppressed his cries. “Yes, I’m in here,” he bit his lips and wiped his tears dry. He reached out to flush the toilet and took a deep breath. Hikki opened the door and smiled as Ban met him just outside the door.

  “You crying in there?” Ban asked. Hikki shook his head, oblivious to the fact that Ban could see his puffed eyes and flushed nose. “Hikki, tell me something,” Ban started, leaning on the wall looking at Hikki. “What is it, Ban?” he asked. “Are you dead?” the boy shot his question directly.

  Hikki blinked. How did he know?

  “Answer me, Hikki!” Ban demanded. Hikki bit his lips but kept his silence. “Don’t hide. TELL!” Ban exclaimed. “Yes, I am dead!” he looked up and for the first time in his life raised his voice towards the one and only boy he loved in his short lifetime.

  Ban narrowed his eyes. He was surprised, shocked, angry, confused… but his anger took away the best of him.

  He raised his hand and landed it tight on Hikki’s face.

  “Why didn’t you tell me!” Ban shouted. Hikki couldn’t hold his tears anymore and cried. “I’m sorry Ban… but I…” Hikki tried to explain. But he couldn’t find the words. “I don’t want to listen. Just go to hell or wherever you’re suppose to go. Just don’t came back coz I don’t wanna see you!” Ban walked away. “But, Ban…! Ban…” Hikki slid down to his knees and cried Ban’s name softly as he walked away.

  Hevn who was quiet from just now frowned. “How did you come back, Hikki?” Hevn asked tactfully. Hikki looked at the floor. “I help 32 people escape while I hold the trigger,” The boy uttered, tearstained.

  “All personnel please vacate the plant immediately. All Personnel please vacate the plant immediately,” the siren and alert call warned.

  “What? I can’t leave you here!” Professor Hanako insisted. “No! You all go! Professor, you can’t die!” Motohikki cried. “But!” The professor frowned. “You’re the only one here who know the shortest way out. Just go! Bring them to safety!” Hikki shouted, tears in his eyes. “No way I’m leaving you here! Either you come with us or we all die together!” Professor Hanako insisted.

  “Just go! Please I beg you!” Hikki held the trigger firmly. If he let go; the trigger would pull and the gas would come out, resulting in a big explosion. All because someone tripped and fell on the lock, releasing it.

  The professor sighed and he walked over to Hikki. “May the gods above bless your kind soul, my child,” he kissed the boy’s forehead and wiped off his own tears. “I will always remember you,” he walked away, guiding the other students. “How much time till you all get out?” Hikki asked.

  Professor turned around. “3 minutes,” he answered softly. Hikki nodded. “Good luck,” he smiled.

When they were all about 100 meters away from the plant was and was hidden by some trees, the plant finally exploded.

  “May god bless your soul, Shimomura Motohikki,” they all prayed from him.


  Hevn waited for him to continue. “The shinigami (gods of death) asked if I was ready to die. I said I don’t mind But I need to do something first,”

The guy in a black suit and his partner looked at Hikki’s soul. One looked like he’s in late 20’s. The other one looked much younger. 19 maybe. “You ready to die, kid? You’re so young!” the older one asked. “Anything you haven’t do?” the younger one asked.

 “I am ready. But I need to do something please,” Hikki said softly. “I like your manners. Shoot,” the elder one smiled. “I have a friend in Tokyo. And I promised him something. I just need to give the thing to him and make sure he has everything on his side. I love him and miss him a lot. So I wish to spend my last days with him. Then you can send me to hell or where ever,” Hikki requested softly.

“Who ever said you’re going to hell?” the younger one asked. “Yeah, you saved a lot of people. Okay. I’ll give you one week, a solid body and anything you want. But make sure you come back to the Office of Death every 8 hours to report. Or we’ll be in trouble,” the elder one smiled. His younger companion nodded.

  “Thank you very much,” Hikki smiled.

  “I wanted to help Ginji to realize how much Ban meant to him so he wouldn’t flirt with that girl. But Ban…” Hikki trailed off. “It’s okay. I’ll tell him,” Hevn smiled through tears. “Thank you, kind lady…Goodbye,” Hikki whispered as he vaporized into thin air. “Oh my god…” she gasped and walked out of the bathroom.
  “Ban?” Hevn called. “Don’t talk to me!” Ban shouted and took off his skating shoes, walking away.

  “What’s wrong with Ban-chan?” Ginji asked as he saw Ban going away. “Er? Oh, he needs to buy something,” Hevn lied. “Where’s Hikki?” Ginji looked around. “Oh he went back,” Hevn smiled.

Ban was confused. He didn’t know what to think. His friend was a ghost and he didn’t know it. And he did bad things to his friend.

 Hevn saw the boy looking out through the window. It was raining heavily outside. “Ban?” Hevn called. The boy kept his silence. “Ban, I just want to tell you how and why is Hikki here,” Hevn stated.

Ban closed his eyes.

“He saved a lot of people in the plant explosion and was granted a wish by the Shinigamis. His wish was to give something to you and would like to spend his last moments with you because he loves you. And the wanted your life to be perfect before he leaves you for good,” Hevn concluded.

 Ban broke down and cried. “Why!? Why must he put himself in front of others? WHY!?” the boy fell to his knees and sobbed. His hand felt the most pain for hitting Hikki and his heart hurts the most for doing the horrible things to Hikki.

“Hikki no BAKA!” he shouted.

  “Was it fun, Madoka-chan?” Ginji asked as he held her hands. Madoka nodded. “Thank you, Ginji-san for skating with me,” she smiled. Hevn sighed and looked aver at Ban who was sitting on the seat by the window, looking out at the rain. His steaming tea, untouched. His mind was in a total mess.

  Madoka’s new driver arrived and took her home. Ginji waved goodbye to her and went to seat next to Ban. “Why are you not drinking you tea, Ban-chan? It’s getting cold,” Ginji asked. Ban was silent as if he didn’t heard what Ginji said. Ginji shrugged and leaned back.

  Pore was putting out the plates when he saw an envelope. On the counter, it could be missed easily if careless. It has pink Sakura blossom prints on it. He took it and frowned. It has the writing ‘To Ginji’ on it.

  “Ginji, your letter,” Pore pushed it to the boy. Ginji straightened up and jumped. “For me? Who’s it from?” he asked. “Couldn’t be from Madoka, she couldn’t write,” Hevn grinned. “Aw, Hevn-san… don’t be so mean,” Ginji smiled.

  Ginji opened the envelope upside-down and 7 pictures accidentally fell out from the envelope. He knelt down and picked it up. It was Ban’s high school pictures. And there was another letter in the envelope. It wrote…

  Hello Ginji-san,

You may have guessed by now that it’s me. Hikki. I have to go now. Earlier than I expected but, hey not everything goes as planned right? I just wanted to tell you that I hope you would treat Ban preciously, like I did. Please stop flirting with other girls. Ban is very upset when you do so. And he lets it out at someone else.

  Ban loves you with all his heart. I know. So please return it to him as much. Here are the pictures I have of him when he was in high school. I know you wanted it. So I’m giving it to you since I don’t need it anymore. Not that I don’t want it. Just that I can’t bring those pictures with me to where I’m going so it’s better if you have it, ne?

  Please tell Ban that I love him very much. It’s okay that he hates me, I don’t mind. I wish the best for him and you.

        Yours Forever in memories,
         Motohikki Shimomura…

  Ginji frowned at the letter. “Where’s Hikki going?” he asked. Hevn frowned. “What?” she asked. “Where’s Hikki going? He said that he’s going somewhere that he couldn’t bring pictures and he’s giving it all to me. And why is he talking like he’s going to die?” Ginji asked. Hevn bit his lips.

  Ban who heard it from his place shut his eyes, suppressing his tears.

  “Ban-chan? Where is he going?” Ginji asked. “HE’S DEAD!” Ban shouted as tears roll off his cheeks. “Dead?” Ginji echoed. “Oh my god,” Ginji bit his lips and went over to Ban. He hugged his friend as Ban cried freely on his shoulder, hugging him tight. “I’m sorry, Ban… I’m sorry… I love you,” Ginji cried. Ban hugged the boy tighter and sobbed.

 “You sure you’re ready this time?” The older shinigami asked. “Yes,” he said softly. The younger one frowned. Hikki didn’t look so happy. “Did it turn out bad? Do you regret this?” he asked. Hikki shook his head and smiled. “No. I’m happy. And thank you for giving me a chance to meet him for the last time,” Hikki smiled and bowed in gratitude.

  “Okay follow me,” the older one turned around as Hikki followed. “So, did you tell him you love him?” the younger one asked. Hikki smiled. “He already has a great new lover,” Hikki smiled. “Oh,” the younger shinigami nodded and regretted asking him that.

  Ginji rested his head on Ban and listened to his heartbeat. Glad that it was there, assuring him that he was still there and alive with him.
  It was raining heavily outside, so Ban and Ginji slept in the Honky Tonk café. Pore got them some futon so they could sleep comfortably on the floor.

  “Thank you, Hikki… may god bless your kind soul,” he prayed before he closed his eyes, closing his arms around Ban tighter.


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