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Yaoi, lemon…

A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

It’s all in the Heart

  “Damn it’s hot!” Mitoban sighed, walking up to the Honky Tonk café. Ginji was silent, walking behind him; lost in thoughts. Mitoban pulled out his pocket and a piece of 100 yen coin fell out of it, landing right in his palm. :… 100 yen… damn! We got 50,000 yen just now! That stupid bitch! So happy to take the compound money… …: He mumbled in his head.

  The bell rang as they entered the café. Wan Pore smiled as he put a cigarette in his mouth. “Any food?” he asked, ready to make some cash. Mitoban shook his head. “Not today, we ran out of cash. Had to pay for the car… damn, I should have parked it in the forest!” he complained.

  Natsumi Mizuki chuckled. “Ban-san… It’s okay… my treat,” she put away the towel that she used to wipe the tables. “I’ll cut it right out of your pay,” Wan Pore said jokingly as he prepared some sushi. He made extra fish eggs sushi as Ginji loved to eat them. :… Hmm… Ginji haven’t spoken a word since he came in …: Wan Pore wondered. He looked up from his counter and saw the blonde lost in thoughts at the end of the counter.

  “Ei, Ban… what’s with Ginji?” he asked in a whisper at the blue eyed boy. “Ginji? Oh, he’s all right, maybe just a bit tired… hehheh…” the boy carelessly walked up to Hevn who was reading a magazine. “Whatcha reading, bitch?” he reached out both of his hands and grabbed her full breasts from the back.

  “Fashion magazines,” she answered casually as her fist flew right up, targeting on Mitoban’s nose. The spiky haired boy laughed as he moved to the side quickly, missing the deadly punch by millimeters. “You bastard!” Hevn got up and started bashing up Mitoban with the magazine. Ginji eyed the scenario sadly.

  He loved the boy deeply; he needed the boy badly. But how could he tell him? He was his best friend. And he doesn’t know what’s going on in Mitoban’s head. One moment he’ll show signs that he might be able to love him back, the next minute, he’s gone right into Hevn’s game. He couldn’t blame Mitoban for it, Hevn’s cute and sexy and she’s a girl. He was just an annoying male electric eel to Mitoban.

  Ginji sighed. He was angry. Not at Mitoban, but himself. How could he not get mad at that boy because he had wasted their money just to bail out the car was weird. Maybe it was love after all.

  :… I just wanted to be loved by you, Ban-chan… I don’t mind if I don’t eat or anything… I just want to be with you …: his mind voiced out. His chest was in pain. How could he stand this? Mitoban laughing and playing with Hevn. He was the one who’s suppose to play with him, only him.

  “You’re so fat that you couldn’t catch me. Ha! Ha!” Mitoban laughed as he teased Hevn and jumped on the chair to take refuge. Hevn took a deep breath. “Fat!?” she exclaimed, her face was bright red. Mitoban blinked; maybe he had outdone his teasing. “Okay, okay… I’m sorry…!” He put both his hands up and laughed. Natsumi nearly choked her ice water out of her nose looking at Mitoban acting like that.

  Wan Pore smiled at them as he came out of the counter carrying the tray of sushi. He walked towards Ginji and smiled. “Come,” he said as he pulled the guy to sit where the others were. Ginji sat to Mitoban’s left and looked at the tray. It has extra fish egg sushi.   :… Maybe I could smile a bit …: he reached out to take the chopstick.

  Mitoban was still laughing. “Okay! To show you that I’m really sorry… hehe… hehe… here!” he took a plate and dump all the fish eggs sushi in it. "All the fish eggs sushi, for you!” he grinned, pushing the plate to Hevn. “Wai!! Ban-san is so nice!!” Natsumi clapped her hands. Ginji blinked at the tray. Not even one fish egg sushi left for him. :… Ban-chan… how could you …: his eyes were welled up with tears. He slammed the chopsticks on the table and got up.

  “Ginji?” Mitoban blinked as he looked at his best friend walking  to the door. Ginji pushed the door open and walked out of the café. Wan pore sighed. He knew what was Ginji thinking. “What’s wrong with him?” Mitoban asked, his smile faded considerably into a frown. Hevn shrugged. “Ask yourself,” Wan Pore sighed and walked back to the counter. “Me? What did I do?” Mitoban pointed at himself. Natsumi blinked and looked into the tray. “Maybe because you took all of the fish eggs sushi,” Natsumi pointed at the tray. “Yeah, he likes fish eggs sushi,” Hevn nodded.

  Mitoban frowned deeper. “Oh, come on… it’s not like he can’t order some more!” he retorted as he munched on a prawn sushi. “It’s not that, Ban… it’s the thought that counts…” Wan Pore spoke from behind the counter. Mitoban blinked. “Thoughts? What thoughts?” he asked. “Think about it,” Wan Pore smiled as he took 4 glasses of fruit cocktail to the table.

  Mitoban shrugged and smiled. “I know him. He’s okay… I give him 5 minutes the most. He’ll come back,” he grinned confidently, stuffing another sushi. “I wouldn’t know…” Wan Pore trailed off.

  Ginji stopped running and panted. He looked around; he was near the playground. It was late evening. All the children had gone home. Step by step, he walked to the pipes and climbed on it.

  The dark sky was already filled with stars. Thousands of them, millions even. Why does he have to go through all this? Why can’t he be like other normal teenagers? To just love a girl. Why must he have feelings for the same gender, to make it worse, his best friend who seemed to be too dense to realize what feelings he had.

  And Hevn… not that he didn’t like her… but she could sometimes be so close to Mitoban that Ginji felt left out and could almost be thrown into jealousy fits.

  “Amano… Ginji…” a voice called. Ginji frowned. That voice. He thought he had heard it before. “Who’s there?” he turned around and blinked his big eyes. “Ore da, oboeru ka na?” asked the boy, smiling. Ginji’s face grew into a smile. “Shuu?” he voiced. The boy nodded. “Shuu!! Hisashiburi ne!” Ginji jumped and ran towards the guy. Shuu opened his arms and gladly let Ginji sink into him. The blonde hugged his old acquaintance and started to sob. “Ginji-chan? What’s wrong?” he asked. Ginji looked up with watery eyes. It just felt so good to have warm arms wrapped around you. He sunk back his face on Shuu’s chest and cried. The boy smiled and patted Ginji’s back. “It’s okay… cry my friend… you’ll feel much better afterwards.”

  Mitoban looked at the small clock on the counter. 11:55 p.m. :… It’s this late already? …: he looked around, he couldn’t believe it was nearly midnight and Ginji still haven’t came back. “Natsumi-chan, what’s the time now?” he asked, maybe that small clock was screwed up or something. Natsumi blinked and pointed at the clock on the wall. “11:55,” she answered, looking at Mitoban’s face. He had anxiety written all over his slightly flushed face.

  Mitoban frowned. “It is nearly midnight…” he said softly. He had never had Ginji away from him for more than 10 minutes. Wherever they go, and no matter what happened; they’ll be together. It had been nearly 6 hours since he left without a word.

  :… He’s a big boy. Maybe he’s just wandering around …: a voice in his head said. Ban didn’t like it. :… Maybe he met some friends …: it said again. :… He doesn’t have friends! Those are gangsters! …: he shouted back at that voice mentally.

  :… So? He has nothing to do with you… why worry?! …: the voice kept arguing. :… because he’s my friend! …: Mitoban answered, starting to get annoyed. :… Friend? Is it so? Is that particular reason so simple or do you have other hidden agendas to it? …” The voice slapped Mitoban right on his senses.

  :… Hidden agendas? …: That got himself thinking.

  The bell rang as someone entered the closed café. Mitoban shot his eyes right on the intruder and frowned as he saw Ginji behind him, a big smile on his face. “Ginji-kun! Where were you?” Natsumi asked, rushing towards them. Mitoban looked at them from his seat on the counter, as quiet as a mouse. “I’m okay, Natsumi-chan ^__^. Here, meet Shuu. He’s my best friend,” Ginji introduced Shuu to Natsumi. Wan Pore, Hevn and Mitoban looked at Ginji at the mention of the phrase ‘best friend’. “Hajimemashite, Natsumi-chan,” Shuu smiled. “Hhehe… douzo yoroshiku,” she smiled sweetly.

  Mitoban blinked. His heart felt like it was torn out of his body and was stepped on. Why?

  Hevn quickly got up from her seat and went to Ginji and Shuu. :… Gods, he’s a babe! …: She grinned. “Shuu-chan… that’s Wan Pore. He’s a nice guy and this is Hevn, best girl you can find in the streets!” he grinned. Wan Pore waved a friendly gesture towards Shuu. “Nice way of introducing me,” Hevn said sarcastically at Ginji, but quickly turned to shake hands with Shuu. “Hajimemashite,” she winked at Shuu.

  Ginji smiled. “That should be enough, Hevn-chan…” Ginji grinned as Hevn was still shaking hands with his friend. “Oh, gomen,” she blushed and patted her micro-mini-skirt. “Shuu and I used to be in the Shinjuku gang, we left together and he’s living in Okinawa now. Earning ‘steady’ cash,” he said, in a hinting tone. Ginji smiled and pointed at the clock. “Oh, it’s nearly midnight!” Ginji exclaimed. “Yeah, sure is… wanna go now?” Shuu asked. The blonde nodded. “Where are you going?” Hevn asked. “I’m bunking at his place. See you guys!” he said and walked out of the café.

  Mitoban sat there like a duck, blinking. :… He didn’t even say anything to me… he didn’t even introduce me to that guy …: he uttered silently. :… Why should he introduce to you him? …: that voice came back to irritate him. :… Because I’m his friend! …: he shouted internally. :… Friend? Are you sure? If he’s only your friend, why do you fell like your heart was being torn and stepped on when he treated you like thin air? …: that was the second slap Mitoban got on his senses that day.

  He got up. “I have to go now…” Mitoban uttered as he walked to the door. “Mito-kun…” Wan Pore called as the boy pushed the door. “Think about it okay,” He smiled weakly. Mitoban closed his eyes and pushed his way out the door. “Baka,” he gritted his teeth.

  He walked towards his little gray car. Opening the door, he sat inside it closing his eyes. It was quiet. Damn quiet. Normally Ginji would start blabbering on how great he was and how hungry he was. Yes, it was annoying. But why did he miss it so much now? Why did he have this sudden crave of having Ginji talk to him non-stop? Why would he think that his sweet mellow cheerful voice would mend his broken heart? :… Because he’s more than a friend to you, baka! …: that voice again. “Uruse!” He exclaimed and opened his eyes.

  His hand turned the ignition-key and the engine started. His left foot stepped on the gas and the little gray car sped into the night with unexpected speed.

  Just as he changed the gear and turned to a right cornering, his blue sapphire eyes scanned something. It was Ginji and his friend Shuu. They were arm in arm happily chatting away. Mitoban closed his eyes and step on the gas again.

  He needed to go somewhere. To tell someone… that’s when he realized that he had no one else; no one except Ginji. He was the one who would listen to his past. He was the one who would lend a shoulder to him when he’s sad. He was his other part of missing soul. And now, maybe it was lost forever.

  He hit the brakes suddenly. His eyes scanned the surroundings. It had been a while since he drove aimlessly and now he was near the beach. The air was slightly warm. He got out of his car and sat on the roof, looking up at the stars.

  He closed his eyes and thought. Random flashbacks ran through his head. “ … Ban-chan… the Get Backers shop can’t go on with one people … Ban-chan, I love to eat your hand, but your flesh is so hard … Ban-chan, we can share the juice so the calories can spare us for half a day … Ban-chan… …” Mitoban smiled at the way he called his name. “Ban-chan,” he echoed.

  Then his mind traveled back to when Ginji left him. “… Maybe it was the sushi …” he said softly, mainly to himself. :… It was… you knew he loved fish eggs sushi… why did you leave none for him? …: that voice again. “It didn’t occur in my mind,” he snorted in defense. :… You don’t think about him much do you? …: the voice asked. “Cheh! As if he thinks about me anyway,” Mitoban turned to lie on his left. :… As a matter of fact, he does. Remember how determined he was to share the juice, remember how hard he tried to tell you not to leave him in his own way? …: the voice left him. More thinking.

  More thinking…

  Three days passed. It was hard. “I can’t stand this anymore…” he said softly in his car. It was getting too lonely and sad for him. He had to do something to at least soothe his mind. He didn’t know Ginji could have such an effect on him.

  He had parked his car at a dark alley for the night. This three days he had done nothing but think. He didn’t care about food or anything.

  :… The Jagan …: said the voice. It came back. “Jagan? What the hell for?” he asked himself. :… You’re tired… use the Jagan on yourself…: it said. “How?” he asked. :… Look at the mirror and hypnotize yourself… best thing is, you can have your fantasy as long as you want because you’re using it on yourself …: it chuckled. “Fantasy? What fantasy?” He frowned. :… Just do it… I’ll take care of the rest for you …:

  Mitoban was too tired to argue. He reached up for the rear view mirror in his car and looked at it. He widened his eyes and uttered. “Evil Eye open!”

  Suddenly he was not in his car. “Where am I?” he asked. The surroundings became clearer as moments passed; A room, nice and luxurious, a slightly cool breeze of the air-conditioner and a soft bed that he was currently sitting on.

  “Ban-chan…” suddenly there was a voice. Mitoban turned around and was face to face with his blonde love. “Ginji?” he called. The blonde nodded. “Of course it’s me, who do you think it would be, itoshii?” he smiled and bit Mitoban’s arm. Mitoban smiled back. He was so glad that Ginji was there next to him that he chuckled when Ginji did that to him.

  “You just love to eat my arm, don’t you, Ginji?” Mitoban asked. Ginji nodded. “wan nadher pwats ‘s werr…” what Ginji said was slurry as he was still biting on Mitoban’s arm. “Come again, Ginji?” Mitoban blinked. Ginji let go of Mitoban’s arm. “I said, And other parts as well,” he licked the marks he left on Mitoban’s arm.

  “Other parts?” Mitoban blinked. Ginji smiled and pushed Mitoban, pinning him on the bed. He straddled the guy’s hips and looked right into those depthless blue orbs. Full of lust and desire. Mitoban blinked in surprise when Ginji lowered his head and closed the space between their lips. Ginji’s lips were flowery, sweet and soft. Just as he had imagined it, always.

  The passionate embrace was broken slightly. Mitoban frowned in protest but Ginji’s hands were expertly running all over his chest. His soft hands brushed over his hard growing nipples through the white cotton button down shirt. It wasn’t long before Ginji reached up to unbutton the buttons one by one.

  “Oh Ginji…” Mitoban sighed as Ginji kissed his neck, slowly nibbling on it’s pale skin. The blonde worked his way down, paying attention to Mitoban’s pink erect nipples. His left nipple was the first one to be engulfed with the warmth of Ginji’s hot cavern. His free hand, caressing the other nipple. He did the same to the other nipple after that and made Mitoban moan like a fox in heat.

  For all you know, Mitoban was now officially shirtless and next come the pants. Ginji pulled it off with a slight tug and his pants was off together with his boxers. In front of him now was a fully naked, fully aroused hormone infested Mitoban, so sexy and so beautiful.

  Ginji went down again and started to trail his tongue down from his sternum to his navel, stopping to play with it for a while. That made Mitoban moan again, the boy was close, but not close enough to feel the full pleasure.

  Mitoban was getting sweaty. Ginji smiled and ran his soft palms across Mitoban’s fully erect member. The blood inside were gorged making it unbelievably painful to be ignored any longer. That was when he felt a warm sensation inundate his living rod. He could see shooting stars by now.

  He winced when Ginji teased him by lightly scraping his teeth over Mitoban’s manhood. It sent a shudder up his spine and made the boy bit his lips in pleasure. Ginji started bobbing his head up and down Mitoban’s shaft. The blue eyed boy got the rhythm of Ginji’s pumping and bucked up his hips to get more of it. Ginji kept up teasing and sucking until he knew that Mitoban’s time was up that he gave him a deepthroat. Mitoban cried out as he felt his seeds travel from his testicles up to his penis, shooting a steady stream of sperm…

  He opened his eyes. He was back in his car. It was dark and hot so he reached up to switch on the light. His windows were all misted up. He suddenly felt some sticky stuff on his hands and looked at it. It was covered with slimy whitish substance. He inspected the lower half of his body and found out that his zippers were undone and his dick was hanging limp after shooting live bullets. He blinked and reached for a tissue box in the back seat. He took the tissue and wiped his seeds, which seemed to be everywhere… on the dash-box, on his thighs, on the floor of the car…

  He threw the used tissue paper behind and leaned on the seat. Done and exhausted. He finally came to a conclusion. He just had to get Ginji back. :… The problem is how can I do that? …: he asked himself.


  The bell rang as someone came in to the Honky Tonk café. “Boy are we early today?” Hevn grinned as she lowered down the morning paper to have a look at Mitoban. “Where have you been for four days, Mito-kun?” Wan Pore asked. “Thinking…” he smiled.

  “Oh my god…” Hevn exclaimed. Everyone looked at her. “Ban-chan… were you masturbating or doing anything close to sex?” she asked in a whisper, dragging the poor boy to the side. Poor Mitoban was a mess. He turned a few shades redder. Hevn rearranged his messy hair and shook her head. “Thinking about Ginji-kun?” she smiled. “How did you…?” he frowned.

  “Natsumi and I knew… Wan Pore told us. Now,” she tried to scrape away the stains of dried semen on Mitoban’s pants. “You’re in big trouble,” she told him. “Big trouble?” Mitoban echoed. Hevn nodded. “Ginji’s going to Okinawa. His friend promised him a job there. You’d better do something,” she warned. Mitoban blinked. He didn’t even came with a plan. He looked over Hevn’s shoulder and saw Ginji, Shuu and Natsumi talking away.

  “Hevn-- I honestly don’t know… what to do…” he sighed. Hevn ran her fingers though his hair. “Tell him baby. I tell you, it’s worth the trouble and shame…” she advised. Mitoban nodded. “I’m not sure if what I’m doing is right… but I’ll take a go,” he said as he patted his pants, walking towards they all.

  “Ban-san!! Ohayou ne!” Natsumi greeted and waved at him. Mitoban nodded once and smiled. Shuu was just going to introduce himself when Mitoban spoke. “I heard you’re going to Okinawa, Ginji?” he started the conversation. Ginji looked up at Mitoban and nodded. Only god knows how much he missed him. :… Oh, Ban-chan… …:

  Mitoban swallowed a lump in his throat. His mind wandered off to his fantasy the night before… that blonde boy doing all sorts of wonderful things to him…

  “Why do I have this feeling that Ban’s not doing it right?” Hevn pondered aloud to Wan Pore and sipped her morning coffee.

  “Yes, later today,” Ginji tried to keep his cool. He really didn’t want to go. But since Shuu can find a job with promising cash for him and there’s nothing left for him here but heartache whenever he looked at Mitoban and Hevn together, he’d made a decision to leave.

  “Why?” Mitoban kept his own cool and asked. “Well, Shuu can get me a job with steady payment every month and…” he trailed off, continuing it in his mind :… I can’t stand to see you fall into other people’s hands …:

  “You’re not staying then?” Mitoban asked. Ginji shook his head. “Nothing for me to stay,” he uttered. “The Get Backers shop can’t survive with only one person,” he hinted. Ginji shrugged. “I’m sorry Mitoban,” he answered. Mitoban blinked. Ginji had never before call him by his full name, his heart was again ripped off his body.

  “Aren’t you kind of selfish to do that?” Mitoban kept on talking. “Selfish?! You’re telling ME about selfishness?” Ginji stood up. Hevn buried her eyes in the newspaper. “I told you it’s not going to be good,” she sighed.

  “YOU have never thought of MY well being! YOU have never cared of MY feelings! YOU had never even bother to think about ME!” Ginji’s eyes were welled up with crystal tears.

  Natsumi and Shuu froze at all this. “That is your problem! How could I possibly know what you’re thinking of?!” Mitoban retorted. “Ban-chan… you’re doing it all wrong…!” Hevn shook her head.

  “I thought you could at least have a place in your heart for me. You knew I loved to eat fish eggs sushi and you gave it away! You knew I loved you but you still flirt around and left me behind!” Ginji shouted and he was crying by now. Mitoban froze. Hevn slapped her palm against her forehead. “And I was stupid enough to love YOU!” Ginji cried and walked away, heading for the door.

  Mitoban blinked. :… Go after him! …: a voice in his head told him and this time he knew better than to argue with it.

  “Ginji-koi!” Mitoban rushed over to Ginji before he could reach the door; Mitoban turned him around, pressing him to his chest. Tears were falling freely from his own sapphire eyes. “I’m sorry, Ginji… I’m truly sorry… I promise you I’d never do such horrible things to you anymore… ever…” he said, kissing Ginji’s hair.

  Ginji sobbed on his now-lover’s chest. “Ban-chan…” he called. “Nani?” Mitoban asked. “I don’t want to go… please let me stay… I don’t care about steady payments… I don’t care about food… I’ll be very happy as long as I’m with you…” Mitoban choked back his tears. “You’re very welcomed to stay… and I don’t intend to let you go even… itoshii…” Mitoban kissed Ginji’s forehead again.

  Hevn sighed. “Didn’t expect it to go this way, but it ended the way it should,” she grinned and sipped her remaining coffee. Natsumi clapped her hands. “Yatta!!” she jumped and went to Mitoban and Ginji, joining the hug.

  Shuu smiled as both Mitoban and Ginji walked towards the table. “See, Ginji-chan… I know he loves you… he just have this big thing called ego,” he chuckled. Ginji went red and sank on the chair. Wan Pore and Hevn came with chocolate milkshakes and a big tray of fish eggs sushi.

  “Here Ginji, Ban is buying this for you!” he grinned. Mitoban stopped smiling and blinked. “Hevn-san… if there is any job you could let us do…” he trailed off. “I have just one in my hand now! ^__^” she laughed. “You can start getting back the treasure tomorrow,” she grinned from ear to ear.

  “Itadakimasu!!” Ginji exclaimed and stuffed a few pieces of fish eggs sushi in his mouth.

  “Ja, Take-care Shuu-kun! Mata ne!” Ginji waved goodbye as he walked into the car. Mitoban smiled as Ginji closed the door. “Oh, Ban-chan, you’re so great!” he cooed. :… Just as expected, praising me just as he entered the car …: Mitoban smiled.

  Mitoban drove to the beach he had been to a few days earlier. “I wonder if you like going to the beach… I like it… it’s nice,” Mitoban told his lover. Ginji nodded. “I’d love to go anywhere with you, koibito,” he grinned.

  Mitoban chuckled and parked their car near the beach, under the stars, on the silvery sand that sparkled against the pale moonlight. “This is life,” he sighed.

  Then suddenly there was this sharp pain on his arm. “Ne?” he blinked and found out that Ginji had again bit his arm. “Your flesh is nice, but it’s too hard,” he said, slurring a little. “You love to ‘eat’ my arm don’t you?” Mitoban asked. Ginji nodded. “And other parts as well,” he answered. Mitoban blinked. That exact dialog seemed very familiar…

  For all he knew, he was pulled to the back seat and was pinned on it. “I would like to try it now,” the blonde boy smiled as he planted butterfly kisses on Mitoban’s neck, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He endeavored to try pleasuring Mitoban and himself by sucking passionately on Mitoban’s pink erect nipples. His nose then caught something. “Ban-chan… your car smells like… you…” he said suspiciously, but still kissing his way down to Mitoban’s navel, secretly opening his zippers.

  The blue-eyed boy flushed more than he had been and bit his lips when Ginji’s hot cavern reached his gorged rod overwhelming it with love and warmth. “God you’re better real life,” Mitoban moaned. “So, you were masturbating while thinking of me…” Ginji grinned and pulled off Mitoban’s pants.

  “Itoshii, claim me,” he demanded, taking off his clothes and pulling his own Bermuda pants down. Mitoban sat up and let Ginji lay down on the seat. Ginji blushed slightly as he exposed himself in his birthday suit to the one he truly love for the first time. Mitoban gratified himself by eyeing his exposed lover from top to bottom and stopping at the middle where he investigated the living manhood of his lover, slowly massaging it. It stood fully erect in between thin bushes of golden hair. He gave the top a kiss and playfully engulfed the rod with his mouth. It tasted slightly salty and lovely.

  He let his saliva drool and slide to Ginji’s puckered hole. When it was lubricated enough, he tested it with his forefinger. It went in easily. Mitoban stroke the inside walls of Ginji’s hole making the latter moan in pleasure. He spat on his hand and covered his own rod with the slimy substance, positioning it at Ginji’s entrance.

  “Shout baby, shout…” Mitoban said as he entered Ginji slowly, but firmly. The blonde couldn’t help but escaping a slight moan of hurt. Mitoban stopped for a while when the head of his cock was inside. It was so tight and hot he felt like spilling right then and there.

  After a few moments, he pushed himself further. This time Ginji shouted. Out of pain and pleasure. The feel of Mitoban’s thick hard flesh inside him was making his head turning summersaults. It felt painful and so good at the same time. Also knowing that the one making love to him was the one who loved him and the one that he loved.

  Mitoban went in and out the hole at first slowly, but the speed grew as Ginji got accustomed to the pressure. The blue eyed boy reached down to his lover’s living shaft and pumped it expertly.

  “Gods, you’re… making… me… spill…!” Ginji said in between ragged breaths. “Shit… shit… shit!!! I’m coming as well!!” Mitoban cried. “Ahh… anh… anh… hhh… mmmm…!!!” Mitoban moaned as he felt his seeds travel at high speed heading towards the opening at the end of his penis, spilling into Ginji’s tunnel. At the feel of a warm stream flooding his body, Ginji immediately released his own seed at it shot right on Mitoban’s face, covering it with semen.

  Now his car really smelled like sex. Mitoban smiled and reached out to turn the air-cond on full blast. They covered themselves with a blanket they have in the car and locked the door. Ginji cuddled against Mitoban’s chest and breathed in deeply.

  “Ginji?” Mitoban called. “Yes?” Ginji asked. “Eien ni ai shiteru,” Mitoban confessed. Ginji smiled. “Ore mou… Eien ni ai shiteru, Ban-chan…” Ginji breathed in his lover’s faded cologne smell. It was sweet…


  As sweet at Mitoban himself…

Owari ^___^
27th December 1999

Mwahahaha!!! My first lemon for Get Backers!! Hehe… no, no! Don’t kill me!!! Don’t blame me… It’s been a while since I wrote any lemons and I’m craving to let it go, or I might just get insane! Hehehe… I know they’re not much Get Backers fans out there… but I intend to make them as good as Yuu Yuu Hakusho!

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