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Irony of Life

What if you finally get to live on your own, just to have your housemate push you around? What if you found out that your housemate is also your nemesis at the University? What if your nemesis is a long hair pretty faced lil basta*d hidden behind cherubic features? What if ... you think that you've falled in LOVE with him?

Ironic ey?

Well, after 2 weird doujinshis and an unpublishable 140 page original manga, I present you...

Soar through the adventures *COUGH* of a 2nd year University student name Ijyuin Junya and his housemate Waku Higashikunimaru together with a rabbit spirit name Kato through the ironies of life...

Chapter 01
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chapter 1 cover

Irony Of Life Copyrighted by Koorime Yukina @ Bulma brief @ Shindou Eiri 2001

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