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Yaoi. Duh!

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Love is Worth Starving for

  “Ban, I’m hungry…” Amano Ginji sighed as he followed his friend taking a stroll along the sidewalk. Mitoban stopped suddenly and looked at a glass showcase showing a plate full of sushi. “Itetete!!” Ginji accidentally knocked his nose on Mitoban’s head. “Hmm… food,” Ban said softly, his tenor voice echoed. “Food?” Ginji blinked and peered at what Ban was looking over the other boy’s shoulder.

  Mitoban looked at his friend who was resting his head on his shoulder, holding his nose. “Ginji? What happened to your nose?” Ginji turned SD and pouted. “You stopped suddenly and I knocked onto you,” he told the boy with the spiky hair.

  Ban smiled. “Poor boy,” he put his arms around Ginji’s shoulder and hugged him, kissing his nose slightly.


  Ginji blinked. “Ban?” he asked. Ban smiled. “What is it?” Ginji took away his hand from his bruised nose. “I’m still hungry,” he said softly. Mitoban nearly fainted.

  “Come on,” he said roughly, pulling the boy with surprising gentleness.

  Mitoban entered the sushi shop with his friend hanging on his shoulders. They moved to the display showcase. “What will be it, loverboy?” he asked. Ginji looked wide eyed at the sushi on display.

  “I want that one, em… that one also… and yeah, that one!” he pointed to the small sushis on display. The hungry boy pointed and the waiter nodded as he picked up the sushi that was pointed at.

  Mitoban sighed. He secretly looked at the coins and colored papers that were called money he had, he bit his lips. “How much is it?” he could hear Ginji’s cheerful voice. “2700 yen please,” answered the waiter as he wrote the bill. Ban smiled as he closed his hand and turned around.

  “Hora! Here’s your money!” he dumped the 2700 yen he had in his hand and pulled Ginji out the restaurant. They walked on to next door and bought a packet of juice at 7-11. Mitoban looked at his last 95 yen as it disappeared into the cashier’s hand. He could honestly cry. Ginji smiled happily as he took the packet and followed his friend.

  They stopped at the playground and found a sit in the pipes. Ginji opened his packet of sushi and smiled happily. “Itadakimasu!” he cheered as he stuffed 2 sushis in his mouth at one go. Ban looked at his lover fondly. He was happy as long as Ginji was. The boy turned around and tried to hide his grumbling stomach. It had been 3 days since he had food.

  Ginji stopped eating and blinked. He heard Ban’s stomach growling. “You’re not eating Ban?” he asked as he inched closer. Mitoban smiled and shook his head. “I’m full. You go ahead and eat first,” he said as he ran his fingers through Ginji’s short blonde hair. The boy leaned on Ban’s chest and sighed. “I can hear your stomach grumbling,” he reasoned softly. “The sushi is for you, so you eat,” said Ban as he opened the packet of Juice putting it in front of Ginji.

  “Ban…” Ginji called as the other boy walked out of the pipe and looked at the dark sky. It was sparkly, lots of stars; he realized. Ginji sighed. He knew that Ban loved him, Ban would do anything for him and he loved him too.

  Ginji walked out of the pipe carrying the juice. He wrapped his arms around Mitoban and showed him the juice. “Drink,” Ban smiled and took a sip. Satisfied, Ginji took a long sip for himself and put the packet on the pipe as he buried his face on Ban’s back; inhaling the boy’s soft fading cologne.

  “Oh Ban…” Ginji turned the boy around and searched for Ban’s slightly puckered lips. He kissed those loving lips softly but passionately.

  “Ai shiteru, Ginji-koi…” Ban said in between kisses. Ginji’s eyes were welled up with tears. “Onai yo… eien ni aishite…” Ginji sobbed on Ban’s chest.

  “It’ll be over soon, itoshii… Next time when we get hired, we’ll as for more than 1000 yen… if less, we won’t do it… no more than 1500 yen,” Ban promised. Ginji looked up into those blue eyes. Cold, but full of love. His own warm honey colored ones watery, but understanding. He nodded and embraced the boy as Ban played with his hair.

  Mitoban looked up into the starry sky. “I promise you, itoshii…” Ban whispered softly.

Owari… ^_^
5th December 1999

First short ficcie about my latest obsession… ^_^ Get Backers! Gods, I just love Mitoban and Ginji! They’re so cute!!! Sorry for the yaoi corruption but I can’t help it!

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