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Yaoi, lemon…

A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

What’s the Case?

  My name is Mitoban. I am 18. Do I look anything like a rascal to you? God knows why my stupid parents gave me ‘rascal’ as my name. But maybe I am one.

  I don’t have a house. We ran out of rent money to pay for the car compounds. But my lover Ginji and I sleep in our little gray car. Sadly our car always got compounded thus causing trouble for us. But I love the car, it has been modified and could run as fast as your stupid fat-ass Ferrari. Well… we have to love it or else, he have to bunk out in the streets.

  Hello there! Hi, the name is Amano Ginji. I have blonde hair, cut short. Brown eyes, a happy face ^__^ kind of tall… eh, I think I’d stop babbling about myself. I used to be one of the leaders in the Shinjuku Bad Boy Gang. Volt Leader. But for some reason, I dropped out.

  I don’t have a home to go to, but I sleep with my friend Mitoban. He’s really a nice guy. I love him. But sometimes he could get so flirty that I felt like ripping him into shreds. He likes to hit me sometimes and eat all my food. He would do anything that crosses his mind for money. And another thing, he doesn’t have a face to care about. He would even strip in the streets and take a bath in a public fountain in the middle of the city only in his boxers. Gods, I’m babbling about him.

  Hiya! My name is Hevn. Nah… nah… that’s not my real name. That name is actually a code name. What? I’m not going to tell you my real name! I work as an undercover for a lot of stuffs. My work always gets Mitoban and Ginji into trouble. Well, not my fault entirely. Although I’m the one who got them into doing the dirty job for me, they should be careful of themselves.

  I always hang out in the Honky Tonk café. There I will have free coffee everyday, and free nice scenes to wash the eyes. Sometimes there would be cute guys hanging out in the café.

  In the café there’s always Mitoban and Ginji. I know about them. I always like to tease them. I will go up to Ginji and hug him and that’ll make Mitoban go berserk. You see; Mitoban is the possessive kind. He’d accuse Ginji of indecency if any girls touch him or talked to him. Poor Ginji will get bashed up. But he on the other hand will go to girls and flirt and sometimes he likes to tease me by squeezing my breasts! That bastard! :… Calm down, Hevn… Calm down… …: But I can’t say that I complain too much. His hands are nice and although he did all those things, deep inside he loves no one but Ginji. But he seldom says it out and he was close to never even say it to Ginji. That is because Ginji is sometimes kind of childish and Mitoban thinks that he would not understand it. Though the lad will spoil him rotten.

  The doorbell rang and two familiar beings walked into the café arm in arm. “Get Backers! Aren’t we early, today?” Natsumi dried her hands with a towel and smiled, greeting the two guys a good morning. Mitoban points and his finger landed on Ginji’s nose. “Ginji here wants food,” Mitoban rolled his eyes. Ginji nuzzled Mitoban’s neck and chortled. “You drained me, you’re responsible to refill me,” Ginji grinned. Mitoban bonked Ginji’s head and pushed him to the counter.

  Wan Pore laughed and prepared some fried eggs, sausages and baked beans for both. Hevn looked up from her morning paper and smiled. “Good morning Ginji-kun,” she winked. Ginji blinked at Hevn and noticed her sexy boobies nearly coming out of the small skimpy clothes. His nose was resorting to bleed when both of Ban’s fist closed the space between his temples and knuckled it bad. “Don’t you have any dignity?!” He scolded Ginji. Everyone in the café turned to look at Mitoban.

  Hevn snorted. That bastard Mitoban doesn’t seem to get aroused by girls. Wonder what Ginji has that she doesn’t. Out of curiosity, she was secretly making a bet with herself. :… I bet I can sleep with Mitoban… Make him have a hard-on at least …: She gritted sourly. She was sure that Ginji was interested in guys, Mitoban specifically; and girls. But she was also sure that Ginji had never really had sex with a girl before. Mitoban on the other hand was kind of secretive and is just open about his relationship with Ginji. And that was suspicious.

 Flashback …

  Ginji was reading something in the café when Mitoban came back with a couple cans of sodas. Mitoban narrowed his eyes at what Ginji was reading and threw a fit. “WHAT SHIT ARE YOU READING, GINJI?!” he took the book away and put it in front of Hevn. He was sure that she was the only one who was bold enough to show around her collection of obscene magazines.

  “Come on, Ban. At least give him a peak,” Hevn giggled. “Yeah, Ban-chan… I’ve never done it before with girls. I just want to see,” Mitoban rolled his eyes. “No is a no! Anyway, there’s nothing to see,” he insisted, opening his can of soda. “So, Ban-chan… have you ever done it before?” Ginji asked. “With a girl, he meant,” Hevn cleared the question.

  Mitoban rolled his eyes and took his can of soda, sitting somewhere far from them. He didn’t want to answer the question. Hevn could see it. He was being secretive.

  End of flashback …

  :… And I’m going to dig out that big secret …: she smiled to herself. Mitoban was surely someone to die for. His cute streaked hair, his baby face, his blue eyes, his sexy body and his stupid sun-glasses. :… Boy, was Ginji lucky to have him …: Hevn narrowed her eyes. It was glued to the paper, but she wasn’t reading.


  Hevn’s hand-phone rang. She pushed down her morning paper and answered the phone. “Yes, Hevn here… um, is it? Oh… but it’ll cost you… Yeah, that should be enough… Okay I’ll meet you around lunch… yes there… twelve noon. Yes, bye!” her smile was big. :… I have a plan to screw him tonight …:

  “Ban, Ginji?” she called the duo who was eating breakfast in one of the booths. Ginji looked up from his breakfast; he had tomato sauce here and there on his cheeks. “What is, it?” the blonde boy asked. Hevn smiled. “I have a case for you,” she winked. “Not doing it,” Mitoban immediately turned it down. “Oh come one, Ban-chan…! If we do this, we can get more money for food!” Ginji grinned. “Food is all you think about, don’t you?” Mitoban narrowed his eyes. Ginji blinked and thought for a second. “Not really,” he gave Mitoban the most warming smile that has the word ‘love’ flying out of it.

  “Oh you…!” Mitoban rounded Ginji’s neck and pulled him, knuckling him playfully on his temples.
  “Okay, okay… I mean, the pay is 10 million yen. I’m going to meet the guy this afternoon. You guys come at night to my place and I’ll tell you,” Hevn smiled. Mitoban sensed something fishy and frowned at Hevn. His hands were inside of Ginji’s pants, Hevn noted as she could see that clearly from her place. “Why your place?” he asked. Hevn rolled her eyes and pretended to look annoyed while her brain cells work to find an excuse. “That’s because he will of course send me back to MY place after we go out, you idiots. And after a full lunch, I don’t think I wanna walk around,” she smiled at her white lie.

  Mitoban looked doubtful but Ginji was so happy he nodded in agreement. “Mochiron!” he exclaimed. Ban had his hands out of Ginji’s pants and was already resuming to eat his breakfast.

  Hevn looked at her clock, past 9 o’clock. She had it all planned. She got the job for them, the plans in the living room, the X-rated magazines and the bedroom ready.


  It was her doorbell. She skipped to the door and smiled. She could hear soft arguments about the right house outside the door. She giggled and opened it. There it was, standing in front of the door, the two idiots. “Hello, Hevn-chan!” Ginji smiled, Mitoban still have this very doubtful expression on his face.

  “Come in,” she opened the door wider for them. Both stepped in and looked around. “Nice place,” Ginji commented. Mitoban rolled his eyes and dumped himself on the sofa unceremoniously. “So, tell us the plan, we have to go,” Mitoban urged casually. Ginji sat next to Mitoban and the latter opened his arms to put it around Ginji’s shoulder, cuddling him close.

  Hevn smiled and served both of them sodas. “Is this spiked?” he asked. Hevn looked at Mitoban and rolled her eyes. “I dunno if the soda pop company spiked their drinks, but it still taste nice,” she noted sarcastically.

  Mitoban shrugged and opened the soda, pouring its contents into a ice filled glass while Ginji was already down to half of its contents.

  Hevn smiled and put down her can of soda. “Ne, Ban-chan… come,” she noted. “Ginji-kun… there’re some magazines under the table. I’m going to tell Mitoban the plan,” she smiled. Ginji, being the innocent kid he was, nodded and looked under the table. His eyes widened considerably.

  He looked at Mitoban as his lover disappeared inside the room with Hevn. With a big grin he reached under the table to get those magazines.

  Mitoban’s frown got deeper as every second passed following his suspicion that was growing bigger and bigger. “Tell me the plan,” he uttered, the room was dimly lighted, there was a big bed and a small desk with a lamp on it that seemed to be the only source of light in the room.

  Hevn pulled Mitoban’s shirt and lured him onto the bed. “What do you have in mind?” Mitoban asked her. She pushed him down on the bed and straddled his hips, still didn’t feel the erection she was hoping for. “Tell me, Ban-kun… why are you not interested in girls? Even if they’re naked right under your nose?” she asked in pure curiosity. Ban rolled his eyes and looked out the window. “Come on, Ban-kun-—- tell me,” she smiled, her pussy was wet just by having herself on top of this sexy boy.

  “Why should I tell you?” he smirked. “Because if you don’t, I’m going to rape you,” Hevn threatened. Mitoban chuckled. “Does it make any differences of what will you do to me even if I told you?” he said sarcastically. “No,” Hevn smiled. “I asked out of curiosity,” she admitted.

  “Are you sure? Let me tell you… I won’t get involved with any girls. They’re all bitches, including you. I am satisfied with my darling Ginji and he’s the one who I will spend the rest of my life with,” he explained. Hevn nodded. “So? Have you had sex with a girl before?” she asked.

  “What stupid idiot wouldn’t have done it already?” Mitoban rolled his eyes. “Ginji?” Hevn smirked. “He’s different!” Mitoban denied. Hevn shrugged. “Did you like it?” she asked, her voice was getting softer. “Do I have to tell you that? It’s personal,” Mitoban noted flatly. “What happened to the girl?” she asked, wondering about the poor girl. “I had to give them the Jagan image of me being dead so that they wouldn’t bug me anymore,” Hevn blinked in confusion, “Why is that?” she asked.

  “They were addicted,” he told her. “To you?” Hevn widened her eyes. Mitoban shrugged. “That’s why I despise girls, they’re so full of emotions,” he snorted. “Doesn’t Ginji has emotions too?” Hevn asked. “Yeah, he’s full of it, full with lust, desire and love,” Mitoban smiled for the first time in the room. “You say you are not committed,” she asked. “Not to the one I don’t love,” Mitoban answered. Hevn was silent. “Innocent Ginji is damn lucky…” she noted; her hands start to reach up to her top and pulled it down, spilling out a pair of full sized bosoms.

  Mitoban blinked lazily. “You’re still seducing me?” he asked. Hevn nodded. “You want to have a one night stand with me?” Hevn nodded. “Since I don’t fancy you that much, I’m not going to put Jagan on you. For the punishment that you always touch Ginji,” he stated. Hevn nodded, she was damn hot. “Don’t bug me for more,” Mitoban said one last time before tilting up his head, sucking on those enormous breasts.

  Hevn moaned. He was so good. She had never had such good tit sucking for a while. Mitoban pushed her and pinned her on to the bed. He straddled her hips and leaned up to slide his slippery tongue down her neck, in between the crevice of her breasts and down to her navel. It was wonderful. Hevn was shuddering all along. “Gods, Ban… you’re so good…” she moaned.

  “Shut up, bitch… don’t wanna get Ginji into this,” he uttered, flicking away Hevn’s laced panties. Her pussy was shaved like a baby’s bottom. Clear view of everything. Hevn could feel Mitoban’s steady breathing slapping against her cunt slowly. He didn’t seem to be impressed or even a tiny bit excited. Hevn was quite annoyed and bucked up her hips and smashed it onto Mitoban’s face…
  Then she felt it, the slick tongue running down her pussy. It felt like electric shocks going right through her spine. “Damn, you’re fucking good, Mitoban…” she groaned as he played around with her clit, running his tongue around it teasing it like hell. Then there was something going up her cunt hole. It was his finger. Mitoban had no trouble as Hevn had an active sex life. She was easy to enter for his finger. But, he was in no rush because he was the expert. He licked the cunt, lapping it slowly, making Hevn shudder. The juices that flow on steadily signaled how hot and high she was under his touch. Mitoban was right; anyone who had this would surely go insane and addicted to it. And he wasn’t even fucking her yet and this was already driving her insane! “You bastard…!”

 She moaned and groped for air, this boy was a dirty expert! “Fuckkk…!” she groaned as she felt an electric shock up her spine and start seeing shooting stars, as she came into Mitoban’s face.

  “Oh… Ban…” she groaned. “Fuck me…” she barely could breath. Mitoban smirked and snorted. “Nope,” he said casually. Hevn blinked. “Why not?” she was nearly breathing fire. How could he do that? She was on the verge of killing him! “Because my dick only enters Ginji,” he said as he got off the bed. “What do you mean, only enters Ginji!? What about those girls?!” she asked.

  “That was before Ginji. Anyway, I let you come… it was fair enough…” he grinned playfully. “You…” Hevn gritted her teeth. Ban smirked and touched the doorknob. “Ban,” she called. Mitoban stopped but didn’t turn to look at her. “Did you even have a hard-on?” she asked. Mitoban smiled and turned. He ran his hands down the front side of his pants and proved to her that she has no effect on him. “Are you really full of resistance or are you impotent?” Hevn snorted. "I told you, my mind, love and body only belongs to Ginji," he smiled.

 Hevn snorted. "Then why is it that you never tell him that you love him?" Mitoban was silenced by that sentence. He loved the boy, almost too much. But that what makes him embarras to admit how much he loved the boy.
  “Let’s go out and tell me the plan… Ginji needs to know as well…” Ban ignored the question and opened the door, walking to the living room where he left Ginji.

  Mitoban looked at his friend and giggled. “What’cha reading, Ginji?” Ginji looked up from the book and immediately closed it, hiding it under the table. “Nothing,” Ginji grinned.

  “Nothing?” Mitoban sat next to Ginji and reached out to touch his crotch. Ginji went absolutely red and blushed.

  “A hard-on I see,” Mitoban smiled as he massaged the throbbing shaft of his lover. “Ban… stop it, I might… I might…” Ginji bit his lips. “Might what, baby? Fuck me right here?” Mitoban dared the blonde. Ginji’s eyes were full of lust as he nodded shyly.

  Mitoban smirked. He might just consider torturing Hevn right then and there. To make her feel so very jealous of Ginji, to make him turned on more to know that someone would actually feel hot while he make love to his one and only male lover.

  The boy with sapphire eyes smiled sensuously at his blonde lover. His hands ran up Ginji's jaw line and traced it down slyly. Hevn was now there with them in the living room with a roll of paper, which seemed to be the plans. "Ban-chan… Hevn is here…" he warned the boy softly. "So…?" was what Mitoban answered, Hevn was in her silk robe crossing her arms watching the event occurring right in front of his eyes.

  Secretly her eyes landed on Mitoban's crotch out of curiosity and her eyes spied that little bulge under those black trousers. That bloody fucking bulge she was hoping to give him just now. She knew Mitoban did that on purpose. But if he was to give her a free show, she might as well appreciate it.

  She could see that Mitoban was hot and high. He was blushing all over and his eyes spelled nothing but lust and sex. Why wasn't he like that when she was seducing him? The gods must be laughing at her now.

  Mitoban was kissing Ginji soft and slow, devouring the sweet soft lips of the blonde with Ginji gnawing back on those luxurious soft lips hungrily. Hevn bit her lips; this was making herself blush. Ginji being given the chance reached up to unbutton those white buttons on Mitoban's attire. One by one, all three of them could hear the buttons snapping out of place.

  With that done, Ginji took off his own jacket and white T-shirt with the help of Mitoban's free hand. Hevn couldn't see but she was sure and certain that Mitoban was massaging Ginji's shaft alive. Mitoban was now rubbing his whole body against Ginji's. Gods if he just took off that already unbuttoned shirt; it'll be so much better. As if the gods above heard her, Ginji took the collar of Mitoban's shirt and threw it over somewhere. He didn't care; this was the first time they have sex out of their small compact car. And it a so much comfortable to move around freely.

  Hevn swallowed a lump down her throat. At the sight of Mitoban's flawless muscled body that was slightly glimmered by the light in the room, she narrowed her eyes. This was torture, to actually get to see and not to touch. Those muscles flexed making the beautifully carved body looked molded and unreal. Too good and sexy to believe it was actually real; she wouldn't have actually, if the scene didn't happened right in front of her eyes.

  Hevn suddenly blinked. Mitoban was moving his way down, from jaws to neck, nibbling, playing and biting playfully. From neck to Ginji's pink nipples; took Mitoban a while to get satisfied with that part of Ginji's body. He was teasing it, sucking it and that actually make Ginji moan like a rabbit. Hevn pouted. Mitoban was such a good fucker, why would he just do Ginji?

  After the blue eyed boy was satisfied with the nipples, which were already swollen and red under his caress, his tongue licked its way down to Ginji's small puckered hole. Mitoban dipped his tongue into Ginji's navel and hear two moans, Ginji's and Hevn's. He gazed sideways secretly and leered when he saw Hevn actually fingering herself. Her face was flushed and she was actually moaning.

  Mitoban turned back his attention to Ginji and continued to assault the boy by scraping his teeth down to the boy's crotch, inhaling the faint golden bush there. For all you know, Hevn was already sitting on the table, opening her legs and fingering herself hungrily. Mitoban could see her wet dripping cunt juicily being fingered in and out. But he couldn't care less as he turned back his attention to actually reveal Ginji's throbbing live manhood to her glimpse.

  Hevn bit her lips as she saw Mitoban actually kissing Ginji's shaft. Licking it like a dog, twirling his lovely soft tongue around it like a whirlpool. Ginji's cries were different now. Hevn herself had never heard guys in heat as much as Ginji, what was Mitoban secret to actually make a guy moan, groan and cry out like Ginji did. Even she herself got the best oral from him; he just had this way with his wonderful tongue.

  She couldn't stand it; she had come about 4 times by just watching these two getting hyped up with each other.

  Mitoban's eyes suddenly landed on the glass on the table, which still has ice in it. He left Ginji's rod and took a gulp of water, leaving Ginji and Hevn both confused.

  The boy looked at Ginji and gave him a small smile, lowering back his head on Ginji's manhood. He opened is mouth to envelope his warm cavern around Ginji's thingy. The blonde boy widened his eyes when he felt something cold amidst Mitoban's warm mouth. He closed his eyes excitedly as the tingly feeling made him higher, making him shout in unconscious ecstasy. "Ginji?" Hevn asked.

  "Ice… Ice…" Ginji gritted his teeth, moaning desperately for breath. Hevn bit her lips in jealousy. That's one thing she couldn't experience herself unless she had a transgender operation. Gods, Mitoban was a creative damn fucking good sex expert.

  Mitoban suddenly stopped and undid his own trousers. He had teased Ginji enough; he just had to enter him. His own length throbbing with desire and need.

  "Baby, I'm entering you," Mitoban said aloud. Ginji forced open his eyes and straightened up. "I'll suck you first!" he exclaimed and practically jumped on top of Mitoban pinning the boy down on the other side of the sofa. His trousers were halfway down his legs and Ginji pushed them further down.

  Hevn's eyes caught sight of the one thing she had hoped for, Mitoban's erection. The only thing was that she wasn't the one giving him that. It was huge and beautiful with a thin black bush covering the base of the trunk, slick and sweaty, slightly peach colored and that whole thing was Ginji's as the blonde took the rigid boner right into his mouth.

  Hevn bit her own lips and dived her own finger as deep as she could inside herself, moaning as loud as Mitoban. The boy was sweaty and his hair was plastered all over his beautifully flushed face. He bucked his hips in rhythm to Ginji's sucking. Boy, the blonde was having fun with that thick shaft of the handsome bastard.

  Hevn frowned hard as she came all over herself, wetting the table in the process. It was hard to have the image of two boys having each other's member in each other's mouth and not able to do anything about it. If only she could have it. Those thick rods up herself.

  Mitoban went on panting, and by Ginji's rhythmic sucking, The gorgeous blue eyes stud reared his hips to it, his muscles sweaty and flexed against his moves. Hevn eyed Ginji's hands as it roamed around Mitoban's torso, playing with his nipples and hair. He was a sex god!

  Ginji took his mouth off his lover's member and felt it throbbing against his own wet hands. Precum were dripping slowly from Mitoban's penis, gleaming against the dim light. "I'm ready now," Ginji said softly. "Good, baby," Mitoban winked and pushed Ginji back. He wasn't about to do it this way, but Hevn could be tortured more.

  The blonde was on his back, with Mitoban crawling into place. He was spreading his legs farther apart. Hevn nearly cried tears when she eyed Mitoban's wet throbbing rob positioned itself on Ginji's puckered love hole. He put his shaft in his hands and guided it up and down, playing with it, teasing that wanting hole, making it wet and easy; Slick and yummy.

  Ginji pushed upwards to get the meat into him, Mitoban reached out to put his palm on Ginji's stomach, massaging it slowly, those firm muscles there hardened as Mitoban ran his magical hand over it, teasing Ginji. As the blonde was on the verge of climax with fantasia ringing in his ears, carefree of everything but his lover's expert touch; Mitoban entered his gorged flesh into that soft hole. The blonde felt it enter as he wince in pain for the first blink and pleasure at the second as the living rod inside him brushed over his sensitive areas inside, as cleverly as no one else could have done.

  Hevn cried again as she came at the sight of Mitoban's gleaming rod entering Ginji, The blue eyes started to flutter in lust and desire, as the body rocked back and forth slowly, letting his shaft in and out slowly of the blonde boy. "Damn baby, you're so tight and hot," Mitoban sighed, making Hevn's ears burn in jealousy. She tried to concentrate on something else when her eyes landed on the other boner that belonged to the blonde's plush bush that was swaying steadily back and forth to the smashing of Mitoban's sexy curved hip.
  Soon, Mitoban's hand came around Ginji's bush and grabbed the meat there firmly as he still steadily humped into Ginji's sweet round ass. Hevn bit her lips, marking it with blood as her eyes caught this torturing sight, her tears rolling off her cheeks. Mitoban started to jerk the boy's flesh as Ginji let out a terrible howl of sensuous and luscious cry in delicious ecstasy.

  It was mere moments until Mitoban felt his testicles boil into work and contracted as seeds from within poured out into that hot tight cavern of his lover. And sensing that warm blow within his body, the electric in his body shot up his spine, sending impulse by impulse through each other, working it's way up to his brain to send a message coding that he couldn't hold any longer. Thus making his own balls gorged around and his throbbing pulse in Mitoban's hand shudder and shot semen right into the face of his lover.
  The blue eyes stud knew what was coming and opened his cute mouth, ready for the shooting mini tadpoles to reside in his warm mouth. Letting it swim inside him and never find what it was naturally intended to.

  Hevn cried another spasm of fireworks in her brains as she came for the 8th time over this torturing scene of that sexy boy swallowing his lover's seed as it shot bulls-eyes into it. She just couldn't take it anymore as she fell back, flat on the table.

  Mitoban did so as well, he rolled to the side too much and fell on the floor, carrying Ginji whose intertwined limb were around his own down, pinning him on the softly carpeted floor.

  Ginji let out a small chuckle. "You're great as always, Ban-chan…" he trailed off, licking Mitoban's ears as now he was in the position to do so. The blonde was contented. Mitoban has once again proven to him that the blue eyed stud was the only one he needed to satisfy himself with.

  "I give up," Hevn sighed as she got up. "You guys stay here for the night… I'm too drained to tell you anything. We'll start tomorrow," she got up and walked to the closet to get more futon and pillow.

  Ginji looked up at Mitoban and smiled, nuzzling his soft sweaty neck. "You're a great sex god, gorgeous…" Ginji breathed in his soft scents. "I'm so gorgeous it hurts to have me being seen to fuck anyone else but you, isn't it?" Mitoban whispered those wicked yet sexy words into Ginji's ears. He blonde nodded. "Please… don't ever… never… do hurt me, my love… because I love you so much," Ginji's eyes were bathed in tears, he himself didn't knew why. Mitoban smiled at the boy and brushed his hair to the back.

  Hevn came back with the futon and pillow. She put it on the floor and turned a yearning look at Mitoban for one last time. "Want to share the bed with me?" she asked, trying hard to seduce Mitoban for one last time. "Thanks, I'd rather be spooned up with Ginji here," he uttered, cuddling the already snoring blondie in his arms. Hevn shrugged and smirked. "At least I tried, but this time I lost," she sighed and walked back to her bedroom.

  The sun was up early as it sprayed its ray into Hevn's living room. The glare was poisoning its way into Mitoban's closed eyes forcing him to open and was gifted with another spasm of hurt. "Damn, the lights," he cursed the first thing in the morning. He snuggled into Ginji's hair to block away the sunlight and sighed. "At least I don't need to smell like garbage for once," he uttered sleepily.

  Then he remembered. He had to wake Ginji up. "Ne, baby… okirun da yo!" he shook him gently. When he got not response, he shook the boy up as if there was a volcano just erupting next door. "Ne, ne!" Ginji opened his eyes, but automatically, his mouth gagged open and swallowed whole of Mitoban's hand. "Ohayo ne, koibito…" he uttered behind the whole of Mitoban's limb.

  "You! I'll take you for breakfast, now just get up!" Mitoban pulled his hands annoyingly out of the blonde's mouth. Ginji blinked and sighed. "Gomen ne…" he apologized. "I was just being…" Mitoban sensed the slight hurt in Ginji's voice quickly silenced the boy with a soft good morning kiss. "Daijobu," Mitoban whispered to Ginji as if it was the treasure that he was. Ginji smiled and responded lovingly to the kiss.

  Mitoban broke the kiss and smiled, a gleaming glint could be seen in his eyes. "Let's go have breakfast," he patted Ginji's head. Ginji nodded and followed Mitoban as the boy went to knock on Hevn's room. "Ne, Hevn! We're going for breakfast… meet us at the café!"

  Hevn opened her eyes and listed to what was told. She snorted and threw a pillow to the door. "Just… go to hell," she said softly and went back to sleep.

  After some simple job of taking back an old scroll for Hevn's client, the two boys headed back to the Honky Tonk café. "Can we eat sushi, Ban-chan?" Ginji asked. Mitoban nodded. "Leave the fish eggs for me, Ban-chan?" the golden hair boy smiled. Mitoban nodded. "Anything you want baby," Mitoban put a cigarette in his mouth.

  Ginji pouted and stopped. He looked at his lover walking ahead further. "That's what you always tell me. But you never leave a single one for me," Ginji's voice was sad. Mitoban bunged his steps. The tone in Ginji's voice made his stomach churn. Guilty impulses travel up his spine to register in his brain, Cry.

  He slowly turned around and narrowed his eyes at Ginji who put on a really disappointed expression. Mitoban closed his eyes and bit his lips to stop himself from crying. He didn't know what took over him but he felt guilty enough. Ginji would do anything for him, would trust his life in his hands but why did he do such things to him?

  Just as he was about to say something --

  "WHA!! BAN-CHAN!!!" A shout was heard. Mitoban opened his eyes and saw someone knocking his friend into unconsciousness and dragged him in a black car. "Ginji~~!!" Mitoban ran towards the speeding car.

  He stopped going after the car as panic struck his brains. Then he felt something on his feet. A paper. He bent down and picked it up.

  "… Oi, Get backers. Give us back the Ancient Legendary Scroll. If not, goldie is history! We'll call up Honky Tonk Café for the next order! Wait! …"

  "Ginji…" Mitoban frowned as he squash the paper in his hand. The spiky hair boy looked up and ran towards the Honky Tonk Café.

  The bell rang noisily as Mitoban entered the place. "Hello, Ban-kun. Didja get the scroll?" Hevn asked carelessly. "Where's Ginji-kun?" Natsumi asked. "SHUT UP!" Mitoban gritted his teeth. Both girls were stunned and blinked.

  "Your stupid scroll is here…" Mitoban took a scroll out from his pocket. "… But I can't give it to you," he uttered. Hevn frowned. "Why is that?" the girl stood up.

  "Ginji is kidnapped. I need it to trade with Ginji's life," he said slowly. "Mitoban, we're talking about a 10 million yen job here," Hevn said carelessly.

  "I don't care if the reward is all the gold in the world! If it's Ginji's life at stake I'd trade my life for him!" Mitoban shouted. Wan Pore looked at the spiky hair boy. He changed a lot. He used to do nothing that doesn't give him back money. The old Mitoban wouldn't care less if his friend died in front of him as long as he gets the reward.

  "Ne… Ban-chan loves Ginji-chan a lot," Natsumi said softly as she saw the boy sitting on the chair at the end of the booth with his hands in between his hair. "Please come home alive, Ginji… I promise to give you all the sushi, get a house… just please come home…"

  Ginji opened his eyes after he felt something cold was splashed onto him. He looked wearily at his surroundings. "Ban-chan?" he called out. "Your friend is not here," said a voice, it sounded familiar. Ginji looked around the dark place. He couldn't feel anything else but cold hard cement floor.

  "Where am I?" Ginji asked. "Our place," suddenly the lights were switched on and glaring radiance blinded Ginji's view. He squint his eyes painfully and slowly opened it back to adjust to the sudden brightness.

  His eyes blinked unbelievably. "What do you want?" the golden hair boy shouted.

  "Be calm, Ginji-sama," Ginji's focus were sharp now and he could identify his kidnapper. It was one of the boy in the Shinjuku Gangster Group he was in last time. "We just want you back. To be our Volt Leader again," said another voice, this one was soft. Ginji turned to the other side and saw more of the familiar faces.

  "I don't want to go back," Ginji's voice was steady. "Why not?" asked another. "I am happy with what I'm living now," Ginji announced. "Happy?" a boy with blue hair stepped forth. He was Zoru, Ginji's most loyal follower last time.

  "Don't lie!" Zoru shook his head. "Why should I lie?" Ginji frowned. "I have been spying on you. I have done research about your friend Mitoban. He doesn't seem to respect you, Ginji-sama. He doesn't care about you, He often hits you, because of him now you live in a stupid car rather than our big condominium here, your car always gets pulled by the authorities, you're always hungry and all he cares about you is free sex!" Zoru was blatant.

  "No!" Ginji shook his head. "And you know what's his life principal?" Zoru knelt down. Ginji looked straight into his clear blue eyes, daring him to speak. "He won't do anything that brings him no reward," Zoru stood up. "Here, we'll all prove to you that your so-called friend Mitoban is just a selfish bastard. He will go off with the 10 million yen reward and leave you to be skinned alive by us. But we won't do so. This is just to show to you that you're more needed here. More respected here," the boy held Ginji's hand. "Please come back," he said softly.

  Ginji shook his head. "I'm sorry, Zoru. I left this part of my life behind and I don't intend to come back living it," Ginji replied. "But how could he torture you like this?" Zoru cried. Ginji blinked, he looked around. Everyone had the expression that told him they needed him back.

  "We'll go away and let you think," Zoru hushed the others out.

  Ginji looked at them departing from the room. When the room was empty save for him, he closed his eyes. "Torture?" he echoed softly. Ginji closed his eyes. He thought about what Zoru had said. When he was in the group, everyone respected him. Everyone cared about him, giving him the best. No one hits him because he didn't do so unnecessarily to his teammates. He used to live in a big luxurious condominium complete with swimming pools, private bathrooms and kitchen. He was NEVER hungry and sex… he was too respected to be touched.

  Would Mitoban come and save him? Ginji frowned with his eyes closed. Mitoban would push away anything that doesn't give him at least 1 million yen. And why would he even push 10 million yen just to get him back? It sounded so impossible.

  Ginji opened his eyes. Unconsciously he was crying. Steady stream of tears fell of his rosy cheeks, making him sob softly. The golden hair boy came to a conclusion. He was just a toy to Mitoban. A useless sex toy.

  That thought alone made him wanted to kill himself.

  Then suddenly the door opened. Zoru came in with a tray of fish eggs sushi. "Ginji-sama?" he blinked as he saw Ginji's red puffy eyes. "Were we hurting you?" Zoru immediately untie the rope to bind Ginji's hands together. Ginji shook his head. "It's nothing… I just felt stupid," he smiled.

  "Dinner?" Ginji pointed at the tray of sushi. Zoru nodded. "Or do you want to come out and eat with us?" the boy asked. Ginji nodded.

  They spent some time eating and talking about the times with Ginji around and without Ginji around.

  "Zoru, aren't you suppose to call up Mitoban to tell him where to get the scroll?" one of them asked playfully. Ginji looked at Zoru. "Call him later," Ginji said coldly. He was almost back to his old self. "What to tell, Ginji-sama?" Zoru asked. Ginji shrugged. "Tell him he can go to hell with his 10 million yen. And also thanks for nothing," Ginji turned back to his old buddies and resumed talking. He was really enjoying his toru.

  "Ban-san, please eat," Natsumi came and sat next to the boy. Hevn went out to investigate about the kidnapping. Mitoban looked up. "Did they call yet?" his expressions were priceless. They're so full of worried anxiety and longing. Natsumi shook her head. Suddenly Mitoban clutched his chest. "My heart hurts," his eyes were watery.

  Wan Pore came to sit in front of Mitoban. "Ginji will be alright," Pore said softly, trying to soothe the boy. Mitoban shook his head. "My heart only aches when people I love is gone or the trust and love they have for me is gone. Either one, I don't like it," Mitoban bit his lips.

  "How is that, Ban-san?" Natsumi asked. "When my parents died, when Himiko's brother died and when Himiko started to hated me," he explained. "But they cannot kill Ginji! They still haven't call us and we still have the scroll!" Natsumi exclaimed.

  "Then it will only mean one thing…" Ban closed his eyes tightly, too frightened to admit what might be true. "Ginji has lost his love for Ban," Wan Pore concluded.


  The phone rang and Natsumi jumped to the phone. "Moshi-moshi," she answered. "Eh... Ban-san? Matte," she put the phone away as Mitoban came to the phone. Wan Pore took the other phone to know what would the kidnappers tell Mitoban. Natsumi ran back to Wan Pore and took the headphone to listen as well. "Hello?" Mitoban asked.

  "Mitoban, is it?" asked the fellow on the other line. "Yeah," Mitoban narrowed his eyes. "We just called you to say that Ginji's not coming back to you," Zoru smiled pleasantly.

  "NO! You can't kill him!" Mitoban shouted. "Whoever said anything about killing Ginji?" Zoru chortled coldly. "But… you said…" the spiky hair boy trailed off. "He's back with us. You can just go to hell with your stupid 10 million yen," Zoru said. "Wa--wait!!" Mitoban stopped Zoru from putting the phone down. "Let me talk to Ginji," Ban said softly.

  Zoru looked up and gestured Ginji to come to the phone. Ginji picked up the phone and sighed. "Yeah?" he asked. "Baby, are you alright?" Mitoban's voice was partly relieved and partly confused. Ginji frowned. "Stop calling me that. Take your 10 million and have fun with yourself. I don't want to be your sex slave anymore, Mitoban. I was so stupid to let you bully me like anything. I know you were planning to leave me with the assassins and take all the 10 million yen alone. I was an idiot to even think that you would come for me; and I was even more of an idiot to think that you love me. I was sorry to have loved you anyway. Good riddance," with that Ginji pushed back the phone to Zoru. Mitoban was stunned. How could his sweet Ginji turned into a monster in just one day?

  "Hello?" Zoru asked. "Hey, you. Tell me where Ginji is now!" Mitoban demanded. "He's with us, you just talked to him," Zoru smirked. "Where are you guys now!? I need to see Ginji," Mitoban gritted his teeth.

  Zoru shrugged and carelessly gave out their condominium address. "Don't bother about it anyway. He's not coming back to be used by you," with that Zoru put down the phone.

  Mitoban was so stunned that he forgot to write down the address, good thing that Wan Pore was listening and wrote it. Natsumi frowned. "Sex slave?" she echoed.

  "How could he?" Mitoban slapped his head. Both Wan Pore and Natsumi looked at Mitoban. "He actually thought that I will ignore him in favor of 10 million yen?" Mitoban pondered aloud.

  "You would. You did," Wan Pore said. "But that wasn't GINJI!" he exclaimed, knocking his head on the table continuously, desperate to find any idea to soothe his exploding mind. Blood was slowly searing out from his forehead.

  Natsumi stopped him from continuing and rubbed the bleeding forehead with a tissue. "But Ginji doesn't know. You never truly show him that you love him. You always hit him, you always leave him hungry, you even used up the rent money to pay up for the car and make him bunk in the rubbish with you. You have to know that he was the volt leader. He used to have everything," Wan Pore paused. "The poor boy has feelings as well, and a much more delicate heart than you, Ban-kun," Wan Pore finished. Natsumi just listened.

   Ban gritted his teeth. "I made love to him, isn't that enough?" Mitoban opened his eyes. "Sex is something you do after you have treated him like a proper lover as a bonus in a relationship. But when you have sex with someone and treat him like dirt afterwards. That really looks like Ginji's just a sex toy," Wan Pore explained.

  "But I do love him! I… I just don't know how to express it," Mitoban frowned. "Say it out," Natsumi smiled.

  Mitoban blinked. "I did," he uttered. Natsumi waved her finger at the boy. "But not in front of Ginji you don't," Natsumi smiled. Mitoban slammed his fist on the table. "I… I can't," he admitted. "Why not?" Wan Pore put down a glass he just dried.

  "I never tell people I love that I love them," he told both of them. "Never heard of such trauma," Natsumi grinned.

  The door was opened and Hevn came in. "I got some info. The group of people who kidnapped Ginji used to be in his group. They were working with Karugi-san. From what I have here, they have no motive to kidnap Ginji and get the scroll," Hevn frowned.

  "Why is that?" Wan Pore inquired. "Because they were the ones who Karugi-san kept as China Dolls in his territory. They were given everything available as long as they want it. 6 of the Shinjuku kids group," Hevn explained.

  Ban went to Hevn and narrowed his eyes. "I want Ginji back!" he gritted his teeth. Hevn sighed. "You can't do anything if 6 of them doesn't want to. Karugi-san will make our lives miserable," Hevn told the boy. "Are you saying that we should leave Ginji there!?" he snapped viciously at Hevn. The girl shrugged. Mitoban closed his eyes and knelt down.

  "I beg you. Please bring Ginji home," he uttered, eyes full of fear.

  Hevn thought for a while. Mitoban looked so miserable when Ginji's not around. And that's not good for business. Anyway, it was partly her fault. If she hadn't got them the job, this wouldn't happen.

  "I'll bring you there. The rest is up to you," Hevn pulled Mitoban up. "Baby you look hideous when Ginji's not around," Hevn shook her head and walked towards the car.

  It was a 30 minutes drive to the luxurious condominium, which was lead by the given address. Mitoban was driving like a bullet and escaped all of the 4 police officers that were after him. They looked at the beautiful condominium. It was blatantly obvious that the place was only for high society people.

  They walked through the garden and reached the indoor swimming pool. Mitoban stopped as he looked at the large pool shimmering against the glaring light. Hevn walked up to him and observed the boy. He seemed to be deep in thoughts. Her hands slid up his sides and embraced the boy from behind.

  Too heavily crowded with confusion, the spiky hair boy didn't even twitched to the touch of Hevn. "Don't be too tense," she said, blowing softly on Mitoban's neck, her tongue licking his earlobe.

  "Hevn. Get offa me," Mitoban said, still didn't move. Hevn ignored Mitoban's order and slid her tongue down to the nape of his neck. She didn't care; the boy was too delicious. The musky soft smell of faded cologne traveled up her nostrils registering lust in her brain. Mitoban got to his senses and turned around planning to tell the girl off…

  "Yaro--!" said a familiar voice. Mitoban looked up and saw his golden hair lover with 6 other boys behind him. "I told you… he's not to be trusted," Zoru said, practically angry with Mitoban.

  "Ginji, it's not what you think!" Mitoban exclaimed, pushing Hevn away. His voice echoed around in the pool area creating wavy echoes.

  "You dare come here to hurt Ginji-sama!?" said one boy. Ginji put a hand up, signing to the boys not to interfere as long as he didn't tell to do so.

  "Ginji," Mitoban came a step closer. Ginji took a step back. Mitoban advanced some more and the golden hair boy retreat the steps taken by Mitoban. "Don't come closer," Ginji said taking another step back. "Gin-chan…" Mitoban tried to reach out to hold Ginji but the golden hair boy slapped his hand away. "Don't touch me!" he was shaking, it will be moments till he broke down.

  "Ginji…" Mitoban said once more trying to advance to the boy. Ginji's hands were suddenly surrounded by electricity. "Come closer and I'll fry you alive," Ginji closed his eyes, biting his lips.

  "You won't dare to," Hevn suddenly spoke up. Ginji looked at her, daring her to speak. "You wouldn't have the heart to electrocute the one who loves you," Hevn said carelessly. Ginji frowned, cold sweats were appearing on his forehead.

  The boy slowly shook his head. "That's a lie… that's a lie! Ban-chan never loved me. He treated me just like a ragged sex toy!" Ginji shook his head.

  Mitoban fell on his knees. "Baby, I never thought of that! Either way, I'm begging you to forgive me," Mitoban held Ginji's electric hands. The strong current of heavy voltage traveled up Mitoban's hand as the boy abided the searing pain through his body. Ginji was quiet but he was still charging power though his hands.

  Mitoban was shaking profusely. His lips were bleeding and his eyes were shut tight. He would get a serious brain damage with those strong electric impulses if he kept staying in that position. Ginji stopped.

  Mitoban fell backwards but Ginji was fast enough to support him. The boy had already fainted. Ginji looked at him. Mitoban's body was shaking slightly still; he had blood dripping from his lips… and his eyes were crying blood. Ginji was so stunt that he could only look at the poor boy. So was everyone.

   Suddenly steps were heard. "Karugi-sama," said of the boys and ran to the wealthy politician. "What's going on?" Karugi put his arm around the boy who came to him and the boy whispered something to him. "I know about that. I mean this!" the boy blinked and explained. After some time, Karugi frowned. "Come here," he said coldly. The other 5 of the boys walked up to the man. "I told you not you mess with my workers, did I?" he asked. 6 of them nodded. Then Zoru looked up and started talking. "Gomen nasai, Karugi-sama. But we missed Ginji-sama, and we saw him that day. So we thought…"

  "You thought what!!?" Karugi raised his voice; Zoru looked at the floor again. Then Hevn walked up to Karugi and smiled. "It's nothing big, Karugi-san. Mitoban just came here to get Ginji back and they seem to have some problems of their own. It doesn't consent your boys," she explained. "Does it?" Karugi looked at his boys. 6 of them looked at him then at Hevn. When Hevn signaled then to nod, they nodded towards Karugi.

  Karugi opened his arms and the boys cuddled up to him. "My poor babies. Go back upstairs. You can come down and swim tomorrow," he announced. 6 of them scrambled up to the elevator and disappeared into the lift.

  Karugi walked over to Ginji who was still holding Mitoban. The man gave him a small face towel to wipe off Mitoban's blood. "Remember boy, all the treasure in the world is useless if you have an empty space in your heart. Love is the best medicine to heal that and make sure you appreciate it," with that he followed his boys up.

  Hevn smiled at Ginji. "Come on Ginji, carry your baby into the car," she away, leading Ginji to the car.

  The golden hair boy walked up behind Hevn without a word, carrying Mitoban with him.

  "You two can stay in my place for the night," Hevn announced as they reached her place half an hour after that. Ginji brought Mitoban up the elevator to Hevn's house.

  Hevn gave Ginji a basin of cold water and some more towels. "You take care of him," with that she went over to the other end of the living room to wash off her make-up.
  Ginji looked at the fresh towels in his hand. He took a deep sigh and damped the towel, wiping away some caked blood from Mitoban's face. The boy's body still felt tense and hard. After cleaning his face, Ginji ran his fingers through Mitoban's hair. It seemed a bit wiry after the electrocution.

  Ginji took some water and wet the hair slightly, combing it in place with his fingers.

  Hevn was watching. She smiled at the way Ginji was treating Mitoban like a China Doll, soft and gentle touches against the boy's smooth skin.

  With that done, Ginji sent the basin into the bathroom and cleaned it. He walked back into the living room and looked at Mitoban for the last time before curling up into the other sofa to sleep.

  Ginji felt a tap on his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes. "Breakfast, Gin-chan. Go and wash up then help me to set the table," Hevn smiled at the boy. Ginji who was still in his sour mood rubbed his eyes and walked to the bathroom.

  After his morning wash, Ginji took the eating utensil that Hevn put out for him to be placed on the table. Hevn came out with the breakfast and put it straight on the plates.

  "Gin-chan, do you want to wake up Ban-kun?" Hevn asked. Ginji shook his head and started on his sausages. Hevn sighed but still gave out a smile. The girl walked over to the sofa where Mitoban was sleeping and knelt.

  "Ban-kun, okirun da yo," she shook him, no response. "Ban-kun…" the girl shook him harder this time. The boy groaned and stirred. Hevn waited for a while as she saw Mitoban opening his eyes slowly. "Damn, I fell hard all over," Mitoban uttered softly, trying to move his muscles.

  "Breakfast is ready. Go wash up," Hevn said, helping Mitoban up. The boy stood up putting a hand on his head. "Gods, it's pounding like a drum," he walked up steadily to the bathroom. Hevn smiled and made her way back to her place.

  She looked at Ginji, eating his meal slowly. "Still angry at Mitoban and me?" she asked. Ginji gave out nothing else but a blank look. Hevn shrugged and resumed her breakfast.

  Mitoban came out of the bathroom some time later and took his plate that was placed on the opposite of Ginji's and placed it next to Ginji's. He sat comfortably there and smiled at Ginji with a bright morning love filled smile.
  Mitoban held that facial expression for a while for Ginji but the boy didn't turn to even glance at Mitoban but to just eat slowly. Mitoban sighed and started on his breakfast.

  "How's your sleep, Ban-kun?" Hevn asked. Mitoban smiled. "Nice," he answered, stuffing a toast in his mouth. "You, Gin-chan?" Hevn asked. Instead of answering, the boy wiped his mouth and stood up. He took his finished plate to the kitchen sink and walked back out, heading towards the door.

  "Ginji!" Mitoban got up when he knew that Ginji was about to head to the door. He scrambled up to Ginji and stood in between him and the door. Ginji gave him a blank look but his eyes were practically shouting the 'let-me-out-or-else' phrase!
 Mitoban shook his head. "I can't afford to leave you behind me anymore. I can't have you out of my sight anymore. I can't afford to loose you again. Please baby, let me love you and return it willingly," Mitoban said sincerely as he ran one hand through his limp straight hair.

  Mitoban stepped closer and reached out both hands to cup Ginji's face. He closed his eyes and leaned over closer to lick those warm sweet lips. Then Mitoban felt warm liquid on his hands. He opened his eyes and found out that Ginji was shedding tears. "Why are you crying baby?" Mitoban asked. "Promise me?" Ginji finally spoke.

  Mitoban nodded. "What ever you want. Fish, To-ro, sushis… you can have my car, also…" he paused for a while and brushed away Ginji's tears. "Be my baby forever," he pulled Ginji closed with his hands around Ginji's middle and indulged into a deep passionate kiss.

  Hevn frowned. :… I should be opening matchmaking agencies like this …:

  "I don't believe them…" Natsumi blinked after Hevn told them the story. Wan Pore shook his head. "They're 4 year olds trapped in a teenager's body," he commented, gesturing at the two boys as the two girls turned to look at them. Ginji was giving Mitoban a horseback ride with the spiky hair boy spanking the blonde's ass playfully.

  "I wish I could have such a relationship as well! They're so romantic… " Natsumi wished. "Who's so romantic?" suddenly Ginji was holding Natsumi's hands, smiling like a kid. Before Natsumi could answer, Mitoban was already pulling Ginji's ears. "Where's your dignity?" he asked. All of them laughed at the two of them.

  "Sushi delivery," suddenly the door opened. "Me! ME!" Ginji jumped to the door with Mitoban clung to him, trying to stop the boy. "They will never change," Hevn shook his head.

  "At least Ban-san gave Gin-chan his toru," Natsumi smiled as she watched Mitoban fed Ginji his toru. Wan Pore smiled. Life in Shinjuku district is really full of adventures.


Gomen ne… this was started sometime before Christmas 1999. And it was left abandoned in my hard drive for about 1 month before I even saw it and resume it. At least it's done now.

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