Midou Ban and Amano Ginji's Bedroom

Well, well... look at them... kawaii aren't they? Snoring like pigs... Shh... yeah, the fics are over there... feast yourself... just don't be too loud. Ban is a light sleeper and he's afraid that you'll wake up Ginji. You know Ban, he'll snap before he thinks.
So, be cute, be nice and be good. Just read up.
Yeah, and another thing, the fics up here could contain shonen ai, yaoi, normal affairs and some heavy lemon. If you can't tolerate these, might as well just click on the 'BACK' button! But life could be more interesting of you would want to try something new.*^__^*.Fics in here are copyrighted by their owners and the disclaimers would be in each and every fics.

So, here they are...

It's all in the Heart
Ginji is down, Ban seemed to be too dense to realise anything wrong with the poor boy. When one of Ginji's old acquaintance showed up. Ban suddenly felt as if he was slapped right on his senses. What was he to do? Shonen ai, Yaoi, Lemon.

Love is Worth Starving for
Ban and Ginji is down to 2795 yen. And Ginji is hungry again. Ban looked as the last of his yen was given to the shop. He was happy though he hadn't eat for three days. Why?
Shonen Ai, Mild yaoi.

First Christmas
A Christmas present for me by Kitsane. A small fic about how Ginji and Ban got together on a Christmas day. WAFF, Shonen Ai.

First Time We Met...
Ever thought of how did Ginji and Ban ever met and became close? This is a hypothesis about it.
Mild Shonen Ai.

What is the Case?
Hevn was jealous of Ginji and wanted to try Ban for herself. But it turned out to be a sexual disaster for her. Then Ginji was kidnapped and was brainwashed. Now he thinks Ban only thinks him as a useless sex toy and not a lover. What's poor Ban to do?
Yaoi, Lemon.

Thanks to Ginji and Natsumi, Ban-chan got into an accident. Severly injured plus amnesia. He doesn't even recognise Ginji. Somehow Ginji felt bad and finally realized who he really love with the help of his own flashbacks.
Yaoi, kleenex alert.

Ginji had a dream, albeit a bad one. The blonde dreamt about Ban's death. Was it a sign for Ban to be careful?

Midou Ban's High School Prom Party
Ban's highschool friend came by to drop by their prom party video tape... he was Ban's old best friend and something's really wrong with him...
Shonen ai, kleenex...

Boku no Ittou no Otanjoubi
*My First Birthday*
Ban was followed by jinx since morning and it seems that Ginji's staying in Natsumi's place. Is Ginji going away? And why is he avoiding seeing him?
Shonen ai, waff...

Oh My Love...
Kazuki and Himiko were bored... dead bored... what do they do? Cast lust spells on people!
Akapane : Don't run you! Come back!
Bulma : Ack!
Parody, Yaoi

Ever wondered why Ban went out of the house?
Non-yaoi... i think

Frosted Heart
Ban is jealous. Ginji treats his old friends so much better than him. He was getting fed up with it and had no will to live on, but since he was wanted by  someone, he'd sold himself to this real rich guy. Now it's Ginji's turn to think of what to do.
Shonen ai, kleenex...

Mizerable Bon Odori?
Kazuki and the others went for the Bon-Odori festival and met Ren-kun there. As Ren-kun patiently waits for Kazuki's lover to turn up (according to Ban, he has; which is a big fat lie) but it turned out that he was the one Kazuki was waiting for. Ah, and you can see Ban got kicked in the nuts by ours truly, Hevn-san!
(I dunno about this fic... but Ren is pictured as a boy here... so you guys decide... if you don't like the idea of Ren being a boy, skip it)
Shonen ai, waff

Oretachi no Osanai Koro Our Childhood
(a Jyubé and Kazuki story)
Well... Kazuki's family was gone and he had to be taken care by someone. The Kakei family took him in. After a few years, Jyubé found out that he had started to develope feeling for the pretty boy. Was it lust? Or would he feel guilty? What was he to do? What would he choose between passion and responsibility?
Shonen ai and citrucy

Loving You Means More than Just That
Ren-chan likes Kazuki, so does Kakei Jyube - Hell, who doesn't?. Both of them are going to be in a fight for Kazuki's love when Ban jumped in to the rescue. Was Ban's idea really going to solve their problem? Or was he going to make it worse? And who's going with who to Madoka's Christmas party?
Shonen Ai n kleenex alert.



Ginji : Ban-chan!!! Ohayou ne...
Ban : Did you sleep well last night?
Ginji : Yes, very well indeed...!!
Ban : Good then! hehe...
Bulma : Ohayou ne, kawaii-hito-tachi!! Breakfast is ready.
Ban and Ginji : Itadakimasu!!

Seems like Ban's happy... ^__^ you can come and go as you want. Just remember not to be so loud, okay? Did you enjoy your stay? Tell them!

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