Midou Ban and Ginji's
Mirror Room

Do I look good in a Tuxedo, Ban-chan?
Of course, Ginji!!!


Yeah, Yeah... you two are just gorgeous!!! hehe... Oh, you guys are here! Welcome, this is the Mirror Room. Yesh... the place where all the pictures would be stored. This room is full of mirrors so that you can see pictures of Ban and Ginji also other people in Get Backers in every angle there is. And also every positions there are.

Room would contain pictures from original art scans, manga scans, doujinshi arts or even rough sketches of them. Some pictures may show explicit nudity or graphic scenes which are not proper to be viewed by minors under 18 or anyone with a fusty 80 year old brain. The 'BACK' button is just there but if you would like to try something new, go on and pick on a thumbnail below.

Don't worry, in the Mirror Room, you can shout and scream and swear or do whatever you like.

Pictures in here are copyrighted by their owners.

So, here they are...

A hot day isn't it? How would Ban spend it? Taking a bath in the near public fountain of course!!!
Policeman : Hey you! I'm arresting you for public obscenity exposure!
Ginji : Ban-chan... I think it would be good if we run now... ^_^;
by, Bulma Briefs

Ban and Ginji saw two interesting guys near the beach and have a camera with them! What they do? P/S those two other characters are Kurama and Hiei from Yuu Yuu Hakusho.
Ginji : Say cheeeese!!!!
Hiei : Becareful of my head, you &$@%%#!
Kurama : Stay cool, Hiei...
by, Bulma Briefs

Running Imagination
The link to this picture is not viewable by minors because of it's explicit sexual graphic scene.
by, Bulma Briefs

A Wet Pose
This file a little big. So it takes time to load.
Ban : Faster, I'm drying...!
by, Bulma Briefs

Ginji : Say Ban-chan, pose for the camera!
Ban : My hair... is it okay?
by, Bulma Briefs

A Nice day to lie under the sun, don't you think so?
by, Bulma Briefs

I dunno about you guys, but I like the smoke effect of this piccie.
Sorry guys, I tend to draw ALL of Ban's hair down. Why? Coz it's easier, looks more decent and sweet.
*Gomen ne, Rando Ayamine-sensei. I know you like Ban's hair like Hisashi from Glay, but it's so hard to draw!*
by, Bulma Briefs



Ginji : Ban-chan!!! Those pictures....!!!!
Ban : What do you think?
Ginji : Interesting...!!
Ban : I think it's hideous... the fanart I mean... hehe...
Bulma : Aww... come on, guys... don't be so hard on them!!
Ban and Ginji : *If we don't agree, we'll have no more yummy breakfast!*
Of course we love them!!!
Bulma : Food bribary always works on them! *wink*

Seems like Ban and Ginji are 'happy'... ^__^ you can come and go as you want. Did you enjoy your stay? Tell them! If you have a picture of them and wanted to put them here, e-mail  or ICQ me! I'd be glad to put it here...!

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