Midou Ban and Ginji's
Living Room

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Here again!? That's good! This is the Living Room. Have a seat. There... *Hands you a scroll* Scroll down to look at the new Items I've added and renovations I've done to the house.

18th September, 2001
Wa~~h look at that! So long since I've updated? haha... Ne, ohisashiburidesuyone...

Anyway i've posted 2 fics
- Osanaikoro (A Kazuki and Jyube Story)
- Loving You Means More than Just That

Updated the Info page too! Yes, I did the changes, thanks to those people to mailed me to complain hahaha... sorry folks! It's just that i had no time to do nothing bout it.. but finally i did! hahaha!!

Visit my improved West Wing - Other Manga's Fanfiction! check out some of the fanfic there and read a manga I did a while ago.

17th March, 2001
I think this is record time i updated. I've been *busy* hahaha...

Posted 6 ficcies in Mitoban and Ginji's Bedroom
- Midou Ban's Highschool Prom Party
- Boku no Ittou no Otanjoubi
                                        *My First Birthday*
- Oh My Love...
- Origin...
- Frosted Heart
- Mizerable Bon Odori?

On complain, i had changed most, if not all Mitobans to Midou Ban or Ban in the pages.

Added a, West Wing - Other Manga's Fanfiction link for all readers to read works from other than Get Backers ranging from other manga n anime series, games...

I also added tons of character info in the Get Backers - Character Info and Synopsis

I think that's some update hahaha... see you next time!

4th June, 2000
 Wahh!! Been so long since I updated ah? Gomen ne, minna-san ^_^;

Posted 2 ficcies in Mitoban and Ginji's Bedroom
 - Amnesia
- Dream

Posted 3 piccies in Mitoban and Ginji's Mirror Room
Also reduced the size of "A Wet Pose"

I already corrected the link to the "Get Backers - Character Info and Synopsis"!!

12th February, 2000
Phew, after a long undying moments of work, I finally have time to update.

I posted 2 fics in Mitoban and Ginji's Bedroom
- First Time We Met...
- What is the Case?

Posted 1 piccie in Mitoban and Ginji's Mirror Room
- A Wet Pose

And I added another page to introduce our characters and some info about the manga in the main page.

28th December, 1999.
Today's the first day this house was on the Internet. Form now on, you can access to all parts of the house with my permission. Don't bother about Midou Ban and Ginji too much. They're around... just kind of busy sometimes... wonder what they're doing? *evil thoughts* Gods, I'm being idiotic hehe...

Opens door to bedroom and saw...


Ban : What the #$@% do you think you are doing?? Don't you know how to knock?!
Bulma : Gomen ne!!! *blush* I didn't knew you two were...
Ginji : It's okay... ^__^ just tell us if you're coming next time
Bulma : Can I bring the camera too?
*We can see Ban thinking thoughtfully*
Ban : Sure!

Seems like Ban and Ginji are 'happy'... ^__^ you can come and go as you want. Did you enjoy your stay? Tell them!

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